TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Sven-Sören Christophersen wants to go up – a sporty mix

Only three more days of the game, then the Bundesliga handball season is over. In the big interview, sporting director Sven-Sören Christophersen (37) commented on his season track for TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.

Bild: How many times have I gone crazy on the sidelines of this season’s game?

Christophersen: “What does crazy mean? The Bundesliga is a very exciting league and with this level of performance it is clear that matches are often decided in the final stage – the tough time. When a path develops where you don’t win one game or another, it gets on your nerves. Also because I can’t Contributing a lot from my position during the games. On the contrary, the games we have photographed are also very valuable. This tingle is also what characterizes our sport.”

Bild: In the Bundesliga, the Warriors were only in the single digits after two days of matches. The second and third teams avoided relegation, and the juniors had to qualify for the German Bundesliga in two relegation tournaments. Where does the lowest level ever come from?

Christophersen: “I wouldn’t describe it in a negative way. In the German Bundesliga in particular, we went through a lot of phases characterized by injuries, where we also had to play against the big teams. And we are back in time again. If we played two or three more matches, we would find ourselves in A completely different area of ​​the table.I wouldn’t announce it’s the general low either.Because of the permeability from the bottom up some young players made it to the top.But you don’t always get that smoothly package below.There can be a year when the results aren’t what you imagine. But we are working on the analysis, and the decline can be explained by several failures, some of which are long-term. We certainly didn’t notice the consistency with the better-performing individuals either.”

Bild: Why couldn’t the already experienced Recken team do a hard time so much?

Christophersen: “You have to look at each game individually. We didn’t make the same mistakes over and over again, and important mechanics weren’t given in different parts of the team. Sometimes, with the meager staffing level, we ran out of air. But I think we’ve settled a lot lately. In the matches Under high pressure, the team worked. That doesn’t make everything good. It is a positive trend that we need to build on.”

picture: Newcomer Marian Michalczyk (from Berlin/editor’s note) underwent another operation on his injured ankle. Is it fit to start preparing?

Christophersen: “It is impossible to say for sure at this point in time. He is currently on a very good path and we are in constant contact. It has not been easy for Marianne, but after minor surgery he has made great progress and gained great mobility. We will be following the matter closely in his spare time. The game To see then how logical it is to transfer it to full pregnancy during preparation, which begins on July 11. As a rule, the course of rehabilitation is not linear. You need to very carefully check what makes sense and what does not. We can make it stable for the new season.”

Bild: Shouldn’t you add personnel to the King’s position in the rear left area?

Christophersen: “As of now, we have finished planning the personnel. Of course, if the situation changes, you always have to check. But I am currently assuming that Philip Kuzmanovsky, Martin Hahn and Michalczyk will basically take over this position.”

Bild: Isn’t a single place on the table mandatory with the new team?

Christophersen: “Obviously we want to play a role in the top half of the table. But some other teams have such ambitions as well. The truth is that of course we are taking a step forward and we want to be in a different table area permanently.”

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