Messe Essen: “WFX” and “Glow” combine sports and makeup

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In August, the new fitness exhibition World Fitness Experience will be held in Essen – at the same time as the exhibition “Beauty and Lifestyle” Glow. the information.

Yoga and eSports: For the first time on August 13 and 14 Global Fitness Experience (WFX) happens and converts a file Exhibition in Essen In an interactive sports field.

Behind the new trade fair format George KofflerMember of the jury of the well-known TV show“Lion’s Den”, where founders present their business ideas. “The event will be a great get-together for like-minded people,” says Kofler, announcing the start of the new format. After a two-year drought due to Corona, the entrepreneur hopes to achieve great success: “There is no substitute for personal meetings.”

WFX’s focus is on three program pillars in two halls: competition, entertainment by fitness influencers and lifestyle products – but first and foremost the fun of experiencing things, they say.

After Corona: Inspiring people to exercise again

“Fitness studios have been temporarily closed during the Corona period,” says Ralph Schultz, strategic advisor to WFX and managing director of SportsConnected GmbH. During this time, many people became inactive and exercised less. “We want to get people excited about the movement again.” The best way to do this is through innovation.

In addition to the classic strength exercises, mental fitness and nutrition, the topic should also be about esports. Athletes train as virtual avatars, guiding them through different games with the help of their body movements. Visitors have the opportunity to learn new courses with on-site instructors, and can then apply directly.

Interested parties can also play with each other via so-called digital head monitors and wrist sensors. For example, three gaming stations invite you to the tournament – live on site and with the digital community. “WFX shows where fitness training is headed,” Schulz says. Our visitors can practice live and interactively in virtual environments. In this way, we are already showing what will be offered in future fitness studios. “

Glow organizes an exhibition for more self-love and diversity

In mid-August, WFX is not the only interactive event in Messe Essen: “Glow by dm” takes place in parallel with the event: according to the company, it is Europe’s largest trade fair for beauty and lifestyle. Maiko Heinrich, organizer of The Glow, is looking forward to ‘Big Party’: “We’ve not only used the past two years in mourning, but we’ve also dealt extensively with our content and orientation.”

The main themes that emerged were diversity, body positivity (one’s acceptance of one’s body) and makeup, understood as part of self-love. Because glare is so much more than just cosmetic. Among the guests is Miss Germany 2022, Domitilla Barros. As founder of the “She is from the Jungle” brand, she has focused on sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.

Also in attendance were fashion blogger and actress Lourene Gollatz, who has nearly 170,000 followers on the Instagram platform, and hair and makeup artist Samira Mans, she says, as a woman of immigrant background. He touched early on topics related to body acceptance and versatility.

Visitors can look forward to posing with new cosmetics, makeup stations, live music, and gift bags. The same is true here: Trying things out and talking to influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers is the focus of the action.

WFX tickets Available in advance via the cheapest is the “WFX Experience Ticket”, which costs €29.90. For 39.90 €, guests with a “WFX – Gym Bag Ticket” can participate in a warm-up program one hour before the official opening of the trade fair at 10 am and receive a gift bag – a bag with gifts. The Glo . tickets Interested parties can get it in different price categories via The cheapest ticket costs 19.90 euros and is valid from 2.30 pm.

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