Messi shoots Robert Lewandowski

aArgentina’s world-class player Lionel Messi is unconcerned about Robert Lewandowski’s vision for the selection of the world footballer. “Everyone can say whatever they want. Of course he is too. Frankly, I don’t share his opinion. He can say whatever he wants. I don’t care,” Messi said in an interview with Argentine channel TC Sports published on Monday evening.

Messi did not vote for Lewandowski in the FIFA World Player 2021 election in January. However, the Pole won for the second time in a row and then handled cautiously the behavior of the Paris Saint-Germain striker in the vote.

In November 2021, despite an impressive season, Lewandowski finished second behind Messi at the Ballon d’Or gala. At that time, Messi announced that he would not envy Lewandowski if he received the Ballon d’Or from the French magazine “France Football”, which was not awarded in 2020.

“My words came from the heart in that moment because I really felt that way. I said he deserved the Ballon d’Or before because the year before I thought he was the best. But the year I won it wasn’t the best,” said the 34-year-old who won the Ballon d’Or. Seven times and the World Player of the Year award six times, “but he has to see it how he wants.”

The Polish press about the temporary theater

Meanwhile, the alternating stage around Lewandowski is occupied by the Polish press. Lewandowski confirmed on Monday that he wants to leave Bayern Munich this summer despite his contract running until 2023.

The newspaper “Przeglad Sportowy” wrote: “Lewandowski detonates the bomb: Bavaria is already history for me. It is rare for a player of this class and skill to express a desire to separate from a big team like Bayern Munich, with which he has played since 2014 “.

Superexpress wrote: “The shirt was wrinkled because Robert Lewandowski spent the night traveling. This did not deprive him of energy to detonate a real media bomb, which certainly exploded in Munich. Lewandowski said very clearly that he no longer wanted to play for Bayern.”

In Munich, it was suspected for weeks that Lewandowski wanted to play for FC Barcelona next season.

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