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Of course, he was asked about his role model. When you thrust to the top of the world at the age of 19 and convincingly defeat the previous year’s finalist at a Grand Slam tournament, the tennis world wants to know: Who is this guy?

That Holger Ron is as athletic as a soccer player, with calves as thick as Karl-Heinz Briegel, and that he behaves in many ways, sometimes hitting them, sometimes making stops behind the net with love, as if the ball should carry it as far as possible on this journey, it was almost 15,000 spectators at Stade Philippe Chatrier were amazed by all this on Monday afternoon. In the end, Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas fended off, and Ron was the microphone winner.

His Danish English is really nice. At the press conference, in which a large number of international correspondents appeared (which is a rarity for Scandinavians in tennis), Holger Ron revealed the personality of Holger Ron’s idol. His interpretation was so well-founded that the impression was inevitable: this is a special 19-year-old. As he is reflected as he speaks.

Roger Federer, for resolving this matter, is what he admires most, but not simply because there is nothing more decisive than liking Federer anyway. He immediately justified it deeply. The Swiss tennis player analyzed “The way he goes from the base line to the net, there’s hardly anything like that. In these phases you often see players hitting hard from behind as hard as possible.”

Ron admires the great Roger Federer – and provides an accurate explanation

However, Federer throws a wide repertoire of punches, varies, pairs the rear seat to the front seat of his half, and creates perfect transitions. All this inspires him. Suddenly Ron said to the reporter, “What’s the second question?” He was so immersed in his lecture that he forgot the second question.

There’s been quite a bit of excitement in the spin-off tennis scene these days, in large part due to another 19-year-old. Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz has won four championships this year and he continues to sing his songs. But under that sympathy, a lot also happens. It’s very good that the men’s ATP Tour is no longer running its “next generation” campaign, because the professional series has now reached the next generation and the next generation of talent.

Norwegian Kasper Rudd, which has long been familiar to connoisseurs, also belongs to the first category. The 23-year-old from Oslo had worked his way into the top ten with several successes in smaller ATP tournaments and most recently in the Masters Series events. But now Rudd, who inherited his ball sense from his father Christian, who was once number 39 in the world, is emerging on the most important stage. After a 6:2, 6:3, 3:6, 6:3 success against strongman Hubert Hurkacz, Rudd reached the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time, and since he met Bron, it has become clear: a Scandinavian will to reach the semi-finals .

Casper Rudd after beating Hubert Hurkacz – The Norwegian also has big ambitions in Paris.

(Photo: Thomas Samson/AFP)

“Of course it’s a nice feeling, but I’m still in championship mode and I don’t think about a lot of other things, not the story and that’s one milestone,” said Ruud, the excellent golfer who played with Rafael Nadal in Mallorca. No Norwegian has gone as far as he has at Roland Garros. Not even Danish. By the way, appeasing Rudd wasn’t a bit boring, but she clearly conveyed how these guys work.

They subject everything to success. In an interview, Rudd told SZ that he always gets stats from his matches. He looks for weaknesses and explores them himself: he has to master difficult situations more efficiently. Ron once said he wanted to “get about one percent better every day.” You can consider that a cliché. Only: It’s getting one percent better every day.

They can handle the pressure: they both met French players the fans cheered on – and they won

A year ago, Ron was still out of the top 300 tennis players in the world rankings. He has already climbed to at least 28th place. His mother, Aneke, who plays the most important role for him and also helps him as a psychologist, told sports newspaper L’Équipe how Holger finished second at the age of seven and refused to lift it. booty. This is how crazy he is. On Monday, Ron sat in front of the world press and said of course he wants to be number one, “I’m not hiding it.” It seemed as natural as if he had said that Paris was a great city. Those are his criteria.

Two appearances in April proved that Ron is not a dreamer, but a hardworking worker. There he played the Challenger Final in Sanremo, which he won of course, albeit in three sets. He got in the car and coach Lars Christensen drove him to Monte Carlo, where Ron successfully played his first Masters qualifying match on the same day.

“The day before was really hard because I was thinking about how to organize everything,” Ron said recently, amused, in Munich, when you could still make him relax as a reporter for yourself. At MTTC Iphitos, which also expresses the speed of his development, he had defeated Zverev, number three in the world, and then over the entire tournament; Of course he lifted the ATP Cup for the first time. He just couldn’t drive the car that was given to him. He said with a laugh that he did not have a driver’s license.

How strong are Rune and Ruud and how strong they can handle the pressure, they almost showed a step up at the French Open. Both faced the French, who were frantically encouraged. Ron kept cool in front of Wusler’s Hugo Gaston and continually followed through with his clever collection of points. Rudd managed the difficult task of seeing the famous Jo-Wilfried Tsonga into retirement.

In the end, the audience paid tribute to Rod who gave a wonderful speech in Tsonga. Ron also arrived, and Tsitsipas heard it on the field. “Everyone talked about the first half of the draw with Nadal, Djokovic and Alcaraz,” Rudd said. “But there are a lot of good players in this tournament.” Himself and Ronde are the best guides.

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