Lovro Zvonarek moves to Bayern Munich: little Modric, little Torres

Bayern made a commitment to Lovro Zvonarek a year ago. In the meantime, the Croatian made history.

Lovro Zvonarek is very familiar with high speeds. Born in the far north of Croatia, he grew up not far from the highway stronghold of Prelog. When the motorcyclists broke the dust, young Zvonarik loved to watch.

He recently told the Croatian portal: “I used to encourage drivers in racing.” 24 sata, but he did not drive himself. “Speedway is great, but football is number one.” And in that football, Zvonarek has a fast paced career so far.

In May 2021, when he was 16 years old, he made his debut with Slavin Bellobo, the biggest club in the region. Less than a year later, as an undisputed regular player, he was named captain. At this time, Bayern Munich had long secured the services of an incredibly talented multi-talented attacking player. The transfer fee is 1.8 million euros, but it is claimed that it could go up to 4.5 million euros.

The change will be completed this summer – but then what with the Croatian Under-17 international? According to the information received from Goal And SPOX, the reserve in the fourth-tier regional league in Bavaria is out of the question, as a well-established player in the first league, the level there would undermine him. A loan deal could be envisaged instead, or indeed an opportunity with professional coach Julian Nagelsmann, known for openly promoting young talent.

Tomislav Stibic mediated by Lovro Zvonarek for Bayern Munich

Zvonarek’s first major patron was Tomislav Stepek. The Croatian German worked with FC Ingolstadt and Eintracht Frankfurt, among others, before taking over as coach of Slaven Bellobo in 2019. Zvonarek quickly caught his eye in the youth division there, and why wait? At 15, Stipic brought him to the pro team.

“He’s incredibly quick to think. After training, I always asked myself the same question: ‘He’s 15 and what’s his deficiency compared to the best players in the team?'” The answer was always: “Nothing!” Stebek said Transfermarkt.de. On his second appearance a few days after his 16th birthday, he scored his first goal, replacing Allen Halilovic as the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Croatian League.

Halilovic once switched from Dinamo Zagreb to FC Barcelona, ​​in Zvonarik Bayern Munich won the race, also thanks to discoverer Stepek. “This idea came about through my good relationship with FC Bayern and especially with Mr. Jochen Sauer (campus president, editor’s note) and then this dynamic developed,” said Stepek. In the spring of 2021, Zvonarek gave a preliminary court session in Munich. Bayern Munich immediately wanted him, but the player did not want to leave his familiar surroundings yet.

“They called again in the summer,” Zvonarek said. “They were persistent and sent out a new offer that I couldn’t refuse.” The deal: Zvonarek will play with Slavin Bilobo for an additional season and then move to Munich. It should be worth it, because in the meantime he has made a remarkable development.

Lovro Zvonarek remembers Luka Modric

Zvonarek had injury issues repeatedly last season. When he was fit, he was always in the starting lineup under Stebek’s successor Zoran Zekic.

Zekic said: “He moves very well without the ball. But he always knows what he has to do with the ball too. He has amazing passing timing, always plays vertically.” Goal and SPOX.

Zvonarek can be used very flexibly. During the season he played in the offensive and defensive midfield, on both wings and as a striker. “I feel comfortable in all positions,” Zvonarek says. “I really don’t care.” Stibic once compared him to Luka Modric, a Real Madrid player, captain of the Croatian national team.

Lovro Zvonarek: captain scored in Slavin Belobo

Zvonarek also has experience using pads: in April, at the age of 16 years, 11 months and 16 days, Zekic made him captain of Slavin Bilobo. “I didn’t do it for fun, but because he deserved it,” he says. Incidentally, former captain Goran Baraki – aged 35, more than twice his age – saw it as such. “He said it was a great idea,” Zikic said.

According to the current state of the research, Zvonarek became the youngest captain of the European First Division club in history. So far, this record has been held by Christopher Agger of Norway, who is now 24 and still under contract with Brentford FC. All the famous young leaders of the big European clubs were later: Matisse de Ligt at Ajax Amsterdam at the age of 18, Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid at the age of 19 and Francesco Totti in Rome at 21.

Zvonarek will initially appear without a bandage at Bayern Munich, but his claims to leadership will not fail due to communication: he learned German at school and recently received additional lessons.

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