Mercedes GLC: New Edition starting September 2022

In 2019, Mercedes updated the existing Mercedes GLC with a facelift. But as early as May 2020, Erlkönigjäger led the next generation in front of the viewfinder for the first time. The compact SUV, called the X254 internally, was officially presented and we were already able to get a look at the car in person. In this article you will find all the information about technology, equipment and driving options. If you’re planning to buy it in fall 2022, when the GLC is in dealerships, you’re well prepared.

Platform and dimensions

Mercedes has asked existing GLC customers for suggestions for improvement. According to the manufacturer, the most frequent comments were the desire for more space. The new GLC has an overall length of six centimeters (4.72 metres) and a 15 millimeter longer wheelbase. This growth is also reflected in an increase in the loading volume by 50 liters. The Light Hybrid fills 600 liters, and the PHEV runs 460 liters. With the rear seat bench seat folded down (40:20:40 divisible), volume rises to 1,640 liters (PHEV: kA).

While the GLC as a petrol engine remains just under the buzz mark and can load a maximum of 585kg, the diesel weighs exactly 2,000kg and has a payload of 550kg. The PHEV versions weigh 2355 kilograms and can pack 485 kilograms. If you have more to move, you should use a trailer. The diesel weighs 2.5 tons, the gasoline engine is 2.4 tons and the smoothly connected versions are 2 tons.

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The new GLC is taller, narrower, and flatter than its predecessor.

The SUV is based on the modified MHA (Modular High Structure) platform, which also carried the predecessor. The foundation is closely related to the MRA2 (Modular Rear Architecture) platform on which the current C-Class (W 206) and S-Class (223 Series) are built. Compared with its predecessor, aerodynamics has been improved – the drag coefficient has decreased from 0.31 to 0.29. Among other things, thanks to the outside mirrors installed on the doors and the modified shape of the running board (narrower in front). However, the latter is also the result of Mercedes market research: it is clear that many drivers have soiled their legs when entering and exiting.

Engines and performance

The engines available for the GLC come from the C-Class portfolio. When it comes to market, Mercedes will offer the GLC 200 4Matic with 204 hp, the 300 4Matic with 258 hp and the 220 d4 Matic with 197 hp. In principle, all variants are connected to the 9G-Tronic automatic transmission and are supplied with electricity as standard, since it has an integrated starter generator and a 48-volt network on board. PHEV variants will follow later in the year; AMG models and the V6 diesel (400d) will then be available in 2023.

Engine table Mercedes GLC X254 Market launch 2022

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The new GLC will be launched with these engines in fall 2022.

gasoline engine: Like the C-Class, the new GLC also uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder M 254 petrol engine, including a second-generation Integrated Starting Generator (ISG). This allows the implementation of many hybrid functions such as boosting, coasting and recovery. ISG delivers up to 17 kW and 200 Nm of additional power. To improve responsiveness, Mercedes has also developed turbochargers and now uses sectional turbochargers with a flow coupling. These are twin-scroll turbines whose flow via flutter control acts as shock (at low speeds) and as dynamic charging (at high speeds). Ram charging collects the exhaust gases before they are sent to the turbine. Pulse charging takes a shorter distance, and therefore uses the kinetic energy of the exhaust gases more effectively to compress fresh air. An additional electric compressor fills the turbo lag at low speeds.

diesel: The Mercedes OM 654 M, also with an integrated starter alternator, is planted at the front of the compression and ignition versions. Compared to the previous version, the unit has an increased injection pressure (2,700 instead of 2,500 bar), and thanks to the new crankshaft, the stroke is larger (94.3 instead of 92.3 mm) and therefore more displacement (1,993 instead of 1,950 cc). The two water-cooled turbochargers have variable turbine geometry and are designed to ensure even power delivery. Closely coupled NOx storage catalytic converter, particulate filter, close-fitting SCR catalytic converter and another SCR catalytic converter at the bottom with separate AdBlue injection, are responsible for exhaust gas cleaning. By the way, we were already allowed to ride on diesels.

PHEVThe hybrids in the new GLC come in three performance levels, with up to 381 hp (GLC 400 e 4Matic) and system torque up to 750 Nm (GLC 300 de 4Matic). With a high-voltage battery of 31.2 kWh, Mercedes combines diesel and gasoline engines. PHEV models must be able to cover at least 100 km of purely electric and drive at speeds up to 140 km/h without combustion engine support. As with the C-Class, plug-in variants have air suspension on the rear axle as standard. As an option for the standard 11 kW onboard charger, Mercedes also offers a 60 kW DC charger that refills an empty battery within 30 minutes. The manufacturer sets the maximum payback output as 100 kW.

Schedule for the Mercedes GLC X254 Hybrid Cars Market Launch 2022

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Two versions of the PHEV are gasoline-based, and there is a GLC electric hybrid with a diesel engine.

Chassis and all-wheel drive

Even if it rarely has to prove it in everyday life: GLC also finds its way off the beaten track. Off-road mode and Hill Descent Control are standard. A specially implemented off-road display in the infotainment system provides information about tilt angle, steering, terrain and geographical coordinates. The 4Matic all-wheel drive engine is installed at the factory on all GLC models and has a new longitudinal transfer case that reduces friction losses. The basic chassis with a four-link axle at the front axle and a multi-link axle in the rear has amplitude-dependent dampers. As an option, Mercedes offers a technology package that includes air suspension with continuously adjustable damping and rear axle steering. The latter almost shortens the wheelbase with a steering angle of up to 4.5 degrees, reducing the turning circle to 10.9 meters.

If you find yourself going off-road a lot, you can book the Off-Road Package with 20mm of extra ground clearance and underbody protection. Sport customers who choose the AMG line automatically receive sport suspension.

Cabin until 01.06.22 5 PM New presentation for Mercedes GLC 2022


The GLC can do the terrain. Off-road mode, all-wheel drive and Hill Descent Control are standard equipment on all variants.

Standard equipment and options

Small infotainment display and cloth seating? There is no longer anything like this in GLC. The basic versions of many of the equipment features still available for the C-Class are saved in the higher-position SUV model. As standard, the GLC comes with at least the Avantgarde equipment line, which, in addition to the chrome accents, now also includes a power tailgate, Parktronic including rear camera, 18-inch wheels, inductive charging for a smartphone and heated seats at the front. The high basic level fits with the recently announced luxury orientation of the Stuttgart company.

In the Component, in the future Mercedes will assemble functional equipment that is usually purchased together in groups. As a result, there are fewer individual options from now on, but customization options for design features such as upholstery, colors, trim pieces, and wheels should remain unchanged. Classics such as the AMG line with its own radiator grille design, sporty front apron and functional air deflectors, or the Night Package with dark accents remain on display as well.

Cabin until 01.06.22 5 PM New presentation for Mercedes GLC 2022


The production model (left) comes on Avantgarde gear with chrome accents. Anyone who opts for the sporty AMG Line (right) will get a custom-designed front end and chrome-star radiator grille, among other things. Also featured in White Car: Night Package with Darker exterior accents.

As far as the range of assistance systems and other technology is concerned, the range is also based on the C-Class. In addition to adaptive cruise control, lane recognition, steering assist and digital light are also available. If you book the 360-degree parking package, you’ll also receive the ‘Transparent Hood’ as new, which is especially useful when driving off-road. An image generated by the camera is displayed on the infotainment screen, and obstructions such as debris appear in the immediate vicinity of the nose. As a new feature, the GLC, a popular towing vehicle, has a trailer road planner. Here the driver can indicate in the system what type of trailer is on the hook. If it is, for example, a motorhome or a large horse trailer, then the layout of the route takes only wide roads with a small bend radius. A trailer maneuvering aid is also available as an option.

production and price

Mercedes will build the next-generation GLC at the Daimler sites in Bremen and Sindelfingen, as well as at the Chinese plant in Beijing. The tall version with the third row of seats rolls off the assembly line there. A coupe version will follow later. Mercedes has not yet provided exact prices. However, it is clear that the GLC will be more expensive. This is mainly due to the developed standard equipment. With the last facelift in 2019, prices for the GLC have gone up by around €5,000. A similar jump – perhaps up to 7,000 euros – can also be expected in C-Class pricing since the model change. This GLC will start as the 200 4Matic at around 53,000 to 55,000 euros.

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Mercedes has listened to its customers and increased the space available in the GLC in the next generation. Not only does the SUV carry more luggage, it also has a larger battery for a purely electric range of up to 100 km as a PHEV. When it comes to technology and engines, the GLC uses its close relative, the C-Class. Standard equipment has been upgraded, and several basic options like cloth seats or a small infotainment screen fly entirely from the GLC catalog.

However, when it came to prices, Swabians did not react to customer requests: the new generation will be significantly more expensive than the previous one, the price of which was already higher for a facelift.

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