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Appeal to Windhorst: “Help You”

So, Mansky set out a direct course for a new beginning of the relationship between club management and the investor, which is considered complex: “Mr. Windhurst, I will shake hands with you and plead with you: let’s talk to each other, but not about each other anymore.”

“Werner Gegenbauer showed great courage when he resigned at the beginning of the week to pave the way for a fresh start at Hertha. He deserves respect for that,” Mansky said of his predecessor who left the post. Many of the members greeted his words with applause, some with boos.

On June 26, Mansky announced that the presidential post, which had become vacant following the resignation of Werner Gegenbauer, would be voted on.

No-confidence vote failed, Mansky went anyway

What Mansky did not know at the time: a little later his position would also become vacant. Nearly two-thirds of members voted in favor of his impeachment—the vote of no-confidence filed against him, which would have had 75 percent of the vote necessary, failed.

But Mansky linked his extra work to a “clear signal” of support from members. He couldn’t see that in about 64.2 percent of the votes to be cast. “For me, a long journey ends here,” he said after his selection was cancelled, to applause from the members.

Freddy Bubeck as a brilliant speaker

On the other hand, the other five members of the Executive Committee were able to remain in their positions, and they were given the confidence of the members – sometimes more clearly, sometimes less.

After a re-vote on the five-member oversight body, the Supervisory Board, Director Freddy Bubeck set out to highlight sentiment at the meeting. Greeted with a loud whistling party on the podium, the clever Swabian actually seemed to succeed in the following minutes with a deliberate tone of voice, at least for the time being, to unite large portions of the supporters behind him and the management of the club.

“We had a team that wasn’t a research team for a long time before they found each other,” he said.

However, in the event of relegation, the club can be assured of support: “The stadium was full. When we needed you, you were there,” he said to the cheers of the members present. It is precisely the force that “we have to put together” for the future, the “force to look forward”.

Shouts of “Windhurst Rows” sounded in the hall

Bobic tried to rearrange the club’s ambitions: “It doesn’t have to be the Champions League or the Europa League, I never talked about that,” he said. But he also said in light of the current sporting situation: “This club can do a lot.”

At least the club revealed its ability to do a great theatrical job right after that. When million-dollar investor Lars Windhurst took to the stage to audition as a minor member, the whistling party reached an unprecedented level of noise.

Shouts of “Windhorst out” rang out across the room, and a banner with a picture crossed over it held up. “It doesn’t work that way,” Dirk Lintefer, chair of the meeting, warned the rioters.

Windhurst is unaffected

He told the voices of the rioters: “Now this is a call to the system, I want it to stop!” Windhurst, on the other hand, was unmoved by the loud teasing: “I’m very happy to be here,” he said, smiling.

Then he turned his gaze straight to the ‘Boo’ screams of the Ultra representatives, who were seated to his right among the audience and explained that they were a ‘minority’ with their ‘whistling’.

Announced a long-term commitment from Windhorst

Then he briefly outlined the new commercial realities of the German football club, which opened its doors to the million-dollar investor and his holding company Tenor three years ago and sold about two-thirds of its professional stock for 374 million euros.

“Whether most people like it or not: I’m the majority owner here,” he explained. The “Out of Windhorst” slogan will not actually work. “I cannot be voted and my shares are not for sale,” he said. “I want to show everyone that I’m serious, this is a long-term commitment for 10, 20, 30 years.”

“It’s not about making decisions for me.”

Windhurst then provided insight into the area of ​​influence he hoped for at the club: “It’s not about having a say in decisions. But I want to have a say in the discussion,” he said before interrupting him again with a raucous whistle.

The club had to ask itself whether it wanted to be successful or was it satisfied with being in the bottom third of the table. “I will not go away, that is also not possible, in the next ten or twenty years,” he repeated at the end of his speech, whose entirety could no longer be heard under the increasing whistles.

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