Giro d’Italia | Three things stand out: Buchmann in a shining circle – the real hero is 117 years old.

This time captain Bora Hendley defended the pink jersey he had conquered the day before in the last trial and thus avenged the Giro 2020, having to part with Maglia rosa just a day later on the final day.

Twenty years after Australian debutant Cadel Evans won atop the Giro, the Perth professional completed the victory at the end of the action-packed Giro in seconds.

The Giro was also historic for the first African stage victory, which Benyam Jermaye didn’t content himself with sparking enthusiasm in his home country of Eritrea – before losing more chances with a champagne shower failure.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia: premiums, regulations, jersey and rankings in a nutshell

05/05/2022 at 11:02

For the first time, the Dutchman, Koen Bowman, won the mountain jersey and king sprinter Arnaud Demare broke the French record for stage wins at the Tour of Italy.

In addition to the big winners in the spotlight, the Giro d’Italia 2022 also had champions who stood out in their own unique way.

Three things stand out:

1.) Buchmann climbs into a shiny circle

The focus of the festivities at Bora-hansgrohe was – and rightly so – Hindley’s overall winner. But we should not forget that from the German point of view, the Giro not only won Lenard Kamna on the stage, but also took first place in the overall standings.

Seventh place is the best result for a German pro in decades, and Buchmann now joins a very small group of riders from Germany to end up in the top ten in both the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia: only Kurt Stobel and Didi Thorau have achieved this feat in more than One hundred years of history of the three-week tours.

Even if Buchmann loses a little ground in the last week, one of his strengths is actually – having a score like a noble assistant shouldn’t get lost in the rosy cheers. After a bitter fall at the 2021 Giro, it was the 29-year-old’s return to the top level in his 10th major tour and a reminder that he remains one of the team’s potential tour leaders.

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2.) From nowhere to the top ten

The secret sensation in the 2022 Giro has landed right behind Buchmann: Domenico Pozofevo crowned his comeback, which was almost implausible for several reasons, with an eighth place overall.

A terrible accident during training, when he was hit by a car traveling on the wrong side of the road, forced the Italian two years ago to undergo at least 16 operations with countless fractures – his career seemed to be over: “After my bad fall, which threatened the end of my career and in Winter I was without a team,” he looked back at Verona. He was then signed by Intermarché in February, and now the 39-year-old has climbed into the top ten once again in the Giro’s 16th (!) No driver of this age has been able to do this for nearly 100 years.

He did better than former world champion Alejandro Valverde (11), although he had to come to terms with another fall in this Giro, which cost him valuable time. “My goal was to finish in the top ten here and I’m proud that I did. After 18 years of being in the top ten in the Giro, I feel very good.”

3.) The real Jiro Champion is 117 years old.

Andrii Ponomar’s story shows that sport is only a side issue in the face of true drama. The Ukrainian is an outstanding athlete, the 19-year-old is the youngest participant in the Giro – and for the second time: in 2021, he worked his way through the 21 stages as the youngest starting player in nearly 100 years and emphasized why not only does he see his team boss Gianni Savio in Drone Hopper is very hopeful for the future.

But this time, he had to endure pressures that were hardly greater.

Because all the sports duels of places and seconds are meaningless in light of the real struggles the war has brought to his homeland. The teen’s father is defending Ukraine against the Russian aggressor in the Donbass, and Bonomar is trying to distract him from the horror of the fighting, at least for a brief moment, with his reports on the Giro, he told the Italian press.

Since then, at least part of his family has managed to escape from Ukraine and is now safely in Italy – thanks to the help of a Holocaust survivor.

81-year-old Lydia Maksimovich herself tied the Giro and was the guest of honor at the start of the 15th stage of the Tour again this year. Race director Mauro Vigni presented the pole with a pink T-shirt and gave him a copy of her book The Little Girl Who Couldn’t Cry.

In the championship jersey in his country’s colours, Bonomar kept the memory of the really important things alive day in and day out during the three weeks from Budapest to Verona – a message, an achievement that cannot be appreciated enough.

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