Every Hertha fan is now asking these questions

Written by Carsten Prever and Roberto Lambrecht

Resignations, proposals to vote, new elections, promises of money – Herta’s public meeting offered everything that belonged to a traditional club. But what next?

BZ answers the most important questions.

Who is the interim president now?

no one! After the resignation of Chairman Werner Gegenbauer and Deputy Thorsten Manske, the remaining members of the Executive Committee are all equal until the Extraordinary General Meeting, and no title will be awarded.

Herta Vice President Thorsten Mansky has resigned

The Detached Presidency on Fabian Drescher, Anne Gingermann, Ingmar Behring, Per Mock-Somer and Norbert Sauer will now meet immediately to identify the Committee’s Chief Liaison, who will conduct staff discussions with management (Freddy Bubeck, Ingo Schiller) as well as the Oversight Board at least in terms of Connection.

Is the Executive Committee currently able to act?

yes! Due to the fact that motions against the other members of the Executive Committee who will be voted on were rejected, the club survived operational collapse and the Executive Committee, reduced to five members, has a quorum until by-election. According to the statute, more than half of up to nine members of the Executive Committee must be available for this scenario.

Also important: There must be two persons authorized to sign in the association register. In Hertha, after the resignations of President Werner Gegenbauer and MP Thorsten Mansky, these are now only Norbert Sauer and Fabian Drescher. All four were appointed by the current Executive Committee after the 2020 elections. After the by-election on June 26, more names will be added.

Who and when will he be re-elected?

At the extraordinary general meeting on June 26 (11 a.m., CityCube), the Presidency will be increased to a total of nine members in accordance with the statute, and a new President, Vice President and at least two residents will be elected to the Presidency by individuals.

Depending on whether the new president and/or vice president were also elected from the previous five-member Executive Committee, up to four residents could even be elected. So in the end all 9 positions (chairman, deputy, 7 residents) are filled.

Who will elect a new president?

Ex-Ultra Kai Bernstein would like to become the President of Hertha

Ex-Ultra Kai Bernstein would like to become the new President of Hertha Photo: dpa

So far, only Kay Bernstein’s previous Ultras app (41) is on the table. Gas station entrepreneur Marco Hennig (on Facebook as “der Herthaner”) also planned to work through to the end. The current Executive Committee will now discuss and vote internally on the nominees.

Internally, Presidency Member Per Mok Sommer, 54, is supposed to announce his candidacy in the next few days.

What else should be new in Hertha?

Board member Ingmar Behring says, “We’ve heard the criticism from the members, we want to be friendly, visible and tactile – to everyone. We want to put fan dialogue and member support on a strong and fresh foundation so that everyone can find each other again. We are open to all suggestions and requests We want members and fans to create new shows and fill them with actions or expand offers in response to inquiries. There should also be more face-to-face information and events for the exchange. This should start as soon as possible.”

Who will replace Schiller? A new CEO coming?

A new financial manager is also needed. Ingo Schiller resigned on October 31, 2019 again, applauding Sunday’s minutes as a farewell. He will also occupy the position of CEO. Carsten Schmidt had thrown in the winter for private reasons. According to the former head of the Supervisory Board, Robert Schaefer (formerly Hannover 96) is considered a candidate.

Robert Schaeffer was recently active in Hannover and is now being discussed in Hertha as the new CEO.

Robert Schaeffer was recently active in Hannover and is now being discussed in Hertha as the new CEO. Photo: dpa picture alliance

And of course: coach Freddy Bobic announced another change in the professional squad. Sandro Schwartz will become the new coach. He resigned on Sunday after losing the cup final with Dynamo Moscow. So he would be free and have to agree with Bobic.

Does Windhurst have an opinion?

number! Investor Lars Windhorst has pumped 375 million euros into the club since 2019 and has acquired 64.7% of the shares in the professional division, but he cannot make any decisions. He said on MV: “The ultimate decision-making power lies with the club. I don’t want to change that, and I can never change that. It’s not about having a say in the decisions, it’s about having a say in the discussion.”

Investor of Herta Company B.S.C.  Lars Windhorst at the AGM

Investor Lars Windhorst speaks to members Photo: City Press

When will Windhorst give new money?

When the club is reorganized, Windhorst thinks about the new money: “I’ll give more shares if there’s a clean fresh start. I’ll be there for the next ten or twenty years. I won’t go away. I’d be very happy to go down that road with you.”

What is the role of the board of directors?

The new five-member supervisory board (Dr. Torsten-Jorn Klein, Andreas Schmidt, Scott Korber, Klaus Brugemann and Renate Dormer) accepts all members internally midweek on who will be the chairman. Requests until two weeks before the extraordinary meeting for the post of President, then talks to all candidates and makes recommendations.

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