Formula 1, Mick Schumacher critique: There is something to reconsider

Seven Grand Prix, three accidents. Mick Schumacher’s crash record in the 2022 Formula 1 season isn’t impressive. After the qualifying accident in Jeddah and Sebastian Vettel’s crash in Miami, there has now been a serious Schumacher accident in Monaco. What all accidents have in common: they were largely unnecessary, at least not arising from a dire need or under a greater external influence, for example by other motives.

In Monaco, Schumacher himself does not hide it. “As far as the speed is concerned, we’ve been there. It was just about keeping the car on the right track. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do that,” the son of Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher admitted. Despite this self-awareness, the Haas captain cannot avoid harsh criticism, especially from his team boss. “It is not particularly acceptable that there should be another major accident. We have to see how we continue from here,” the team’s official press release about the race in Monaco quoted Gunther Steiner as saying.

Ralf Schumacher: This should not happen to Mick

Even Uncle Ralf Schumacher should join in. Schumacher wrote in current Sky column Clatext: “Mick had a weekend to forget. Failure to race was his fault. Others crossed that point without any problems, but he didn’t.” “At first I thought he hit his bike with his motorcycle and got a slow punctured tire. But that wasn’t the cause of the accident. He got wet and that’s a mistake you can’t allow to happen. This is ruthlessly punished, you see. Not only was the entire race destroyed, but the car that I suffered severe damage which also has financial consequences for the team.”

Longtime television expert Christian Danner sees it similarly. “Of course we’re glad that nothing happened to him. But: he must think of something. The speed is very good now, he’s keeping up, but accidents can’t go on like this. That’s millions of damage that arises. A team like this can spend money. More logically, the former Formula 1 driver criticized again at AvD Motor & Sport Magazin on SPORT1 Schumacher. Only recently has Danner Schumacher taken seriously over the accident in Miami in an interview with

Christian Danner: Mick Schumacher has already broken a lot: (10:53 min)

Magnusine pressure? Danner: Schumacher needs to be more relaxed

Despite the third incident, experts at least did not write off Mick Schumacher. In any case, the 23-year-old is not too steeped in Formula 1, according to Danner. “No, he’s trying to make more use of what’s out there than what’s possible. That often leads to an accident or insecurity,” Danner analyzes and advises the young man: “He has to rest a bit. Then he’s a little slower than Magnussen. Like as long as it’s his turn at the end. General, everything is fine. ”

In the team duel with Kevin Magnussen, Mick Schumacher is clearly behind –Photo: LAT Images /

However, this Kevin Magnussen is exactly what some other experts call the trigger for Schumacher’s recent cumulative error rate. “He’s had a lot of accidents now, but that doesn’t surprise me. With Kevin Magnussen, he has a new teammate who challenges him a lot. Mick has to go to the limit because Kevin shows what’s possible with Haas. The stakes are coming in,” says Felipe Massa of Bild. , and fly faster.” The Dane is now 15-0 in points. In the F1 team’s qualifying duel, Schumacher trails 2:5, averaging more than three-tenths.

Experts are still convinced: Mick Schumacher is good enough to race in Formula 1

In principle, the runner-up from 2008 still believes in Schumacher’s ability. “Mick is good enough for Formula 1. He’s won Formula 3 and Formula 2. You don’t do that with passing. And with all due respect: there are drivers in Formula 1 who are definitely worse.”

Ralf Schumacher argues the same way. Schumacher recalls: “Mick must learn that such mistakes should not happen, there is no doubt about it. But in Formula 2, when he became champion in 2020, he proved that he can also master the difficult stages of the season.” “The Haas team now has to find a way to get everything back to zero. There have been really strong races.” Additionally, Magnussen’s speed isn’t the only problem.

Hope for Haas Updates: Make Life Easier for Mick

“I hope the team will also release some updates. You can drive fast, but it’s very difficult to keep up with the pace of others. Something must definitely happen to Mick to make life easier,” demands Schumacher. However, Haas has already announced that it will only upgrade the VF-22 at the French Grand Prix. There are still four races to go.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel appears as Schumacher’s defender. “This is happening here [in Monaco] So fast that you’re doing something wrong. I don’t know exactly what happened to him, I haven’t seen him. “The main thing is that he does a good job,” says the Aston Martin driver, who is a friend of his compatriot. “There is no doubt that he is capable of much more than what he is showing at the moment. But I think you are [die Medien] You should give him a little rest.”

Schumacher leaves criticism in the media cool: Don’t read the newspaper

However, this should not bother Mick Schumacher in the least. “In general, I don’t read any newspaper at all,” Schumacher revealed on Friday from Monaco GB when asked about the wave of criticism that was already building up.

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