Sexual violence in the east Werder curve – is there hardly any help for those affected?

Anke P. is a Werder fan and reports that she was sexually abused multiple times at Weser Stadium. The club seems puzzled like that.

Many Werder fans have fond memories of May 15th. After the 2-0 win over Jan Regensburg, the big promotion party took place in and around the stadium. Finally, there was something to celebrate in Bremen. It’s different with Anke P. (name changed by editors). She’s in her late twenties and was in the ballpark on the east bend, but she spoiled the party. “I’ve been going Werder for a really long time and I’m always on the eastern curve,” she said in an interview with Sportblitz. “Unfortunately, the situation has changed for the worse in recent years.”

What Anke P. means by that is sexual assault. Even before that, it was often a matter of men intentionally touching her or trying to touch her on their way to the toilet or to the drinks stand in the crowd.

Then it happens that foreign hands rub your breasts or your butt. Or for men to squeeze their penis on you.

Anke P. in conversation with Sportblitz

Desert assault against Regensburg

It’s especially bad in games where emotions run rampant. As well as in the final of the promotion against Regensburg. There, Anke P. reported, she wanted to get water from a drink holder during the game. On the way back, she passed a man a little older than her on the stairs. He initially complained that she now wanted to pass. Then I tried to calm him down. After all, she just wanted to go back to her people to continue watching the match with them. As she says, there were verbal insults that left her speechless.

It started with ‘Bitch, what do you really want here?! Why are you watching football?! Get off the curve!’

Anke P. in conversation with Sportblitz

As a result, Werder’s fan said that she showed him no respect and that he did not show her any respect either. Says Anke P., “This was a completely new thing that I didn’t even know how to deal with.” So she just walked away back to her group.

is “Do you know Mica?” Any help at Wasser Stadium?

Sportblitz faced Werder’s managing director Hubertus Hess-Grunewald with these incidents. He asserts that he is aware of the occurrence of such attacks. Not just in the east wing, but across the field. He is referring to the “Do You Know Mika?” campaign. This is a code that victims can use to contact law enforcement to draw attention to harassment.

“Do you know Mika?” It looks good on paper, says Anke. P., but would like a solution that works in practice. She did not report the incident against Regensburg because the security personnel were too far away. There was one every ten metres, but that changed. She would like security to keep the stairs clear because that’s where almost all of these accidents happen.

is “Do you know Mica?” Barely known for security?

Hess-Grunewald explains that “Do you know Mica?” The reported accidents are very small, less than five. This procedure had to be communicated more and it had to generate more confidence. At the same time, the height of the threshold for preventing the use of such assistance varies for the person concerned. If they feel that no one is available to them, Werder will have to “take it very seriously”.

Additionally, self-criticism must also be acknowledged that tests have shown that not all law enforcement officers respond with “Do you know Mica?” Something could have started. Hess-Grunwald also relies on more moral courage and would like to see women treated with greater respect. Anke P. hopes there will be a change among Werder fans and that attacks on women will be a thing of the past as soon as possible. The prospect of prosecuting the perpetrators will not eliminate the suffering of those affected.

It does not change our feelings. We feel helpless and appalled when this happens. No “mecha” or anything else in the world takes away that feeling.

Anke P. in conversation with Sportblitz

picture: Gomezmedia / NordPhoto | Andrew Gomes

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