Hertha Berlin: Windhurst resigns – interim president Mansky resigns

Lars Windhorst never got a chance to speak. The investor stood on the platform for a few minutes with a slight smile, and the businessman started again and again – but each time his sentences drowned out the whistles and boos of Hertha BSC fans. The two of them even raised a crossed out banner with Windhurst’s figure on it.

It was a disturbing climax of a very heated public meeting, at the end of which Windhurst was given 10 minutes to speak to Hertha supporters. What the 45-year-old experienced on Sunday was like a gauntlet run. Some supporters chanted “Windhurst is out” and some personally insulted Windhurst. He can hardly finish a sentence without interruption.

However, Windhurst was not intimidated – he responded immediately. Windhorst replied, “Whether most people like it or not: I’m here as the majority owner. Windhorst is out–it doesn’t actually work. You can’t vote for me and my shares are not for sale.” He later added, “I’m not going away. It’s not possible – for the next 10 or 20 years.”

Windhorst joined Hertha with the Tennor Group in 2019 and has invested €375 million. Since then, the Berlin team has played three times against relegation, barely managing to stay in the relegation zone against Hamburg SV, and most of the investments have been used.

Furthermore, Windhorst caused an uproar when he joined in March TV with pictures He had demanded the resignation of then-President Werner Gegenbauer. After a power struggle with Windhorst, he resigned last Tuesday. “I knew it was going to be very difficult with Mr. Gegenbauer and I bit my tongue for two years,” Windhurst said.

Herta BSC: Windhorst promises more investments

Windhorst also promised new money for the future and crafted his vision. “I want, that is the only goal, for Hertha BSC to be very successful,” said Windhurst. “This is my goal. I only stand in one direction: to do everything to ensure that we reach the top.” So restart. A fresh start, which should also come from the general meeting.

But reality was above all reconciling with the past. Fredi Bobic made a real effort to smooth things over after almost getting off. “I am fully responsible for this,” the sporting director admitted. “We made mistakes.” The fact that Hertha needed three coaches at Bal Darday, Typhon Korkut and Felix Magath to stay in the league was a “personal defeat”.

In a 20-minute speech, which Bobic gave quite freely, he condemned internal trench warfare. “I have no idea how many false reports I intentionally generated to find out where the holes inside were. Each other apart,” said Bobic, who called for the unit. In the end, Bobic received a standing ovation after his speech.

Hertha Berlin: Mansky resigns as interim president

However, it will be a long way to reboot required. First of all, Gegenbauer’s successor will be elected at an extraordinary general meeting on June 26. It will also need a replacement for interim president Thorsten Mansky, who resigned immediately after a poor result (64.2 percent against him) in a motion to be voted on.

However, the worst-case scenario, the complete cancellation of the Presidency selection, which would have put the Assembly before temporary incapacity for action, remained. Fabian Drescher, Anne Gingermann, Bear Moc striker, Ingmar Behring and Norbert Sauer all escaped the vote. But Hertha BSC is far from hill.

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