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With eight players, Wolfsburg is the bulk of the expanded German squad of 28 players for the upcoming European Football Championship. The German Football Association is led by Captain Alexandra Pope. Almoth Schulte will travel to England as a reserve goalkeeper.

“I’m glad this position doesn’t cause us any stomach ache. Merle Froomes has been our number one in three years. That’s why nothing has changed in this situation,” national coach Martina Voss Tecklenburg said on Tuesday in an introductory interview. Her team: “Merle has had three years of very impressive performances. However, other goalkeepers have to attack, a lot can happen in the tournament.”

Froomes, who will return from Eintracht Frankfurt to Wolfsburg next season and inherit Schulte there (he goes to the US), took over the goal post after the 2019 World Cup when the 64-times Wolfsburg national goalkeeper was on the verge of injury. Surgery and her baby’s rest were missing.

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Schulte hopes: ‘The decision is not made of stone’

The 31-year-old Schulte hasn’t given up fighting on number one yet. “I don’t see that the decision is really specific,” the goalkeeper of the champions and cup winners said a week ago. In a duel with Frohms, she was willing to “give everything and prove that I have the quality to contribute, both on and off the court”.

Schulte also wants to put himself behind Froomes (“we appreciate each other”) in the tournament in England: “I will do everything to ensure this team succeeds in the European Championship because we can win the title.”

Photo collection shows Dominic Klein (left), Arend Beaver and Almuth Schulte © Imago images and WDR

video: Klein, Beaver, Schulte: Sports Stars at the Mic (30 min)

Vos Tecklenburg: ‘It can go too far’

National team coach Vos-Tecklenburg expressed optimism about the tournament: “If we bring our strength to the field, we can go a long way. Then it will be difficult to beat this German team.” The record European champion is not one of the favorites this time around. “It may lead to an underestimation of us or that,” Voss-Tecklenburg said.

Most recently, the Women’s Federation reached the quarter-finals of the 2017 European Championships and the 2019 World Cup. This did not change the high demands placed on the 2016 Olympic champion and two-time world champion. “We aim to finish the semi-finals in every men’s or women’s tournament,” said Oliver Bierhoff, director of the German Football Association, last November.

“A good mix of leaders types and a carefree demeanor”

Voss-Tecklenburg relies on a “good mix of experienced and careless leaders” with eight players from Two-time winner Wolfsburg – captained by Captain Bob as ‘key player’. With 113 caps, the home of Wolfsburg is the most experienced player in the German Football Association’s squad, but oddly enough, it is on the cusp of its first European Championship. In 2013 and 2017, she was infected.

In Frooms, Jules Brand (TSG Hoffenheim) and Marina Hegering (Bayern Munich), there will be three players on the squad who will be under contract with Wolf Women from the summer.

Wolfsburg women are still allowed to stop

EM preparation begins on Pentecost Sunday, but only for part of the band. The DFB Women will then be the first team ever to use the training grounds at the stylish new DFB Academy in Frankfurt. The winning doubles players from Wolfsburg will join the tournament from 12-18 June in Herzogenaurach. Only Bob, who returned to the German Football Association team in April after a lengthy knee injury, is already in Frankfurt.

The final touches will be made in Herzogenaurach from June 21-29. EM Fashion Rehearsal will take place on June 24 in Erfurt against Switzerland. On July 3, the plane will fly from Frankfurt to London, where the German Football Association will be based in Brentford, in the west of the capital. The German national team’s first competitor in the preliminary round is Denmark, the vice-champion of Europe on July 8, then it will face Spain (12 July) and Finland (16 July).

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