GP Monaco 2022 – Race Analysis

Why was the launch postponed?

The Monaco Grand Prix started 16 minutes late. A small rain shortly before the official start caused a lot of chaos. All teams initially had feedstock installed on a slightly wet slope. But then the race control surprised everyone by announcing that they wanted to start racing behind the safety car. In this case, the obligation to place the appropriate rain tires is automatically applied.

But many teams did not have the Pirelli rubber ready in the starting grid. “It was a complete mess in the pit lane,” recalls the Mercedes engineer. “The mechanics ran back and forth with different sets of tires and almost hit each other.” On the other hand, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto could not understand the decision: “We put the rain tires on the cars at the right time. This shows that our team is well organized. I don’t know why the race management postponed the start.”

There was criticism, too, that race organizers waited so long to restart after the first break, despite the rains having long stopped. The FIA ​​has officially announced that there is a problem with the power supply to the starter lights. This problem also led to the decision to start the race with flying and not stop after Schumacher’s crash because it was not clear if the traffic lights were working. Additionally, the stewards feared that the semi-wet track on the home ground could put some drivers at a disadvantage.

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At Leclerc, the pit timing was wrong twice.

How did the Ferrari Butch strategy?

With the track drying up more and more after the restart, the strategists had their moments. Pierre Gasly was the first to show that intermediate compounds found much greater grip than rain tires. But there were a few imitators. The problem was that even with better speed, you lose a lot of time getting through traffic. Even in the groundbreaking quad, all drivers seemed to wait until the track was dry enough to switch straight to the spots. But then, on lap 16, Red Bull Sergio Perez suddenly let in a new batch of middlemen.

The Mexicans looked like firefighters. Ferrari tried to tackle the two later. But when Leclerc got back on track, he suddenly put Red Bull in front of his nose. “If you lead the race here in Monaco and you only finish fourth, you must have made a mistake. It wasn’t just bad luck. There were mistakes in assessing the situation and making decisions,” Binotto said mercilessly. Self-criticism.

The team boss admitted that in the case of the first round of stops, the good speed of the intermediates and the distances between the cars on the track were underestimated. “We should have gotten Charles on a lap earlier or not at all.” In Ferrari’s defence, we must add that it’s always difficult to make the first move when you’re in the lead. Also, Perez was lucky that he was not stopped by Lando Norris. McLaren rushed into the pits with Red Bull behind them. So Perez can make a full attack.

In the second stop on the spots, Ferrari did not want to have to defend again. According to Binotto, an attempt was made to restore the lost position with undercut. Both pilots were dispatched on lap 21. But here Ferrari was suddenly too early. With the hard compound on the wet track not up to temperature, Red Bull was able to get one lap later with both cars. Perez sat in front of Sainz, Verstappen in front of Leclerc.

Ferrari actually wanted to wait one lap longer with Leclerc. But the radio message did not reach the pilot until he had already turned into the crater corridor. The local champ had to line up 3.5 seconds behind the sister car. In the case of Sainz, Ferrari lamented that Nicholas Latifi’s Williams got in the way. Sainz complained: “I ran into a wet spot at the pit exit. That’s why he snuck up through me. He should have known I was one lap ahead of him and he’d better not overtake me in the first place.” “The blue banners were shown to Latifi in two sectors, but he did not move to the side. Otherwise, Carlos would have fallen in front of Perez,” Binotto added.

Christian Horner and Mattia Binotto - Monaco GP 2022

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Mattia Binotto tried to get subsequent penalties against Perez and Verstappen.

Why did Ferrari protest?

The Monaco Grand Prix had implications for the green table. Ferrari has lodged a protest with the Red Bull drivers. The accusation: Perez and Verstappen are said to have slipped away beyond the yellow line after their second stop from a middleman on spots on lap 22 at the pit exit. “The protest was not directed at Red Bull itself. We just asked for an explanation,” Binotto claimed.

Controversy finally arose over the question of whether touching the line was punishable or whether the violation of the rules only occurred when crossing the line: “The race director’s instructions clearly state that you must stay to the right of the yellow line. That has been defined as such since the race In Istanbul 2020, so that there is no misunderstanding about the choice of words.”

At the hearing, it was recognized that the line had been touched in both cases. In Verstappen’s case, part of the frame was protruding on the left. However, the protest was dismissed without penalty. In their justification, the FIA ​​hosts did not refer to the official race control specifications, which are modified at every Grand Prix, but to the international sports code. It is still written that the car is not allowed to “cross” the yellow line.

The stewards acknowledged that the directives of race directors should always be in line with the laws of the sport, but that was not the case here. As international sports law is the bulk of the law, it was considered as the deciding factor in the ruling. However, the International Federation has to ask itself why the potential offense was noticed in the race, but the matter was not pursued further. In the end, it looks as though they really wanted to prevent the race result from changing afterwards, which may have led to more criticism.

Sergio Perez - Monaco GP 2022

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Red Bull went into the second half of the race for Mediums. He could have retaliated.

What is the appropriate framework for restarting?

Red Bull and Ferrari chose different types of tires for the restart after Schumacher’s violent crash on lap 31. Ferrari relied on hard rubber, and Red Bull allowed the midwives to pull out. “We were afraid that the medium would end up with granules, which is what happened with Red Bull,” Binotto revealed. “In addition, the defect in the warm-up in the beginning was not that great because the start was fast and it was not standing still. I think our decision was right. Unfortunately, we were unable to cross the track.”

On lap 51, Lando Norris was the only driver to stop again. The Briton quickly made up for lost time due to a tire change. Another lap and he may have passed George Russell for fifth. It was interesting that Russell directly corresponded and also instigated. Then Leclerc could have stopped from fourth without risking losing the place. With newer tires, Monegasque could have attacked the podium again at the end.

Hamilton - Ocon - Monaco GP 2022


After the duel against Lewis Hamilton, Esteban Ocon received a penalty that he could not understand.

Why did Ocon receive a sentence?

Esteban Ocon was furious after the race. The Frenchman actually crossed the finish line in ninth, but due to a five-second penalty, she then slipped off the points in twelfth place. The FIA ​​hosts saw the Alpine driver as the main culprit in a collision with Lewis Hamilton on lap 17. A piece of the Mercedes’ front wing broke when it made contact with the Alpine rear tire.

“We were doing well, but the penalty completely spoiled the race for us,” Ocon complained. “I am very disappointed. Nobody shares the opinion of the FIA ​​hosts. They told me that the same scene last year could have been a normal racing accident. But it seems that all of the drivers have agreed that now we have to give up the road as soon as possible “there is a wing Front side frame. But unfortunately I don’t remember that. For me it was tough but good races. In similar situations I’ve acted like this again.”

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