Think: “Now I dream of winning a round”

RSNplusInterview with the boss of the Bora team

By Joachim Logic

Bora-hansgrohe celebrates Guy Hindley’s victory in the Giro. | Photo: Cor Vos

05/30/2022 | (rsn) – With Jiro Jay Hindley’s win, Bora-Hensgrohe scores the big goal on the first try after realigning as a Tour team! What’s next for the Raublinger Racing Team? Is winning the Tour de France now on the agenda? spoke to team manager Ralph Dink.

How did you feel when you decided to win the Giro?
Think: “It was a good feeling. Exactly ten years ago we debuted with NetApp at the GrandTour, including the Giro! At that time we were struggling to survive (LaughR). And now we’ve won it. This is why this victory is something so special! ”

Bora-Hansgrohe entered the Giro with the so-called trident sail made up of Emmanuel Buchmann, Wilko Kieldermann and Guy Hindley. Do you have a favorite secret?
Think: “After Black Monday, it was the day after Liege-Bastogne-Liege, there was no more sweating. We, Enrico Gasparotto, Rolf Aldag, Dan Lorang and I were very concerned about whether we could nominate eight drivers at all.” We were already thinking about alternatives. Kieldermann had a bad fall in Liege, Hindley didn’t start at all because he fell ill during the night and Buchmann was weak with a cold at altitude training camp. We thought about Plan B, but soon realized we didn’t have one.” We had Plan B. So we went back to Plan A and said ‘We’re going to try it.’ We just wanted to go through it as best we could.”

Jay Hindley with Winner’s Cup: The 26-year-old was not only the first Australian to win the Giro d’Italia, but his Bora-Hansgrohe team also secured their first overall victory at a Grand Tour. | Photo: Cor Vos

as such?
Think: “With an offensive leadership style. We didn’t know what was in store for us in the general classification. In Stage Four to Mount Etna, for example, we didn’t know if the three would be able to come up with the best. That’s why we sent Lenard Kamna up front, which is what He did really well because he won.”

So you don’t believe in winning the Giro, but instead tried to win the stage with Kamna?
Think: “Yes, according to the motto: what we have, we have. We didn’t have a runner, so we had to try it out on the mountain. But I also had to make a big compliment to my sports director. I handled the race in a huge way, in terms of track exploration and inspections with the drivers. I can remember one day in March when it was cloudy and foggy around Turin. We checked the track. At that time we planned what and then did it during the 14th stage (Bora drove the field away, in another meaning. editor.). We knew we could create the element of surprise.”

Not only did Leonard Kamna (here behind Richard Karapaz) win the Etna stage, but he also proved to be the perfect assistant for Hindley on the penultimate stage. | Photo: Cor Vos

What was the role of the new sporting director Gasparoto in the Giro’s victory?
Think: “The Aldag/Gasparotto tandem played a big part in this. Because they handled the Giro down to the last detail. It’s impressive what little things you can bring up when you go deeper and then discuss in a larger group whether that makes sense or not. No. That the strategy, as in stage 20, works in such a way that Kämna there as a real relay station works too. That was great. There were always relay stations, but this one works like this, there’s a lot of strategy from Aldag and Gasparotto behind.

After a break last year, Kamna is back in racing in style. Did this surprise you in this way?
Think: “We know that if he was riding a bike and he enjoyed it, a lot would be possible because he is so talented. It was important to me to give him the joy of cycling again. It wasn’t about details like this any less, or here is one more day at training camp in Highlands.We haven’t done anything with him.It’s more about what he enjoys.For example the mountain bike race in Africa in October.

The pressure on Kamna should increase again after this gyro. What do you do to get him to deal with it?
Think: “I think Lenard is in very good hands in our environment. It’s also an issue for us that he’s leading the Tour. We have his name on the long list. I think that could be good for him because then it’s going to be a target he can focus on. Just do the Tour again.” And in Lennard-Bora-hansgrohe style. Just take a look, without staring at the podium or position. Just like we did at the Giro.”

Emmanuel Buchmann wasn’t at his best in time after his injury, so his seventh place finish in the final standings was pretty impressive. | Photo: Cor Vos

Emmanuel Buchmann was again unlucky before a grand tour and was not able to fully utilize his potential. How is it with him?
Think: “We have to analyze what we can do with him in the fall. The Vuelta is definitely possible. I don’t think too much about the Tour. He finished seventh in this Giro. Of course, the injury prep phase wasn’t ideal. But we can feel good. Whenever any German is over.” Ever been in the top ten in the Giro?”

Her dream was to finish the podium on a grand tour. Now you have a win right away. What is Ralph Dink dreaming of now?

Think: “Of course of Tour victory! But I’ve already said it before. It’s something like a childhood dream, which this person or the other might take more seriously after we’ve won the Giro. That’s what we’re trying to do now I can’t say with which racing driver and in what year “If you look at our squad, the trend is already clear. Maybe one of them is already there, who can do that? Maybe the next round winner will already be driving in the U19s? From a feeler to new partners.”

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