Mick Schumacher: His car smashed in two in the chaos of the rain in Monaco

Formula 1 bad accident

Mick Schumacher’s car breaks in two in rain chaos in Monaco

Grand Prix of Monaco

Mick Schumacher had a serious accident in Monaco

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The Monaco Grand Prix starts with a long delay after heavy rain. Then the race descends into chaos. After a spectacular accident involving Mick Schumacher, the Grand Prix was halted. In the end, Mexican Sergio Perez won.

MIt appears that Nick Schumacher survived a serious accident at the Monaco Grand Prix largely unscathed. The 23-year-old German Formula 1 driver’s Haas race car was split in two when the accident hit the fenders on the narrow track on Sunday. Schumacher was able to leave the destroyed car under his power. The back of the car was cut off.

He had lost control of the car in the drying track, rolled up and then crashed to the side violently. This is the second serious accident for the son of record champion Michael Schumacher this season, in Saudi Arabia, who had an accident in the qualifiers. Monaco had to be boycotted after Mick Schumacher’s crash to clean the track.

Schumacher later explained to Sky that he was physically fine. However, the incident was upsetting. “We definitely had the speed to go forward. But the season is still long, and the wheels can turn,” the 23-year-old said.

“It is not satisfying to have another serious accident. We have to see how we proceed now,” said Haas team principal Gunther Steiner. The high costs of building a new chassis for Schumacher are likely to hit the already tight budget of the young racing team severely.

Patience is required

The Monte Carlo Grand Prix has become a test of patience due to the bad weather. Due to rain, the start of the Grand Prix in Monaco on Sunday was postponed by more than an hour. At 4.05 pm, work began behind the safety car.

Grand Prix of Monaco

In heavy rain, Formula 1 drivers drove their race cars around the racetrack to warm up before the start of the Monaco Grand Prix

Source: dpa / Daniel Cole

Shortly before the scheduled start of the Grand Prix at 3:00pm, it started to rain more and more. For safety reasons, the race control team decided to postpone the start of the formation round by 16 minutes. She wanted to wait until the heaviest rain showers.

As the drivers finished the postponed formation session behind the safety car, the rain intensified. “I’ve never gotten wet in a Formula 1 car,” the Haas driver Schumacher said radioed to the pits. “It’s raining like crazy,” said columnist Charles Leclerc.

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In the midst of the chaotic race in Monaco, TV presenter Sky also had problems. During a rainy World Cup race, a power outage occurred in the pay station announcer booth. At first, commentator Sasha Ross could no longer be heard, and expert Ralf Schumacher linked the situation. However, the former Formula 1 driver admitted that he was no longer able to fully follow what was happening on the track due to technical problems.

Ross then seized Schumacher’s working microphone and described the station’s plight. “I don’t know if you can hear me now,” Ross said in the middle. Then the 50-year-old reported the urgent work of a technician in the TV booth and tried to turn to the second expert, Leo Lackner. But he couldn’t understand it right away. “I don’t know if you’ve heard anything now,” Ross said. “We haven’t tested that either,” he admitted.

At the end of a somewhat chaotic day, the winner was finally decided: Sergio Perez won the Formula 1 classic. Red Bull’s teammate of last year’s winner and world champion Max Verstappen Carlos Sainz relegated to second place at Ferrari. Championship leader Verstappen finished third.

Only then did the local champion in Monaco Charles Leclerc finish fourth. After a tactical error by his Ferrari team, the 24-year-old was of no use at the center stage in his home appearance in front of his entire squad. In the world championship standings, Leclerc’s gap against Verstappen increased to nine points. For Sebastian Vettel, after starting ninth at Aston Martin, two hours into the race, that was enough for one point in tenth.

“I’ve been dreaming of winning here since I was a kid,” Perez confirmed, grappling with emotions and tears on the podium. “This is a wonderful day for me and my country.”

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