I’m sick of this bounce!

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton finished eighth in the Formula 1 race in Monaco, unable to take the positive momentum from Barcelona with him. While Hamilton’s Mercedes was still the fastest car on the field at times in the race in Spain, the Briton was stuck behind Fernando Alonso in the principality.

Lewis Hamilton faced the next disappointment in the Principality



“It’s frustrating, of course,” says Hamilton, “but that’s it. I just floated behind it.” “I was really happy when it rained because that usually creates opportunities. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well and we couldn’t get past Ocon when I was out on the psychics.”

According to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, without the problems with the Alpine drivers, Hamilton could have kept up with his teammate George Russell: “First of all, there was an incident with Esteban, where he got a penalty, then he could have been in Lando’s pit stop window could have Norris or even a fight with George and Lando up front because that was his pace.”

Frustrated Wolf: You can only overtake Formula 2 cars

“It’s a fact in Monaco that location on the track is everything,” adds Wolff, who says it took five seconds to get past the principality. “I mean, five seconds is like going against a Formula 2 car,” he says.

“It’s a great sight here, such a great place and it’s always great to be here, but we might have to take a look at the road,” said the Mercedes team boss.

“It’s been a tough weekend overall and I’ve had some unfortunate situations, like a red flag in qualifying,” the seven-time Formula 1 world champion laments. When asked if the current situation at Mercedes bothers him, he replied: “Of course, but there’s no point in letting it eat me up.”

Hamilton ‘prays’ for Mercedes progress

“That’s what it is and I can’t do much about it. We’re going back to the factory now and trying again at the next race.” Next weekend to race in Azerbaijan, he’s hoping for a big jump from Mercedes.

Ricciardo: Does McLaren cockpit swing?

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Ricciardo: Does McLaren cockpit swing?

Is Daniel Ricciardo affiliated with McLaren? In addition to his column, Christian Niemervall explains why Monaco is not helping.

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“I just pray the car doesn’t feel the same here,” says Hamilton. “It was the worst thing about this car so far, if only because of the bumps.” “My teeth, my jaw was moving the whole time. I’m sick of this shaking!”

“I’m sure our car is so stiff that the wheels and suspension are pushing it to the ground. So I’m looking forward to a more open track, hopefully for the next race. I’m just praying there isn’t as bumpy as here.”

Will misery continue in Baku?

Hamilton is unsure whether the problem in Monaco is caused by porpoises or the principality’s bumpy track in general, which has made him cautious about his predictions about Baku.

“I don’t know if it’s about porpoises digging here. I just hope it wasn’t and won’t be a problem anymore. But if the track in Baku is bumpy again, we might have problems with corners.”

“A different kind of track awaits us there, although there are some similarities with the slower corners here in Monaco, but hopefully we can make progress in Baku and show a better level of performance than we’ve seen in Barcelona recently.” .

Wolff blames Hamilton’s inability on Russell

The fact that George Russell was able to defeat a more experienced teammate once again makes no sense to team boss Wolff: “If you look at how bad luck Lewis already is – I mean today again: contact with Esteban, tripping behind Fernando, red flag yesterday. In the playoffs – I think the pendulum will swing again.”

Esteban Ocon, Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton damaged his front wing while trying to overtake Esteban Ocon



“Without these unfortunate situations with Lewis, they are pretty much on a level playing field, which is great,” said Wolff. “They’re also working together to fix our car, because that’s also urgently needed.”

However, Lewis Hamilton is already behind in the drivers’ standings. With a total of 50 points from seven races, he is 34 points behind teammate George Russell, while already 75 points behind championship leader Max Verstappen.

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