UEFA Champions League: Interior Minister raises allegations against Jurgen Klopp

Champions League Chaos in the final

French Interior Minister raises allegations against Jurgen Klopp

Real Madrid wins the Champions League

First crowd chaos, then royal triumph: record-winning Real Madrid won the European football throne in the Champions League final in Paris. They defeated Liverpool 1-0.

Chaos erupted outside Paris ahead of the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The issue is now being addressed. The French Interior Minister defends himself and blames Jurgen Klopp.

nAfter the chaos upon entering the Champions League final in Paris, the mutual accusations intensified. The mayor of Liverpool criticized the French police’s use of tear gas against British fans, describing it as “disgusting”, on the other hand, the French sports minister believes that the responsibility lies primarily with Liverpool fans. It may take some time to process the events surrounding Real Madrid’s 1-0 win in the league category, and UEFA is required.

And the association announced, on Monday evening, that the events related to the admission of spectators will be handled by an external team of experts. UEFA commissioned an independent report led by former Portuguese Minister of Education and Sports Thiago Brandao Rodriguez. After the report is completed and published, the next steps will be evaluated, according to UEFA.

“The comprehensive review examines the decision-making, responsibility and behavior of all the bodies participating in the final,” the association said. In order to maintain independence, Brandão Rodrigues will do the job for free.

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Victory in the Champions League

Meanwhile, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin defended the police’s actions on Monday. “The decisions that have been taken have prevented deaths,” he said after consultations with Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera and other officials. “By lifting the external first-entry control, people were prevented from collapsing,” Darmanin said.

“I remind you of the Liverpool manager…”

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He also targeted Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp. He will also be responsible for what happened. “These problems only exist in football at certain English clubs,” Darmanin said, and made serious accusations against Klopp. This called for visiting Paris in advance, even without tickets. The city is big enough. Darmanin: “I remind you that a few days ago the Liverpool coach invited the fans to come to France even without tickets” this final because a minority could not watch the full match.

UEFA Champions League Final

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin

Source: AP / Jean-Francois Badias

Meanwhile, Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson, who herself was at the Stade de France, complained to the BBC on Monday that police acted “really brutal”. In addition, the organization of the football match was “chaotic”. An apology must be made to the Liverpool supporters. “Our fans have been stereotyped in terms of their behaviour. I get angry and angry the more stories I hear,” Anderson said. “Fans should be treated with more respect.”

Earlier, the mayor (Labour) announced that she would ask British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss for answers from UEFA and French President Emmanuel Macron to investigate the incidents. “Shame on blaming the fans,” Anderson tweeted.

Minister regrets the use of tear gas

On the other hand, French Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera said that 30,000 to 40,000 people rushed to the Stade de France without tickets or with fake tickets and caused major security problems there. The minister told RTL in Paris on Monday that he still needed to clarify where so many fake tickets came from. She also accused Liverpool of not caring about their fans and leaving them to themselves, unlike Real Madrid.

The minister lamented the use of tear gas which also affected uninvolved fans, families and children. All lessons should be learned from Saturday night’s events, as well as with the aim of the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games in France.

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Police in Paris recorded more than 100 arrests and 230 injuries around the final. UEFA explained the chaos at the entrance to a large number of fans without valid tickets. The turnstiles have been blocked at the entrance to Liverpool fans because thousands of fans with fake tickets were unable to pass through them. the police used tear gas. The kick-off time was pushed back more than half an hour. Fan representatives criticize the one-sided representation of UEFA.

“The fans here are the victims of the organization’s failure and they are certainly not the culprits. They are not responsible for the fiasco,” said Ronan Evin of ARD’s Supporters Europe Football Association (FSE).

“Very cool. It’s the best club in the world,” Klopp smiled

Despite the recent bitter defeat in the Champions League, Liverpool FC celebrates with tens of thousands of fans. With the League Cup and FA Cup in their baggage, the players walk through town. It looks like coach Jurgen Klopp is on the move.

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