Hertha BSC in transition: desperately looking for a president – sport

Andreas Schmidt made a harsh rejection of the old lady Hertha, but this did not greatly diminish the old lady’s affection for Andreas Schmidt. Schmidt, a former professional at Hertha Berlin and currently vice-chairman of the supervisory board, was asked at the club’s general meeting on Sunday if he wanted to run for president.

The 48-year-old was visibly impressed by the advancement through the ranks, but then explained – very realistically – why the position was out of the question for him and his life plans. The old lady seemed to hold no grudges. Because when the supervisory board was re-elected shortly thereafter, Schmidt got the best result of all the candidates — by far. His approval rating was 93 percent.

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Hertha Berlin’s massive public meeting on Sunday at Messi highlighted some important insights: for example, that the club remains in turmoil even after relegation. Or that investor Lars Windhorst is now a strength of Hertha BSC and cannot be ignored and the club’s ultras are high, as they demonstrated in Windhorst’s letter, but their potential to mobilize and the resulting influence on club policy is limited.

But the most important conclusion of the general meeting was that the club is currently largely leaderless. Hertha lost three potential presidents on Sunday. In addition to Andreas Schmidt, who does not want it, Thorsten Mansky, the former deputy of Werner Gegenbauer, and Thorsten-Jorn Klein, head of the club’s supervisory board.

Werner Gegenbauer (left) had a bad relationship with investor Lars Windhorst and resigned shortly before the general meeting…Photo: Andreas Jura / D

Essentially, Gegenbauer also took Mansky to the cliff, who led the club on a temporary basis. Because of the president’s resignation, discontent with the base on Sunday mainly focused on the former Gegenbauer deputy. Of all six members of the Presidency, Mansky was the only member in which more than half (64.2 percent) voted to vote. The lawyer, who was said to have ambitions for the presidency, came to the only possible conclusion and promptly resigned.

Members asked Klein, like Schmidt, if he wanted to run for president. The media entrepreneur has always been considered presidential. He also proved his eloquence on Sunday when he skillfully positioned himself against the now unpopular Gegenbauer team. But even Klein, who was courting a move to president two years ago, clarified: “I have no intention of running for president of Hertha Berlin.”

Per Mok-Somer ran for the CDU in the recent parliamentary elections in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.Photo: Stefan Zeitz / Imago

In theory, this statement still leaves a back door open for him. What if the club’s governing bodies asked Klein to run to help a club in need? But the 58-year-old also said internally that he is definitely unavailable because he can’t devote the time required for the position. And unlike the members who re-elected him to the Oversight Board with the second best result, his reputation on the committees has been badly damaged in recent times.

Because there is still a lot of hype behind the scenes of the club. In four weeks, on June 26, there will be an extraordinary general meeting, at which a new president and his deputy will be elected, and two residents may move to the commission. Marco Hennig, a gas station businessman and Gegenbauer critic, would next run for a seat on the executive committee, and possibly also Heinz Troschitz, who introduced and justified the motions for a vote on the former executive committee members at Sunday’s plenary meeting.

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An acting chief must now be chosen from among their ranks. But the bigger problem is: who will be elected to lead Hertha Berlin on June 26 for the remaining two years of the current election period? So far, only 41-year-old former Ultra Kay Bernstein has announced his candidacy. However, one candidate is expected to run from the current Executive Committee. After Thorsten Manske is no longer an option, it may result in Peer Mock-Stürmer. He survived Sunday’s motion to be voted on with a respectable result, and is the third-best of the six executive committee members.

As a real estate entrepreneur, Mock Storm, 54, is economically independent, and while he has long headed Hertha’s boxing division as chairman, he is considered largely unburdened. He was elected to the presidency just two years ago. Ingmar Bering, a member of the committee since 2007, can imagine the role of MP, along with Mock Sommer as well. He envisions some sort of grand alliance of club management to bring the club back to rest after all the turmoil of the past few weeks and months.

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