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All fans suffered from the javelin throw by Johannes Vetter when he fell painfully to the ground at the Summer Games: ninth place in place of the Olympic champion. The European Championship and World Cup season did not start as well as he had hoped.

In the year following the big disappointment at the Olympics, things didn’t go according to plan for javelin thrower Johannes Vetter in the World Cup and European Championship season as well.

The 2017 world champion has called off his starts in two internationals and is working on his training form three and a half weeks before the German championships in Berlin. “It’s exhausting both physically and mentally, because we’ve never experienced it this way before,” the 29-year-old said from the German news agency DPA. “I thought I could do better in the first competitions of the season.”

With 85.64 meters from the start in Offenburg two weeks ago, Vetter is only third behind Andreas Hoffmann (Mannheim / 86.09) and Julian Weber (Mainz / 85.64) in Germany’s best annual list, which usually has runs of well over 90 metres. As World Player of the Year at 96.29 metres, he was also the favorite for Olympic gold in August last year, but couldn’t handle his aggressive throwing technique on the soft surfaces of the racetrack. The ninth place with 82.52 meters instead of the Olympic champion was the disappointing result in the end.

I currently have other issues that need to be resolved.

“I don’t waste much thought in the last year because I couldn’t deal with him. Now I have other problems to solve,” said Vetter. “I have some technical issues and physical issues follow that. Small dribbling movements put excessive pressure on muscle groups, ligaments and tendons. Unfortunately, the force isn’t going in the right direction at the moment – and then it hurts here and there.” The German record holder cannot run maximum distances, as he was 97.76 meters ahead of 2020, and was only 72 cm behind the world record of Czech Jan Zelezny.

Vetter already seemed puzzled when, frustrated, he decided not to start last week after throwing the ball at Dessau. He has canceled starts at Ostrava on Tuesday and Hengelo on White Monday from his plan. “In the next two weeks I won’t be doing any more competitions. I look from day to day,” said the LG Offenberg athlete.

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Report physical values ​​that speak of good condition. “But javelin throwing is also a very delicate system, everything has to fit in,” Vetter said. “We analyze and try and see what’s wrong. In javelin throwing, sometimes it’s just the little things that trigger a chain reaction.”

“The articles have changed, the laws have not changed.”

The floor covering in Tokyo, on which Vetter fell so painfully, was nothing simple. So Vetter is campaigning for standardization of startup terms. “Since the 90s no one has really thought about it. The materials have changed, the laws haven’t changed,” said the athlete from coach Boris Obergfull. “In my opinion, there is only one way to throw really far – and you need a very strong stem to do it. If the ground is not run along, the spear does not fly for more than 90 meters and certainly not more than 95 meters.”

Supported by the German Athletics Federation. “If you look at the pictures from the Olympics, it’s very clear that we all suffered from Johannes,” said DLV CEO Idris Gonczynska. “Of course it has a miraculous effect when such a world class athlete puts in a personal effort.”

Vetter announced a “good solution” for emerging market countries from August 15-21 in Munich. For the World Cup in the USA from July 15-24, there is still a problem. “We hear from American javelins that the rubber is very soft,” he said. “But right now I have other things to do and a little time to think about it.”

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