Why did the race stop at 6 pm?

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Fastest pit stop

Here you can see the three fastest stops from Monaco in the video.

You can find an overview of the fastest stops in 2022 at de.motorsport.com.

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Binotto . also surprised

Ferrari principal Mattia Binotto was also surprised by the delay – also because the teams wanted to give them time to get the right tires and fit them into the car.

“All I can say is that we were a well-prepared team from the start,” he says. “We put the rain tires on the cars at the right time. I think we were definitely in a strong position at that point.”

“But unfortunately, the race directors have decided to postpone the start of the race. Why is this necessary now? I think we should ask them why.”

11:44 AM

Magnussen: We should have started

Speaking of which: Was it true that the FIA ​​postponed the start? This was said to have been done for safety reasons due to the rain, because there weren’t any laps in the rain over the weekend.

But this would be good for Kevin Magnussen: “We are professional drivers. This is Formula 1”, the Haas driver believes that the race management acted with extreme caution.

“They could have started. Of course there was a point after that when there could have been heavy rain and the race would have ended with a red flag. But that is part of the race. If the conditions were right, they should let us start.”

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Weak formula: “That’s the worst crap!” | F1 Analysis Monaco 2022

Former and current Formula 1 drivers have harshly criticized the rainy weather at the Monaco Grand Prix. Was that really necessary?

Also interesting in the post-Monaco version of ‘Sport and Talk from Hangar-7’: Philipp Brandl, the former Mercedes engineer, drops a minor sentence that Lewis Hamilton apparently doesn’t have the same technical know-how as Michael Schumacher or Nico Rosberg.

Also topic: Is the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship really over for Lewis Hamilton or will the seven-time world champion, currently results after the #2 team duel with George Russell, bounce back?

10:51 AM

Perez: Curve Problem 3 and 4

Sergio Perez dominated everything in the closing stages of Monaco. Only two corners gave him some angst, namely 3 and 4 at the top of the casino. “All of a sudden I had a lot of cramping, cuddles after cuddles,” he says. “I could see that Carlos was next to me.”

However, he wasn’t worried: “I still had very good traction in Turn 8, so I still felt comfortable. But I knew I couldn’t go wrong in Turn 10 because when you cut chicane you have to give up position.”

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The last 20 winners

We have updated our gallery of the latest 20 winners. Of course Sergio Perez has now moved to pole position in Monaco.

Photo gallery: the last 20 Formula 1 winners

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Sainz: I almost broke straight

Carlos Sainz almost slipped off the starting line, but managed to catch his Ferrari spectacularly once again. The race was almost over for him by then. “I’m glad the race should have ended by then,” says the Spaniard.

Once again, people who were exposed to lashes played a role: “Of course they stayed on the dry line,” he says. “And if you want to overtake them, you have to drive in a wet, hard tyre, and in cold, a hard tyre. And the straight makes a little right turn. You come across a wet spot and suddenly the car overran its lane.”

“I responded three or four times and thought I’d go halfway straight…”

8:51 am

Lando Norris: “If this were huge…”

After the race, George Russell complained that his powerful overtaking maneuver against Lando Norris did not appear on TV. But Norris laughs at this only when asked about him, and the questioner uses the adjective “mega”.

“Mega?” says the McLaren driver, “I mean, I just got out of the pits with wet tyres. He took advantage of moving the lap early because it was stained because the slick was the right tyre. He had warm tires, and my tires were cold. And he’s gone through me, that’s easy.”

So he was not impressed. “Somewhat frustrating.”

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