Werder Bremen move: The talent to Poland! There are a lot of fees!

Bremen/Warsaw – Werder Bremen have signed two new centre-backs Niklas Stark and Amos Bieber, and now the newly-promoted Bundesliga side are ditching a talented defender: Mike Nawocki is moving permanently to Legia Warsaw. The Polish top-flight club, to which the 21-year-old Bremen national was loaned prior to this season, is exercising a pre-agreed purchase option of €1.5 million. The club announced Saturday evening.

Buy Mike Noruki This is a good move from a football and investment point of view, says Jacek Zielinski, sporting director of Legia WarsawQuoted on the club’s website. “Mike is a good player and personality, despite his young age, plays well and makes the right decisions” Werder Bremen confirmed the Transfer Saturday evening: “Legia informed us that they wish to exercise the purchase option that is contractually provided for in the loan agreement. We wish Mike all the best in his future career,” Clemens Fritz, head of professional football and scouting, explained on the club’s website.

Secretly, however, the Polish first division club is likely to follow the plan that defender Resell profitably. Transfermarkt.de estimates Nawrocki’s current market value at “only” €900,000, but the talent is said to have drawn the attention of clubs from all over Europe, so an investment of €1.5m for Legia is definitely worth it can count.

Legia Warsaw Maik buys Nawrocki from SV Werder Bremen – and can sell talent directly

subordinate SV Werder Bremen However, in the event of an imminent resale of Nawrocki, he still has an ace up his sleeve: if Warsaw accepts, for example, an offer from a club worth three million euros, white voters can buy back Nawrocki for the same amount. . The Bremen team obtained the so-called “right to match” in the context of the loan deal. where Mike Noruki Playing after the summer transfer window is still open – even if it starts Legia Warsaw subject to contract. (Now)

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$1 Million SV Werder Bremen Transformation Plan with Maik Nawrocki and Legia Warsaw

Bremen – Mike Noruki It won’t be much this summer Werder Bremen Going back, there are now many pointers. it was recently Legia Warsaw They have publicly confirmed that they want to exercise a contractually fixed-buy option for the 21-year-old defender, who Werder has loaned to the Polish champions this season. The company will bring in a whopping 1.5 million euros for Bremen residents – but the name Nawrocki also plays after that. Transfer It continues to play a role in Werder’s future plans.

Werder’s professional football chief, Clemens Fritz, hinted somewhat vaguely on Tuesday: “We are not completely helpless,” referring to a particular contracting advantage. Such as DeichStube Learned from Poland, the Bremen team chose Mike Noruki He got the option to buy back. This means: if Legia wants to sell the defender one day, the club must first Werder Bremen Give the floor. For example, if the club offers three million euros to Nawrocki, Werder has the opportunity to return the talent to Weser for that amount because Bremen has the contractual right of first access.

Werder Bremen Transfers: Does Legia Warsaw Sell Mike Nawrocki Direct?

It’s quite possible Werder Bremen You should deal with such a scenario very soon, because Mike Noruki He has made a name for himself in the international football world during the current season and is said to be on the list of several clubs. In addition to Legia Warsaw Only recently has he publicly toyed with the idea of ​​buying the Defender and possibly buying it the same transfer window pass profitably.

From the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen in particular is said to be interested in the player, and clubs from Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands are said to have followed suit. Mike Noruki inquire. This season, the Bremen native, who holds a Polish passport, is one of the undisputed regular players in Legia Warsaw and has already played in 29 competitive matches – including a Champions League qualifier against Napoli, Leicester City and Spartak Moscow. . In Poland, some experts are treating Nawrocki as a candidate for a place in the World Cup squad.

Werder Bremen transfer news: Mike Noroke before moving to Legia Warsaw for €1.5m – with buy back option

Given the good development of talent, the plan SV Werder Bremen Big risk. After all, it may happen that the Bremen team will soon buy a player from its lineage for a lot money From Legia Warsaw The buyback, which belonged to them not so long ago and which would have returned to Bremen for free without the option to purchase for the Polish champions. On the other hand, Werder takes through Purchase option A relatively large sum of money for a talent who has not yet made a single professional match in Bremen. 1.5 million euros – that’s money the club can put to good use. And in the event of a potential repurchase of Mike Noruki Of course mentally from expenses will have to be deducted. (Deco) Did you read it? Werder Bremen contracts with the defensive talent Alexander Hawk of the third degree!

Regarding the last report from April 9, 2022:

Legia Warsaw wants to exercise the purchase option for the Werder Bremen Maik Nawrocki loan

Bremen – Mike Norocki is still on loan to Polish champion Legia Warsaw until June 30, and there is currently no sign of the SV Werder Bremen defender returning to Weser after that. Legia sporting director Jacek Zielinski has confirmed the club’s intention to Polish sports portal Interia Sport to obtain an agreed purchase option with Werder at Nawrocki. However, this does not automatically mean that Nawrocki will also play for Legia next season.

“We are interested in buying Mike and will make the choice,” Zelensky said, explaining that the decision had already been made within the club. Already in January, club president Legia WarsawDariusz Mioduski, buy Werder Bremen-talent Mike Noruki It was described as a “formal procedure”.

Werder Bremen: Mike Nawrocki will move permanently to Legia Warsaw – Polish top-flight club wants to have a buyout option

The 21-year-old defender was from the U23 team last summer SV Werder Bremen He moved to Warsaw after Bremen had previously loaned him to Legia rival Warta Posen for six months. In the Polish capital managed Mike Noruki The jump to become a regular player right away, try it Legia Warsaw However, the season is more difficult. Only in the past few weeks has the team been able to free itself from the relegation zone.

In the summer, new construction should now be suspended, as Mike Noruki It can play an important role. However, it is not yet certain whether this will actually happen, because what it looks like is busy Legia Warsaw Currently also with a different mind game. with Werder Bremen The agreed purchase option for Nawrocki is said to be €1.5 million, which means Warsaw will have its own transfer record. Only once in its history has the club spent this amount on a player (on Bartosz Slisz, who joined from Zaglebie Lubin in 2020).

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Werder Bremen: Legia Warsaw wants to commit to Maik Nawrocki – direct resale possible

According to EntreaSport, the Polish champions can participate Mike Noruki So follow the plan to exercise the call option – and resell it straightforward and profitably. Recently, Bundesliga clubs Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer 04 Leverkusen were said to be interested in Bremen’s talents. Legia Warsaw Sporting director Zielinski said: “Other clubs could reach the boy for the foreseeable future. There are no details yet, but there is an initial interest.” (DCO)

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