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The man who now plays the violin in world football had to learn the flute for two years as a child. Because Fayza Lamari, 48, did not want her son, Kylian Mbappe, 23, to spend every day playing soccer, she sent him to the Conservatory in Bondi, a suburb of Paris with a population of 54,000. Later also in reading collections and museums. Just as back then, his mom still made sure he could develop in the best possible way – also financially!

Usually, the consultants who have been robbed gamble to get contracts, salaries and serious money for their stars. With the world champion from France, currently the most valuable player in the world with a market value of 160 million euros, it is the mother who does it.


Highly decorated: Mbappe is world champion, five-time French champion, three-time Cup winner and Nations League winner.


This also applies to the most important decision of his career so far. Before the last Ligue 1 game of the season against Metz (5-0), Mbappe announced that he is renewing his expired contract with Paris Saint-Germain. He is said to have raised 300 million euros in serious money for his signature by 2025, and in the future he will also receive an annual salary of 100 million. Generates 600 million euros over three years!

Mother Lamarie made crazy numbers possible. She not only intervened behind the scenes in the betting between Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, but also publicly on several occasions.

On May 5, Lamarie already denied an alleged deal with Paris on Twitter, where she has more than 26,000 followers: “No deal with PSG or any other club.” At the time, she still owned Real in the Spanish “Marca”. . It is referred to as the “first choice”.

She said before the decision: “We have reached an agreement with both Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, and the discussions are over because Kylian now has to make a decision.” And “the two offers, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid, are almost identical. With Paris, my son will be in control of his image rights.” Real only gave him 50 percent of that amount, which is said to have been a sticking point in poker.

Algeria’s Lamari is the managing director of her own company “KEWJF”, which is registered as a simplified joint stock company in the Commercial Register in Paris and is concerned with Mbappe’s interests. The name is derived from the initials of Killian, brother Ethan (15), father Wilfrid (51), adoptive brother Jeris (34) and mother Faiza. In the distribution of competencies, the father is responsible for the mathematical issues. Lamari manages communications, image, community projects and contractual matters. The parents have been living separately since the beginning of 2021, but they complement each other well. Mbappé does not have a licensed player agent.

The close family relationship is important to both of them: Mbappe with his mother Faiza in the stands

The close family relationship is important to both of them: Mbappe with his mother Faiza in the stands


Lamarie works closely with another, more powerful woman in French sport: stellar lawyer Delphine Verheiden, who also represents top athletes such as sailor Yannick Pestavin (49) or Olympic volleyball champion Irvin Ngabeth (31). You sit at the table during negotiations.

Mama Mbappe is a former handball player, who played as a right winger for local club AS Bondi in Ligue 1 and then studied education. She is said to have initially been overshadowed by the general influence after Mbappe’s breakthrough. Between his first Champions League goal for former club Monaco at Manchester City in February 2017 and his move to Paris Saint-Germain in August 2017, she gained 24kg. Now she is seen as smart and intelligent, endowed with a strong character, clear thoughts and opinions. When Kylian set off as a young professional in Monaco, unlike all the other stars, she asked him to keep cleaning his shoes. According to their own statements, she and Mbappe did not touch the last salary in Paris for three years.


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She told Parisien: “We had poor man syndrome. We are so lucky to have money, but it’s not an end in itself. Even if it’s good not to count anymore. But Kylian doesn’t play football for money, otherwise he won’t succeed in everything he does.” “.

Mbappe is said to never carry a credit card or cash with him. Lamarre is said to have been the driving force behind Mbappe being the only professional to donate a World Cup bounty of half a million euros to a foundation for people with disabilities. In addition, she is leading a project to build a school in Paris – after extending the contract, the construction will not fail for financial reasons.

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