Werder Bremen: Friedel must extend! Will Toprak or Velikovic change?

Bremen – The slogan that the Austrian municipality of Bad Tatzmannsdorf declares on its website hardly looks like a holiday. The phrase “slow and relax” is written there, decorated with identical pictures of people lying on massage chairs, in pools, or toasting to each other at dinner. Bad Tatzmannsdorf describes itself as “Burgenland’s leading health and wellness resort” – but Marco Friedl shouldn’t care. The professional from SV Werder Bremen resides in a community of 1,600 people in his homeland, but this has nothing to do with relaxation, on the contrary.

While most of his longtime teammates are on their well-deserved vacation, he’s preparing Marco Friedel With the Austrian national team in Bad Tatzmannsdorf for the next four matches in the Nations League. Croatia, Denmark, France and Denmark are once again the opponents that the Bremen player is hoping to get as much playing time as possible under national coach Ralf Rangnick. Friedel would now like to confirm a fine season in the second division behind him on the international scene, which could put him in the spotlight a little more than other clubs. This is worrying Werder Bremen But not – rather they are convinced in Osterdeich that Friedel has future Continue to see her in Bremen. In the background, the 2023 expiration date extension has long been pursued with passion a necklace a job.

Athletic Director Frank Bowman said in an interview with DeichStube. Baumann does not think the 24-year-old – as in the previous year – will again come forward with ideas of immigration. Remember: end of August Marco Friedel game at home from SV Werder Bremen Against Hansa Rostock refused because he had they change To Union Berlin, which ultimately did not work. “But with Marko, it was not about the fact that he no longer felt comfortable in Bremen or Werder,” Baumann asserts – and adds: “He has certain ambitions and sees himself in the Bundesliga.” That’s why he wanted to change again. Then Berlin – and now? “Now we are promoted again, so there is no strong need on Marko’s part to change clubs,” says Baumann, whose Austrian planning team plays a key role in their squad.

Werder Bremen: Marko Friedel must stay, the central defender must change: Omer Toprak or Milos Velikovic?

after unionTransfer They have smashed, they have taken Marco Friedel the mission Werder Bremen Immediately professional again, he played a good-to-good season in the second division – or, as Bowman put it: “He played an important role in our promotion.” In the Senate, the left foot must now take on more responsibility – in comparison to the season that has just ended, it could become the only tried and tested force. “We will start the season with a very similar number of defenders as we did last year,” Bowman says, but – with the exception of Friedel – he does not want to talk about individual names.

In the series 2021/22 Werder Bremen He started with five defenders (Omir Toprak, Milos Velikovic, Lars Lucas Mai, Marco Friedel and Fabio Chiarodia). The club is planning again with this number. “We would like to have the option next year to play with three defences. So we need at least Five central defendersCoach Uli Werner recently explained: Who can play has options when in doubt. Behind Friedel, who is still assigned to the left wing in the back three, talented Fabio Chiarodia should play a backup role in the Bundesliga. In addition, there is already a commitment to Amos Pieper and Niklas Stark as well as the departure of May, so that there is still a vacancy in the last row – it is in Omar Toprak And the Milos Velikovic But there are still two candidates whose future is uncertain. The professionals’ contracts will expire on June 30, according to media reports addressing information from DeichStube Cover, eventually at most one of them, which is not the least for financial reasons.

Werder Bremen transfers: Omer Toprak and Milos Velikovic are newcomers to central defence

who will be? It is still open. Currently performing Werder Bremen Discussions with the two camps to find out what Velkovic and Toprak envision. Against the captain’s whereabouts Omar Toprak He talks about his great vulnerability to injury, and perhaps he will have to agree to a performance-related contract aggressively. Milos Velikovic On the other hand, I would like to jump into the Serbia squad for the World Cup and he can think of offers from abroad. It is also possible that both players will eventually leave the club. In this case, Werder will have a new third player after Pieper and Stark center back force.

Sports director Baumann would like everything to be fine until the start of training on Sunday, June 19 defense Clarity. New actors should be included from day one if possible Werder Bremen Being able to import – after all, there has to be a lot of work to be done in the Bundesliga. (dco)

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