Toni Kroos with new allegations after controversial interview with ZDF

Toni Kroos has ruled out having a discussion with ZDF reporter Nils Kabin after the interview was cut short after his Champions League win with Real Madrid. Consider discussing what was going on with him on his podcast. The 2014 world champion said in the joint podcast “Simple mal Luppen” with his brother Felix.

“So it’s settled. If you want to get rid of that, you have to discuss it.” But you don’t choose the path of interviewing and wanting to defend yourself.

ZDF reporter: ‘Don’t act like that as a player’

Kroos abruptly ended the interview on Saturday night with a 1-0 win over Liverpool, his fifth Premier League win. “You had 90 minutes to think of common sense questions and then ask me two hateful questions,” Kroos said shortly after the match. He was asked if it was surprising that Real Madrid were under so much pressure in the final.

Cabin admitted in an interview with “Spiegel” on Monday that he could have phrased the question “very clearly” better. After consulting with colleagues, “one very clearly came to the conclusion that one should not behave like this as a player.”

“Anyway, you can of course evaluate it with less emotion, sure. But I have to say that my opinion has not changed, even without emotion,” said Cross. The ‘colleague from ZDF’ had the opportunity to give an interview, maybe it didn’t happen very often to me or it didn’t. Where you can say, you can now let things go that way.”

According to Kroos, Cabin also could have asked in the interview, “How did you see the game itself? I wouldn’t have said we played them against the wall. I’m the first to say it’s equal, maybe more chances than Liverpool. But we just won it, like in the last knockout rounds.” “He would have had his answer by now,” the professional soccer player said on the podcast.

“I couldn’t fathom destroying him with such a second and third question,” said the 32-year-old. However, he is always trying to think and consider, “What did I do wrong?” His answer: “The word ‘diabolical question’ could have been left out and could be left with ‘dirty question’.

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