BFC Dynamo: “Dear Oldenburg, we do not eat children”

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“Dear Oldenburg, we do not eat children”

BFC Dynamo vs VFB Oldenburg - League Three plays outside the first round BFC Dynamo vs VFB Oldenburg - League Three plays outside the first round

All the cheers didn’t help: BFC lost 0:2 against Oldenburg

Source: Getty Images / Matthias Kern

Ten-time East German champion PFC Dynamo is on the cusp of promotion to the third division. But in going relegation, there is a severe setback. To this day, Berliners have not been able to completely get rid of the reputation of the unloved club. But they are trying.

IBFC Dynamo from Berlin has won a total of 15 championships in its history. Ten times, from 1979 to 1988, DDR-Oberliga, once in Berlin-Liga (2004), three times Oberliga of the Northeast German Football Association (1992, 2001, 2014), and now this year Regionalliga.

However, the last title is likely to be the most underrated. Due to the lack of direct promotion rights, the first jump in professional football is preceded by two playoff matches against the Northern League champions. The first leg in the domestic Sportforum was lost 0:2 (0:1) against VfB Oldenburg. The BFC has never lived up to its role as a candidate and appears to have bet on promotion to the third division ahead of the second leg on June 4.

As Oldenburg fans who traveled with them danced in the guest yard, the disappointed Berlin players ran across the field, and their fans seemed to be shocked by the match as well. Except for the party of the guests, silence reigned over the venerable stadium. Even before the match, a BFC stadium spokesperson expected it to remain largely calm at least on the other side of the field: “Dear Oldenburg, we don’t eat kids. We’re actually a normal football team.”

Just like VfB, which experienced its heyday in the 1990s. In 1992, Lower Saxony missed out on promotion to the Bundesliga by just one point, with Radek Drulak being the top scorer in the second division. So it’s also likely to be understood as a reminder that stadium management welcomed Oldenburg to warm up with the Backstreet Boys, as the phrase “everyone shakes your body” could also be interpreted quite differently in light of the home crowd.

The flag of the German Democratic Republic flutters on the fence

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To this day, Hohenschönhausers have not been able to completely shake off the reputation of the club, which is unpopular and undesirable in public. After relations with Stasi inevitably ended as a result of the reunification, the club also became a haven for hooligans and the martial arts scene. “Your hatred makes us stronger!” Comrade Weinroots Ost Berlin,” a banner in Old German script read, while the East German flag fluttered on the straight fence on its back.

BFC Dynamo vs VFB Oldenburg - League Three plays outside the first round

Niclas Brandt (left) and BFC were the weakest team on Saturday

Source: Getty Images / Matthias Kern

Before setting off, the successful youth work of the BFC was welcomed. The U-13 side, winners of the 2022 Berlin Cup, made an honorary lap through the stadium with the trophy. And the club announced, Saturday, that the championship season in the regional league Nordost also brought in 200 new members.

Dynamo couldn’t build on the successful season against VfB. Oldenburg proved more lively and fun from the start. The lead in the first half by Robert Zitarsky (27) was well deserved. Then it ended, at least for a moment, with the finer details. “Come home with you. Nice mom, cuddle. Come again.” A stadium spokesperson in front of the guest building said after some VfBers felt called to climb the fence by provocations from the BFC Coliseum. Small verbal skirmishes, muscle-flexing and beer mugs — but That was it. I stayed calm.

Beck missed BFC’s biggest chance

Five minutes into the second half, the Sports Forum saw the two camps as close fans. “Fucking DFB” appeared to alternate between blocks and stated that champions in the North, in Bavaria and in the Northeast only get a direct promotion every three years. In 2022, SpVgg Bayreuth was the lucky one.

BFC Dynamo vs VFB Oldenburg - League Three plays outside the first round

Robert Zitarsky (right) scored both Oldenburg goals

Source: Getty Images / Matthias Kern

However, the BFC proved to be rarely a good fit for the third division. After all, there were quite a few goal chances in the second half thanks to the increased participation and more aggressiveness, which Christian Beck missed the best of. The experienced striker heads free from a height of four meters near the goal (68). So the target fell on the other side. Double Packer Zietarski opened the door to Oldenburg’s third division with 2:0 (78).

If Dinamo can’t make a sporting turn in the second leg, the Berlin players can still use the stage and show that they are not just an ordinary football club. The perception of the opposing team after the final whistle (“Without Oldenburg nothing would happen here”) can also be taken as a compliment.

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