French Open: Alexander Zverev is suddenly a favourite after celebrating against Carlos Alcaraz – who’s afraid now?

It was just a small minor sentence, more than a joke. Alexander Zverev explained in an exclusive interview with EurosportHow is it with food in Paris.

Paddy Marcelo Melo demands the same for the team every night. “I’m already tired of it, but of course it will be eaten until Sunday,” Zverev said.

Everyone watching the tournament knows that the final will be played in Paris on Sunday.

French Open

Zverev reveals: I told Alcaraz after the match on the net

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Of course, Zverev just said that. But subconsciously, it may have become clear to him that after the masked 6:4, 6:4, 4:6, 7:6 (9:7) against Carlos Alcaraz, there is no longer any reason not to believe in the title. It looked different before the French Open, at least in public.

Some experts and bookmakers have even chosen Alcaraz as their top favourite. Zverev did not like that a 19-year-old was threatening to beat him.

Zverev defused the power of tennis from the Alcaraz

Then he said, ‘You know, when it was Nadal or Djokovic at that time, everything was fine. Now Alcaraz – no!’

From a conversation shortly before the clay court classics began. His brother’s motto was: “I won’t take it. Now it’s my time, now I want to win, I want to be the favourite and prove it to everyone.”

Zverev criticizes himself despite the party: ‘Far from perfect’

The lyrics shine in a brighter light after the quarter-finals. After a five-set marathon and a match point saved in the second round against Sebastian Baez, Zverev (yet) didn’t look like he could hit the ground running in Paris.
And he reminded the media of his status at the press conference in Paris: “Many crossed me out, but I’m still number three in the world.” After the semi-final against Rafael Nadal, who defeated Novak Djokovic in the quarter-finals, there will be a confrontation with Casper Ruud, Holger Ron, Andrei Rublev or Marin Cilic in the final. Zverev would be the clear favorite in the current situation. He no longer had to fear anyone.

What the 25-year-old achieved in the quarter-finals met the highest standards. “I played the first two sets very well and controlled a lot,” Zverev said. It was really impressive how third place in the world rankings cleared the fuse for Alcaraz power tennis. The youngster, who has already won four titles this year, despaired at times and lamented the direction of his chest.

Perfect match? Zverev does not agree

When the super talent got the upper hand in the third and fourth sets and tore the fans out of their seats in a row with world-class balls, Zverev reacted coldly. Body language remained positive, the guy from Hamburg trusted his class and more experience. That’s right, as 9:7 showed in the fourth set tiebreak.

Back to happiness – and then everything explodes from Zverev

When his brother Misha later wanted to congratulate him on the perfect performance, the Olympic champion stepped on the brake pedal. “It was far from perfect,” Zverev noted. “Honestly, there are a lot of things I could do better.” “In some cases I can make better use of my opportunities.”

Overall, though, it was a performance worthy of a champion, and more specifically a Grand Slam champion. “The game plan was excellent – from the first point,” said Misha Zverev, who accompanied the match as a TV expert at Eurosport. “Sasha made good use of a front cross pass, a long streak from behind, played a lot in Alcaraz’s forehand and performed well.” . Nor did he allow himself to be distracted.

Zverev: “Then the sun will disappear …”

However, despite all the global levels, it became clear how many factors depend on whether Zverev was able to develop his full potential. Even the time and weather have a huge impact on the German number one. “After that, the sun goes away, and suddenly my serve isn’t fast anymore and the ball doesn’t bounce very high,” explained the man from Hamburg. This made the match against Alcaraz more difficult.

Incredible backhand! Zverev absolutely freaks out the audience

Despite everything, Zverev equaled his best result at Roland Garros from the previous year after three hours and 18 minutes by qualifying for the semi-finals. The first Grand Slam victory was two wins away.

If all goes well, Marcello Mello has to order food five more times in the evening. Zverev revealed “Chinese noodles with broccoli and beef”.

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French Open

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