Alonso says keeping Hamilton was ‘very easy’

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Why did Ferrari protest Red Bull?

Headline after the Formula 1 race yesterday was: Ferrari protests against Red Bull! This is how Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto explains why the racing team is doing it:

“Initially, we filed the protest because we wanted clarification. So the protest was not intended to take action against Red Bull. We wanted clarification on an issue that was not clearly clear to us,” he explains.

It’s about the yellow line at the exit of the pit lane. “In the past it was [das Überfahren dieser Linie] He is always punished with five seconds of penalty,” says Binotto. It is also evident in the race director’s notes, where [dem Rennen in der] I think Turkey 2020 to avoid misunderstanding. You have to stay to the right of the line.”

In Red Bull, it looked like there was a violation of the rules. “That is why we only want to clarify, because for us it is clear. That is the purpose of the protest.”

But the sports commissioners rejected the protest. Read the rationale here!

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Hamilton: I’m just walking around

How crazy was Lewis Hamilton to stay stuck behind Fernando Alonso practically the whole race? He himself says: “It was kind of frustrating, but that’s what it is. I just drove behind. In the end I could only drive in front of me, but I didn’t overtake.”

Without Alonso as the rolling captain, says Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, Hamilton would have had his top 5 chances at the Grand Prix. “His pace was very good like George’s [Russell] Lando [Norris] can fight. But you saw again: the location on the track is everything in Monaco.”

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Alonso: “It’s very easy” to keep Hamilton at bay

From lap 21 Fernando Alonso in the Alps was directly ahead of Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes. And things remained that way, although Hamilton tried a lot to get past Alonso. But Hamilton didn’t really get a chance.

Alonso later says the fact that he frustrated Hamilton in this way “wasn’t my problem”. It was “too easy”, and even “too easy”, to keep Hamilton at a distance. “That’s how it is in Monaco. I like to keep people behind me.”

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Columns # another Monday night to Monaco

Monday is opinion day for us. As always after the Formula 1 race, two columns appeared after Monaco: one with “good sleeper” and the other with “bad sleeper” after the last Grand Prix.

In this article, Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmervall (on his Facebook page!) addresses the question of where Daniel Ricciardo’s form has come – and with the question of whether the Australian can still get the curve at McLaren.

And in this post, Norman Fisher describes (on his Facebook page!) why Sergio Perez is the biggest winner in Monaco by all accounts.

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This was the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix – in pictures!

Highlights of the Formula 1 race in Monaco: A number of must-see pictures of the Grand Prix are being added to our gallery. So stop and enjoy the cool pictures of motorsports pictures!

Photos: F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2022, Sunday

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Mattia Binotto admits to making “mistakes”.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto has admitted his team made a mistake at the Monaco Grand Prix. “We definitely made mistakes in our assessment,” he said after the grand prix. We also made mistakes in our decisions.”

For example, “the pace of the intermediate cars was underestimated,” he explains, and the “distance to other cars in relation to their position on the track” was incorrectly estimated by Ferrari. “We have to reconsider this process.”

However, it was “a rather complicated race,” assures Binotto. Strategic decisions were not “clear”. In the past, Charles Leclerc was best left on rain tires without going through a mediation with him. “Then we would have taken the position and would probably switch to spots right away,” Binotto says. “But now mistakes have been made.”

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Ferrari: Debriefing Strategy

Ferrari’s pit strategy will also have to be discussed. If only it was because Charles Leclerc was making a loud bang in the race because he didn’t agree with what his team was doing. “But we didn’t have time to discuss it,” Leclerc says. Everything happened very quickly in the race. “We still have to analyze it now.”

The confusion started, among other things, because Ferrari Leclerc was called into the pits, but shortly thereafter the driving center said he should stay outside. Leclerc also reacted angrily because he was brought in to change from rain tires to intermediate tires, but his teammate Carlos Sainz continued to drive on rain tires – thus overtaking him.

“It hurts, especially in the race for the house,” Leclerc says. “But that’s the situation now and we’re going to work through it together. We had everything it took to win. It went incredibly well in the wet. But then it all went against us.”

But Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto is much less clear-cut. He speaks of a “complex situation” to which answers will only be given “soon.” “We have to go into more detail first and understand exactly what happened in the next few days.”

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The next day!

Hello and welcome to the Formula 1 live stream! It’s the day after the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix and we have to talk – about everything that happened yesterday between crossing the finish line and the Indy 500 Watchalong. Because that’s where our one-time daily bar rested. So here comes the Monaco treatment in all its aspects!

At the wheel of the tape, Stefan Ehlen reappeared today (Twitter: Tweet embed). Let’s start right away with a very important topic…

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