Werder Bremen transfer news in the tape: Interested in former HSV players!?

Bremen – who will move to SV Werder Bremen, who is leaving the club and joining a new club? What is Frank Bowman, Werder’s sporting director, planning for the summer transfer window? And which former premier finds a new club? Here you will find all the transfer rumors and transfer news about Werder in the bar! Note: Not all transfer rumors have been verified by DeichStube.

  • All transfer news on SV Werder Bremen
  • Who will move to Werder Bremen, who are the players who will leave the club?
  • Werder transfer rumors and transfer news in the tape

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from June 1, 2022: Rumors about the left-back from the Eredivisie +++

after this rise It’s absurd SV Werder Bremen working hard on his team to Bundesliga2022/23 season. One of the things on the Green-Whites’ agenda is the signing of a left-back. According to the information received from DeichStube Werder sets her eyes on Englishman Lee Buchanan from the Derby County Championship, which was relegated to the second division. The song “Sky” now offers another potential candidate: Derek Kon. The 23-year-old winger made 31 appearances for Willem Tilburg last season AirDeviceBut he wants to leave the club after being relegated to the Dutch second division. Before moving to the Netherlands, the Hamburg native and longtime young player for HSV played in the second team at FC Bayern Munich. Celebrate the 2020 Third Division Championship with the German U-23 record champion a necklace The Willem II will run until the summer of 2023. The industry portal “Transfermarkt.de” puts the market value of the lightning-fast left-back at 650,000 euros.

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from May 31, 2022: Werder has no future for Jan-Niklas Beste and Benjamin Goller +++

According to information from DeichStube, a loan duo of players will not play a role in Werder Bremen: the newly promoted Bundesliga team plans to part with Benjamin Goller and Jan-Niklas Beste for good in the summer.

New defense planned: Marko Friedel should stay and extend his contract with Werder Bremen – but who should go: Omer Toprak or Milos Velikovic?

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from May 30, 2022: will Lee Buchanan change? Extension of the transfer period for one day +++

This is a very hot lead: the next transfer is approaching? Obviously, Werder Bremen is controversial to Lee Buchanan!

Sporting director Frank Bowmann should be happy: Werder Bremen and the other Bundesliga clubs will have more time for transfers – the transfer window will be extended by one day!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from May 28, 2022: Werder signs Niklas Stark from Hertha BSC +++

Transfer Coup: Werder Bremen signs with Niklas Stark for a free transfer from Hertha Berlin!

Talent moves to Poland: Legia Warsaw withdraws purchase option and commits to Werder Bremen Maik Nawrocki’s talent!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from May 27, 2022: Werder chases Niklas Stark, Laszlo Benes is not a problem +++

subordinate SV Werder Bremen running Nicholas Stark By Hertha BSC, One Transfer from Gladbach Laszlo Benes However, not a problem.

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news and rumors from May 26, 2022 +++

Hertha Berlin’s Niklas Stark is the next defender to join Werder Bremen?

Niklas filling jug He has sparked interest in transfers from other clubs, but he wants to join SV Werder Bremen Accommodation!

+++ Werder Bremen transfers and rumors from May 25, 2022: Will Werder buy Laszlo Benes from Borussia Mönchengladbach? +++

After going up he does handicrafts SV Werder Bremen busy with Team For the 2022/23 Bundesliga season. According to their own statement, the Green Whites want to be on the lookout for potential reinforcements in all but the goalkeeper’s position. maybe newcomer For the midfield can now apparently Laszlo Benes From Borussia Monchengladbach is being. According to a report by “Bild”, the Bremen team are working intensively on the 24-year-old and it is said that he has already shown an interest in the player.

The Slovak national player (seven matches, one goal) is still under contract with the Colts until the summer of 2024, but has not gone beyond the role of the additional player in Mönchengladbach. with climbers Werder Bremen Could that change. there will be Laszlo Benes There are certainly opportunities to be present on a regular basis, and Bremen are also looking for a central midfielder. in target Transfer It should not be a loan, but a fixed loan they changeis it[calledpossible[تسمىممكنexpenses It will be in the range of one million to two million euros. However, other Bundesliga clubs should also deal with Benes, whose market value is estimated by industry portal “Transfermarkt.de” at 3.5 million euros. (mo)

And what about Johan Min? Werder Bremen Wants to bring back the best talent!

Werder Bremen transfers and rumors: new arrivals, departures and changes for the 2022/2023 season

The season ended in the second German league SV Werder Bremen Returns to the Bundesliga for the 2022/2023 season! This is what green eggs want Team Promotion, there are some new arrivals is expected. Crew scaffolding so be it Athletic Director Frank Bowman We already see through, but we should stay together. Finally, after some difficulties at the beginning of the preparatory season, the rookie team found itself, and the team has performed well since taking charge from coach Uli Werner and headed back to the Bundesliga.

However, newcomers to League One are needed – especially there Departure can not be ruled out. The contracts of defenders, mediators Omer Toprak and Milos Velikovic, are expiring and their futures are not yet clear. For top performers like Marco Friedl, Marvin Ducksch and Niclas Füllkrug Offers on a table SV Werder Bremen flutter. Who stays, who goes, who comes? With DeichStube’s rumor mongering and transmission tape, you’re always up to date on what’s going on market transfer Event! Here you will find all the news about they change As well as the latest rumors from around the world.

Werder Bremen transfers: first new arrivals Amos Bieber and Dikini Salivo

two new arrivals It is in SV Werder Bremen It has been fixed. Amos Bieber moves from Armenia Bielefeld to Weser, and there is also talent Dickeni Salivo from Augsburg U19 club. The contract extension with goalkeeper Jerry Pavlenka is also clear. An agreement with Bayer Leverkusen regarding the company is expected soon commitment by Mitchell Weiser. Pascal Gross, who is close to signing a new contract with Brighton and Hove Albion in the Premier League, will not come.

some Departure Already make sure that the loans from Roger Asali and Lars Lucas May have expired and will not be extended. In addition, third goalkeeper Luca Plugmann leaves the club. His contract is expiring, as are the working papers of Simon Strade and Thor Jacobsen, who mainly work for the U-23 team of Werder Bremen It was planned. At U23 there is a change of team again anyway, eleven players must leave in the summer according to the current situation. (han)

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