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Cassandra Urschel caused a huge upset in the German jump derby at the Hamburg Klein Flottbek. The Hamburg-born player, who has competed for the Polish national team since 2016, relegated to the favorites and was the fifth woman to win in the long history of the classic.

“I’m so happy, it’s indescribable,” said the local champion, competing for her mother’s homeland, in tears after capsizing at the 91st course. “I never expected it.” “This audience here, this background – it’s amazing. Especially as a Hamburg resident.” It was Amazon’s first derby win in 47 years. Britain’s Caroline Bradley was the last female rider to win the Cline Flottbek in 1975.

160. Riding zero error is a long time to come

In front of 20,000 spectators, Orschel was the first to start in the competition’s 120,000-euro jump, achieved by a total of four pairs, each one tumbling. On the land softened by the rains of the past days, no one has succeeded without fault in such famous hurdles Wall, The grave of Pulvermann or Buschoxer is coming. Thus, it is still on the track that has remained virtually unchanged since 1920 at 159 clear runs.

Tim and Ovarth are third and fourth

In the decisive round, she and her horse Dakara stayed clear, while runners-up Frederic Tillmann (Grifenbroich) and Comanche made a mistake. Third and fourth place went to European champion Andre Thimy (Blau am See) with Contador and racer Sandra Ovarth (Ganderke) with La Vista with eight penalties in the jump, both of which were traded high.

German results Show Jumping Derby

1. Kassandra Urschel (Poland) – Dakara, 4 pens / 55.31 sec (jump)
2. Frederic Tillmann (Grevenbroich) – Comanche 8 / 52.70
3. Andre Thieme (Plau am See) – Contadur 12 / 50.08
4. Sandra Ovarth (Ganderxi) – La Vista 12 / 52.29
5. Max-Hilmar Borchert (Stechlin) – Cent-blue 8/2: 48.53 minutes (first round)
6. Kai Rüder (Fehmarn) – Cross Keys 8/2: 48.78
7. Stefan Jensen (Bosbüll) – Cyrus L 8/2: 58.02
8. Benjamin Welchner (Bhutto) – Bangkok Girl 12/2: 29,38
9. Jan Peters (Brook) – Kokolores 12/2: 41,11
10. Gilbert Tillman (Grifenbroich) – Usher 12/2: 50.77

Kathleen Kroenke on top in the dressage derby

Kathleen Kroenke won the German dressage title for the second time. In the final with the traditional horse change, the 32-year-old scored 206,833 points at the Hamburg Klein Flottbek.

Winner Kathleen Kroenke of Hampton Court.

Fredrik Wanders (Hagen am Teutoburger Wald) scored 205.033 points and Henrik Lochthau (Munich) 203.866 points. The contestant from Eben near Hamburg, who now lives in England, won the derby in her hometown for the first time in 2011. At the age of 21 she is still the youngest derby winner since it was first held in 1955.

Short vacation in the old country

And while it rained, three rounds balanced on Sunday. “I didn’t expect to win. But the other horses made it easy for me too,” said Kroenke, who combined her win with a short vacation in her old home.

Dressage derby 62 earned 30 thousand euros. In the final match, the contestants must ride the horses of their opponents in addition to their own. The best horse was Lochthowe’s Brico Baron (216,400) ahead of Wandres’ Dom Perignon (202.866) and Kröncke’s Hampton Court (196.466).

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