Cassandra Urschel wins the 91st showjumping derby in Germany 2022 –

Cassandra Urschel won the 91st German showjumping championship, becoming the fifth woman in the 100-year history of the derby. The last time a woman won a Klein Flottbek race was 47 years ago, Brett Caroline Bradley. Frederic Tillmann was second to Andre Thiem and Sandra Uvarth.

The 91st showjumping event in Germany was won by a big winner: Cassandra Urschel. In a jump from the four fouls of the tour, she sat in front of Frederic Tillman, Andre Thiem and Sandra Aufarth, celebrated with enthusiasm by 20,000 spectators. In the Dacara E saddle, she was the first female rider to jump and was the only one without fault. It was her first ever derby start.

The mare Dacara E Kankara was once the state champion of Schleswig-Holstein. The chestnut Holsteiner mare was only a little big when it came to the plank behind the wall. It was the only drop. Cassandra Urschel tears of joy ran down her cheeks after a massive round of applause from more than 20,000 spectators at Derby Park. Achaz von Buchwald gave it all the way to “Ride the Rhythm.” The 29-year-old followed the two-time derby winner’s advice. Your trip – a stylistic feast for the eyes. Not only in the course, but also in the jump, which she had to ride first. It ended flawlessly. No one else succeeded in doing so at the 91st German Show Jumping Games.

Cassandra Urschel rode twice for Germany as a pony rider at the European Pony Championships. In a large camp, she decided to ride internationally to reach her mother’s Polish homeland, Julanta. Cassandra Urschel remembers that the Dacara E comes from a Holstein auction and was a problem. She was five years old at the time. I have already planned a different horse for the derby. But derby obstacles? Only Dacara E wanted to complete it. And how! “While training at Weddell, the Dacara E did it with his finger in the nose, so I thought, as a Hamburg resident, I should ride it when I had a horse like this that would carry me on it like that.”

Strong quadruple in German jump derby jump No. 91

Three more pairs of rider and horse managed to get to the jumping platform. Frederic Tillmann rode the youngest horse in the decider, the eight-year-old Brandenburger Comanche in L. cellular. For a long time, the two seemed like their first clear rides on the track. But the second railroad barrier was their retreat. They masterfully mastered the wall in the river, followed by a giant leap over the Trakner. In the jump, it was again the second railhead with which Comanche VL was at war. The bay has a strong base boat and was not originally planned for the Derby. “Emergency solution,” the rider said after his 91st German showjumping trip.

Friedrich Tillmann and Comanche VL, 2nd 91. German Spring 2022 derby (© Korff)

Tillman was the only ride with four jump errors, with his brother riding the traditional track with a black eye (see below), second. There are 24,000 euros for that. By the way, also in the next three years. That’s how long coffee roaster Albert Darboven extended his sponsorship commitment with a “handshake.”

André Thiem: Bushuxerr again

European champion Andre Thiem put it all on one card. Mecklenburger had saved the experienced Contador from qualifying for the second time. “No jumping since Wednesday, it’s almost like a new championship,” the three-time derby winner said in front of the court. He already mentioned his leap of fear on his St. George’s podcast: The Bushbreaker (and also explains why that leap caused him anxiety, to be heard here).

by Korff

Andre Thiem and Contador, the 93rd German Spring 73rd 2022 derby (© Korff)

Stall fluent OS started in the normal cycle. The bay stopped at the Irish ramparts. But then: Picture book – Sovereign wall, plank behind, Trakner following – all good. Then Thiam was swept away. And – history repeats itself! Contador landed again at Buschoxer. But Thiam soon had Konteros’ son with him again. All other columns remained in the course. In a jump off I worked on Buschoxer. But not at the second railing, nor at the arched wall, the last obstacle. With 50.08 seconds, Thieme was clearly the fastest jump. “He fought for me like a lion, we had to jump through the fire.” Despite the quality, the floor costs the pair, like the last force in the normal course.

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Podcast: Derby details by André Thieme
Repeat offender Dermot Lennon wins first derby qualifier

Elegance Award as a consolation to Sandra Afferth

If Marcus Ening makes jumping on the World Champions Tour seem like jumping A, it’s Sandra Ofarth who breaks down the “Hardest Path in the World” jumping in visual style. Don’t believe how rhythmic and natural her Hanover Marie La Vista was before. Lordanos came above all course hurdles. Only the plank behind the wall was left in the editions this time around. Other than that, super easy, everything flows – no one deserves a style award like Sandra Ofarth! And it may comfort you that in jumping first the gate fell and then the first railroad hurdle, eight penalty points – fourth place.

Fifth place was Max Hjalmar Borchert, fastest of four rounds of the eight fouls, with a landing second on a Holsteiner Wijjumper jump. But this did not detract from the joy of Borchert. He has exploited Cent Blue v. Cento walked out of the stadium with the reins slouched and kept pointing at his white horse, who had done a great job. The audience liked it. Broadcaster Kay Warnick supported the onlookers, who didn’t need to be asked twice and celebrated every ride.

Another Bosque in the derby

After 1250 metres, Kay Rod was only 25 milliseconds slower than Borchert. Cross Keys, whose 17-year-old son Casal is a true derby veteran, has always been able to finish in the top ten. So this time the sixth place for crack event from Fehmarn Island. For the two, it was the plank and the Holsteiner-Wegzog jump that kept the zero from being achieved.

Behind him came Stefan Jensen with Cyrus L v. Kartani is the third jockey with only two.

Eighth, he won the second qualifiers Benjamin Welchner and Bangkok Girl. Here, too, “classic” mistakes were made – Blanke Busheker, railroad breaker No. 2. Twelve points for someone who some expected to win in 2022 in the 91st showjumping race in Germany. A chestnut mare lost a shoe on the way.

The death of the candidates in the German jump derby No. 91

Irish Dermott Lennon was one of the favorite titles of many on the site. Already at the start of the course the guy from Emerald Isle had a bit of a saddle problem on the second Irish wall. Then the pair descended on the wall with great enthusiasm, and the gray horse positioned itself at an angle on the slope. He slipped against the wall and then lost his feet at the foot of the infamous Derby Cliff. The 1992 world champion rudely left the saddle. The jockey and mare left the field at Klein Flottbek with dignity.

Annoying stop at the railway crossing

Shane Breen, also Irish and favourite, seemed confident for a long time. Holsteiner Once Upon a Time Cantoro, accidentally discovered at a stallion’s market, came out of the wall perfectly, with a lightning-quick leg over Trakehner. Everything is easy. But then: rejection at the second railroad barrier, when riding again, then a drop in the first, the red and white railroad barrier, then a gate fell out of circumstance.

Gilbert Tillman came down with a black eye

He was in the top eight in the last five derbies: Gilbert Tillman, brother of runner-up Frederick, legendary derby winner with “school horse” Hello Max. It didn’t go well for Rheinlander this time. Because his face witnessed an accident, not with a horse. His hotel was near Derbiplatz, at a cycling distance. He fell on his way home on a rain-soaked road. With ribbons and a black eye as well as a sewn temple, a visor installed over the track. He was caught early in the second basement, then there was the plank behind the wall. Then it looked good for a long time, but then the pair traded a third drop on the wall, in the tenth position.

What else happened in the German Spring Derby 91

Josch Löhden’s navigation system failed. After rejecting the plank, which had fallen during the second intrusion, he bravely continued to set off and all seemed to be fine. But he then jumped over hurdle 17, the arched wall (traditionally the derby’s last jump), instead of the 9, the gate between the two walls. It will surely perform even better next year with the updated navigation system.

Adults and children: 67 and 20 years

Karl-Heinz Marcus is 67 years old and rode his first derby. He almost forgot the Irish Walls. But the audience helped out loud. Planke, Trakehner, columns fell at the entrance and exit to Pulvermann’s tomb and at Holsteiner path jumps. This was a 20 point failure in the end with Chuck vs. Claremo. But one was thrilled with the jockey that the Hamburg crowd celebrated and visibly enjoyed. At the age of 67 over 1.2 kilometers during this course – Chapeau.

At the age of twenty, Elisa Marilyn von Hatcht was the youngest contestant at the age of twenty, along with Marvin Jungle (15th place). At Buschoxer, it got a little too big for Levistano’s son Lancoon, spurring screaming over DSP rails, four touchdowns on Pulvermann’s grave, Holsteiner Wegezüge jumping and the last hurdle adding up to 20 penalty points. Ranked 14, two out. Twelfth place went to Christian Hess and Shelley Palmer. The 20-year-old will certainly not forget the applause of the Hamburg crowd, the organizers counted 90 thousand despite the wind and rain.

Eight pairs who have not finished the 91st German Showjumping Tournament.

You can find the results here.

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