Wasserburg basketball players plan a fresh start in the second division

In the end, there was general satisfaction, and even the president was “a little surprised” by this, as Bastian Wernhaler admitted. TSV Wasserburg’s basketball division has officially decided to resume the Bundesliga South at a public meeting on Monday evening. After the German women’s basketball champion’s relegation, it was certainly up for debate to withdraw deeper into the amateur arena, in the shadow of crumbling structures, without a major sponsor and department management. But now it is clear: Joanna Ritzlaff has taken over the vacant position, and there is a “strong financial concept” for the continued existence of the second-tier club, as the club stated in a press release, “with serious planning and the participation of external experts”.

Wernthaler’s positive surprise was based on his fear that public meetings tend to cast doubt on the value of professional teams when compared to the interests of youth and mass sports. However, in this case, he had a clear feeling that everyone present was convinced of the importance of the Bundesliga team to the basketball position. Thus TSV Wasserburg can now begin planning for Class II.

“I feel good about our collaboration,” says new department head Joanna Ritzlaff.

Two key figures are certain: Rebecca Thorison, who took over as coach in the middle of the previous season and nearly prevented relegation, should continue. And at 41-year-old Joanna Ritzlaff, the basketball expert is taking charge of the division for the first time in a long time. Both are former players. Thoresen came as a pro and lives in Wasserburg, Retzlaff of his youth came here, ascending to the second division with Wasserburg before moving to Munich and Leipzig for 20 years. Meanwhile, she noticed going down and was shocked, says Ritzlav, because she wanted to help. Like Thoresen, she also works as an educator and as a career coach. “I have a good feeling about our cooperation.”

With Thoresen’s work continuing, the club hopes the majority of German players will remain. “Nobody is committing as long as the question of training is open,” Wernthaler says. In addition, there are already advanced discussions with a few talented and experienced players from the region.

Ready to Help: Joanna Ritzlaff (center) is the new head of basketball at Wasserberg.

(photo: private)

A framework for foreign professionals has not been planned as before – and is not feasible. Debt remains from last season. The exact amount is not yet clear, but it is “clearly noticeable” even for a big club like TSV Wasserburg, says Wernthaler. The main club will have to get involved, which is also why the basketball department’s future budget should be designed in such a way that “something is run again and hopefully we can get away with it.” In general, it was “unpleasant”, as he admits, on the other hand, this team has been a sham club for 20 years.

TSV Wasserburg did not take the directive decision lightly, which can also be seen from the fact that the meeting took place only a day before the end of the period when it was possible to withdraw from the second league. But now there is confidence. The signals from German players about director Levik Brodersen are very positive, Ritzlaff says, and a foreign professional has also been included in the budget. The placement of the upper center line should be possible – although it will take time to form the planned “colorful mixture” in one unit.

“We’re late, but I’m really looking forward to it,” says Thoresen, who recently gave a lot of energy to the landing team. She hopes that this will increase even more with the new administration.

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