Sport-Union Neckarsulm bids an emotional farewell to coach Marcel Busch

Sports fans thanked Buschi for seven years as a player and coach in Neckarsulm. Photos: Alexander Birtuk Photo: Birtuk, Alexander

After a 90-minute warm-up, Marcel Bosch’s farewell party began: first on the field in front of the spectators, then inside the club with the team, supervisors, coaching staff and officials in the sports house. Oberliga coach Sport-Union Neckarsulm still has one match left – next Saturday in Pforzheim – but the official farewell ceremony took place after the last home game against Sportfreund Dorfmerkingen. The match against Table 14, still battling relegation, was lost 0:2, but outrage over the defeat soon lost in Bosque’s embrace of players and referees.

Marcel Bosch has not only been coach of the Fifth Division team for four years, but as “a player with a promotion, he was also partly responsible for the fact that we play in the Oberliga,” head of the football department and board member Pascal Zartmann said in his acceptance speech and reported 75 A match (seven goals) in three years as a player and 78 as a coach (had it not been for the two Corona periods, the result would have been much greater).

Sport-Union Neckarsulm bids an emotional farewell to coach Marcel Busch

Marcel Bosch (left) hugged each of his players. Photo: Birtuk, Alexander

Comrade Dam talks about the fiercest of the constellations

“The only sentence I still had in my head was: Boskey, it’s unrealistic,” said athletic director Thorsten Dam. Unreal because we “worked together in the wildest of the constellations”.

Starting with times together at second tier team SV Sandhausen, where Bosch was a player and Damme was assistant coach, and later at Neckarsulm. “I’m training, you’re a player – you’re a coach, I’m an assistant coach – and then the big finale, you’re a coach, I’m an athletic director: It still isn’t realistic,” said Dam, who offered him a lifetime season ticket to his partner who became a friend. In order to commit forever to the Sports Federation.

Seven years in Neckarsulm, beginning at Untereisesheim

“For me, 21 years of football is deliberately coming to an end today. There is a lot going on in your head. First of all, I am glad that I finished here at the end of my football days and was able to spend my football career,” said Bosch, who has found his way into professional football. Via Untereisesheim and VfR Heilbronn, to VfR Aalen, SC Pfullendorf, Rot Weiss Ahlen, SV Sandhausen and SpVgg Neckarelz It was then a ‘matter of the heart’ for him to move to SUN in the summer of 2015/2016.

Sport-Union Neckarsulm bids an emotional farewell to coach Marcel Busch

There were words of thanks not only to Marcel Bosch (in front), but also from the coach for the team, the officials and his family. Photo: Birtuk, Alexander

As for the future of SUN, Marcel Bosch hopes more spectators will find their way to the Pichterich Stadium. “Even if they don’t show up that day, the boys here definitely deserve more support here in the region,” Bush said, referring to his teams’ performance over the years. “Last but not least, I would like to thank my parents, who have accompanied me everywhere for more than 20 years, no matter where I am in Germany. I also thank my family – my children and my wife – who have had to spare me so much.” Bush said goodbye with the words: “Now I want to celebrate a little here.” It was an emotional farewell party.

Deserved to lose 2-0

The match against Dorfmerkingen had previously provided few highlights in the first half. In the seventh minute, Daniel Netzer put the ball to Marc Gallego Vazquez, but SUN goalkeeper Marcel Sauser saved it. A little later, Alex Alper missed the goal of the owners of the land. This was followed by a stage with great effort on both sides, but only a few moments of danger. In the 40th minute, Noah Phil shot on goal, Sauser converted the ball with his fingertips to the corner. Sport-Union also had good chances in the second half, sporting director Thorsten Damm said. There were four pieces in total that were “not played cleanly” at the end.

Sport-Union Neckarsulm bids an emotional farewell to coach Marcel Busch

Marco Merz (left), former sporting director of SUN, was present at Bosch’s farewell. Photo: Birtuk, Alexander

The guest had to write the crucial scenes. Like in the 67th minute, when Onur Mutlu scored in Phil’s preliminary work to make the score 0-1. Ten minutes later, Sauser saved his team from a 2-0 deficit. After a mistake by Nietzer Mägerle in the penalty area, the penalty kick was saved by Maximilian Eiselt. 80 minutes were fought when Sauser actually played in a direct duel against Netzer, but then chased after and grabbed the ball at the end. In the 87th minute, Ezelt completed a short corner kick to make the score 0: 2.

Neckarsulm Sports Federation: Saussure, A.; Demir (81. Demir), R. Neubert (61 groups), Majirel, Dole, Siebold, S. Neubert, Gibert (88. Adelhelm), Belanaf (65. Beranec), Bander, Albert.

Goals: 0: 1 Mutlu (67th place), Ezelt 0: 2 (87th place). Referee: Maurice Kern. Viewers: 249.

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