Alexander Zverev unhappy with the planning of the French Open organizers: ‘The tournament should do a better job’

The Court Philippe-Chatrier is the crown jewel of the Roland-Garros Championship facility.

More than 15,000 people crowd the stands when the biggest matches of the French Open are taking place – sometimes during the day, sometimes in the so-called soiree session, sometimes outdoors, sometimes with the roof closed.

Alexander Zverev has not noticed much of this during the tournament so far. The organizers played only one of his four matches on the main court, and in the evening session the name of Zverev was not even on the program. One might think that this is trivial, but it is not.

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The game on the chat is “completely different” than in other stadiums. “It’s like coming to another continent,” Zverev said at the press conference after 7:6 (13:11), 7:5, 6:3 against Barnaby Zapata Mirales. In fact, the pitch’s dimensions, wind, atmospheric and light conditions are distinctly different from the other pitches in the facility.

Zverev Exclusive: “Alcaraz gets what he wants”

Zverev: “Alcaraz always felt on the Chatrier”

No problem for the pros, as long as all the top players appear on the chat the same number of times and the evening shifts are distributed fairly. So it’s understandable when Zverev says that’s not the case. “Carlos Alcaraz feels like he’s playing every game on the chat,” Hamburger said. “He’s this new star, the new face of tennis – and it’s also nice to see something new.”

Someone thinks Zverev followed the praise with but: “In our half, who plays when should be the most divided. He has a night game for the second time in a row and I assume the day after tomorrow for the third time that’s how he comes.”

Not entirely fair, because “I haven’t played a night match yet,” said the man from Hamburg, concluding that it was “obvious” in which direction things were going and who the tournament wanted to go on. For me, it’s a shame, because I’ve played here a lot, I’m ranked third in the world. Sure, I haven’t won a Grand Slam tournament yet, but I’ll say I’m not a bad player,” Zverev said.

On Tuesday, Zverev and Alcaraz, who defeated Karen Khachanov in three sets in the round of 16 (6:1, 6:4, 6:4), will face each other in the quarter-finals.

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Zverev: “The tournament should do a better job”

It’s totally fine for him’ that Rafa and Novak get what they want. But now there’s a new young player who is getting a lot of attention. Really, because he’s a great talent. But I have a feeling the other players are being left out a little bit. It’s not about me, it’s about the others. “

The criticism is not directed at the karaz, but rather at the design of the game plan. “There is absolutely nothing against him. I just think the tournament should do a better job,” stressed Zverev, who lost the Masters final in Madrid three weeks ago to 3:6, 1:6 against Alcaraz.

He understands that the 19-year-old is currently “the new face of tennis,” Zverev continued in an exclusive interview with Eurosport: “But we have Rafa and Novak in half of us and they are sent somewhere else so someone else plays. On the central court – and I’ve done that several times. “.

“Oh yes!” Zverev with a generous shot in the round of 16

Deposit wishes? Zverev “surrendered”

But what options does Zverev have in Paris to confirm his wishes?

He can deposit it into the tournament, says Novak Djokovic. “I gave up on that a long time ago,” Zverev denied. “I will say I want to play during the day but I don’t think that will be noticed. But that is also, as far as I know, Rafa said that he does not want to play in the evening anymore. It is clear that his wishes will be complied with. But that is fine and not a problem for me “.

However, Zverev has a desire for the tournament organizer, which should not be too difficult to fulfill. Would be great “if you could also reach out to me a little”. Does he believe in it? “Maybe you won’t.”

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