U19 missed the perfect end of the season – the excitement at the end

Borussia Dortmund’s U-19 team missed out on the perfect end to the season and lost the Westphalian Cup final to Schalke 04. In lost time, the formation of the packaging causes excitement.

Borussia Dortmund U-19 team lost the final of the Westphalian Cup 3-1. Julian Rekhov gave BVB the lead in a tough game in the 42nd minute, but the Schalke 04 hosts changed the game after the break. Substitute Emmanuel Giamvi scored two goals (49 and 73) and Kiki Top, who participated as a substitute, secured a temporary 2-1 lead. The scene at the end sparked excitement. Dortmund’s Isaac Nwachukwu lost the ball in injury time and tried to kick his opponent. Schalke’s Sidi Sane, brother of Leroy, came running and in turn pushed Dortmund. There was a pack formation and the result was: both players were given a red card.

Schalke 04 vs Borussia Dortmund: Westfalenpokal U19 Final in the reading tape

90 + 2: Now it’s getting tough again. Nwachukwu loses the ball and kicks at his opponent. Sane comes running and pushes the BVB player to the end. There is a pack formation with the result: both players get a red card.

85 minutes: The final stage is on. Schalke is still the team that decides the match, and BVB-U19 is running behind the deficit and showing very little of the sting. S04 will probably bring the thing home.

82 minutes:
BVB should invest more to turn the game here. It won’t work like that.

77 minutes: BVB is changing again. Dühring replaces Rothe. Schalke still on the trigger…

73rd minute: Schalke goal! BVB defense can be played again. Collins wants to be the last one to save, but it doesn’t work. Giamvi scores from close range to make it 3-1 for S04.

65 minutes:
Another change in BVB. Lubach comes from U17 for Gürpüz. The latter could not build on his strong performance of the season and was very inconspicuous.

60 minutes: A goal for Schalke! Now he meets the summit. Fatal foul by Collins, who dodges very lightly as another man. Schalke accepts it with thanks and pushes to take the initiative. The S04 came out of the breakout much better, and the lead was well deserved.

54 minutes:
Top finished again, this time with a headshot. The ball also lands in the goal – but the assistant referee raises the flag. Offside. Dortmund changes after that. Nwachukwu replaces Mrosik.

52 minutes: Schalke’s chance! Dortmund is now swimming a bit. Again he goes to the left, Top finishes – but Eredivisie goalkeeper Kirsch dodges. S04 inhale opening target…

49th minute: A goal for Schalke! Substitute Giamvi scored 1-1. Hussek and Mrosek were defeated – the BVB-U19 was not good at all.

46 minutes:
BVB is also changing the system. Al-Zein moves to the lead next to Rekhov, Cisse moves into the center of defense – Dortmund now has a streak of five against the ball.

46 min: The game is back in action again. Cisse replaces Mengot.

Half the time! The match started full of energy, and Schalke came in a little better. Then a difficult game developed. Borussia Dortmund luck was on their side and entered the first half with a 1-0 lead.

44 minutes:
Another chance for Schalke. Shubin takes a free kick straight into the goal, but BVB defender Ruth is there and takes it down.

42 minutes: Excellent for Dortmund
– That’s out of nowhere! Ruth’s cross passes and Rekhov doesn’t hit the ball correctly, but it still heads toward the far corner.

41 min: The last minutes of the first half are working. Except for a few chances, not much happened. Neither team has truly earned the lead yet.

39th minute: A chance for Schalke!
Cross from the right – Sani plays the ball to Kojic, who finishes the ball freely. Eredivisie goalkeeper Kirsch swings and is supported by his defenders.

32 minutes: BVB’s best chance! Schalke lose the ball in building the match and Zein plays for Rijhoff. He closes from 12 metres, but is very inaccurate and shoots straight into the arms of Schalke keeper Justin Trichel.

27 minutes: So many mistakes, so many mistakes – the game goes on like chewing gum. There is currently a lot of tinkering here and no football cure.

21st minute: Schalke started the match better, but it is a balanced match now. Both teams lacked the correct movement towards goal.

18 minutes: Rekhov shoots from 20 metres. Schalke goalkeeper saved.

Minute 14: A chance for Schalke! Anobodem dances out of Mrosik and runs away and goalkeeper Kirsch can defend to a corner. Then the ball curls into the net – but Rotondo is ruled out for offside.

10 min: BVB becomes more active and tries to counterattack on the left. However, no goal has been scored yet.

5 min: Schalke have more of the game here in the early stages, Dortmund not really awake yet.

The third minute:
First chance! Free kick for Schalke and the ball goes to the side nets. A great shot of Sidi Sane in front of nearly 200 spectators, which ultimately brought nothing of the royal blues, who wear red today.

6.38 pm: The match begins!
Roll the ball.

6:25 pm:
This is how the BVB-U19 team plays against Schalke 04: Kirsch – Ruth, Collins, Hosek, Mrosek – Walz, Ludwig, Gurbuz, Alzein – Rekhov, Mingut

6:24 p.m.: The squad is up. He should be without Bradley Fink, Samuel Bamba (muscular injury) and Jimmy Benoy-Gittens in BVB-U19. Otherwise, the team is well filled, even players who have already gone to Mallorca are present at least as spectators.

6.15 pm:
Welcome to our live stream of the Westfalenbokall Final between FC Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund.

  • BVB-U19: Kirsch-Ruth (77-Dühring), Collins, Hosek, Mrosek (55 Nuachoko) – Walz, Ludwig, Gorbuz (Lubach 65), Elzein-Rekhov, Mingut (46 Sisi)
  • BVB Bank: Dudek – Chiano, Onofrette, Lininghouse
  • Portals: 0-1 Rekhov (42 minutes), 1-1 Giamvi (49 minutes), 2-1 Top (60), 3-1 Giamvi (73)
  • red cards: Nwachuku (90 + 2), sane (90 + 2)

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