Wiesbaden Whitsun Championship, St. Gallen Nations Cup, World Champions Tour and more –

A trip to the picturesque backdrop of Wiesbaden Castle Park on Pentecost? It’s all worth it, because dressage, show-jumping and four-star events will finally take place there again. In the course, the World Champions Tour and the Nations Cup are the highlights of the weekend.

The Whitsun International Championships (CSI4*/CDI4*) with the Louisdor Prize from June 3-6 in Wiesbaden

The Wiesbaden Whitsun tournament was canceled for two consecutive years, first because of Corona, and then also because of the consequences of the herpes outbreak in Valencia. As a result, four major rounds are scheduled for the last time in 2019: the Grand Prix Special, the Grand Prix Freestyle, the Grand Prix in showjumping and a short four-star event. The winner of 2019, Michael Jung, will be in the running again this year. This time with Highlighter, his professional jockey tournament partner, also with three jumpers. On the course there is a meeting with Ludger Beerbaum, as well as the Dagobertshausen crew, including David Will, who triumphed in Munich. He will also see his former successful horse C Vier live again, as a Holsteiner horse will compete with Irishman Sean O’Connor.

After her impressive performance at Hagen, the young woman will also compete in the Grand Prix mare Superb in Wiesbaden under Isabel Wirth. Emilio is also part of the party. Lena Waldmann will introduce three horses into the Youth Tour having turned freelance, riding master Hubertus Schmidt, riding master Dorothee Schneider, Matthias Alexander Rath and many other famous riders will travel to the big tour.


German Couples and Pony Championships from June 2nd to 6th in Ziskam

The first German championship titles of the year will be awarded among the drivers at the weekend! Husbands and husbands pony starts at Zeiskam, and the defending champion of the pairs is Sandro Koalick.


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The Official International Jumping Championships (CSIO5*-NC) from 3-6 June in St. Gallen / Switzerland

The five-star United Nations Cup haunts the next day. Things did not go well in Rome last weekend with the German team seventh out of ten. But Germany’s best runner-up at the European CSIO Rome, Jana Wargers, finished second at the Grand Prix in Rome. Now a completely different team from Otto Becker will go to Switzerland. There, the Nations Cup will be held in two rounds of over 1.60m on Eid Monday.

Hans Dieter Dreyer (Imelding); Marcus Ening (Borken); Gerrit Nyberg (Sindenhorst); Bia Reich (Bad Bellingen); Philip Schulz Topfov (Havexbeck).
More information at: www.csio.ch

Official International Youth Jump Show (CSIOY/J/Ch/P) from May 31 to June 5 in Zuidwolde/NED
CSIOY: Joanna Beckmann (two colors); Soenke Fallenberg (Ennigerloh); Emilia Loser (Nedernizen); Henrik Ostermann (two colors); Mattis Westendarp (Vallenhurst); Single jockey: Johann Gref (Rodenwaldi); Vicki Vinschott (Griffin).
CSIOJ: Madlen Boy (Coppenbrügge); Mary Fleck (deer); Mick Hanhorst (Forest Hagen am Teutoburg); Thor Stepper (Hohensby); Romy Rosalie Teetje (Osterby); Single jockey: Tjade Carstensen (Sollwitt); Magnus Schmidt (Numburg).
CSIOCh: Vieca Sofie Bade (Braderup); Amy Helfrich (Fernheim); Tippi Heinking (Stolzenau); Julie Marie Konner (Hadorf) Carlotta Merchformann (Rosendal).
CSIOP: Jonna Esser (Wipperfürth); Amy Helfrich (Fernheim); Julie Marie Conner (Hadorf); Carlotta Merchformann (Rosendal).
More information at: www.chdewolden.nl

International Show Jumping (CSI5*-GCT/GCL) from June 2-4 in Cannes, France

Christian Ahlmann can travel to Cannes on the French Mediterranean coast with a lot of confidence. After all, he rode his stallion Dominator Z to win the Grand Prix of the Global Champions Tour last weekend in front of a local crowd in Hamburg. Overall, things are going well for the Germans so far this season in the GCT singles classification. However, Ludger Bierbaum, who has already won twice, will not be there due to his start in Wiesbaden, nor will the winner from Miami, Catherine Eckermann. But Mumbai Christian Kokok also performed well last weekend, at the Grand Prix in Rome. We are excited to see how things are going in France.

Christian Ahlmann (Marl); Daniel Deuser (Germany); Christian Kocock (Horstel); Morris Tabel (Espuerin); Richard Vogel (Marburg).
For more information visit: www.jumpingcannes.com

Interesting too

Jana Wargers takes an impressive second place at the Grand Prix in Rome

International Show Jumping (CSI3*) June 2-5 in Cabourg / FRA
Catherine of Essen (sent).
More information at: https://grandprix-events.com

International Youth Show Jumping (CSIJ/Ch) June 2-6 in Copenhagen/Den
CSIJ: Charlotte Westphal (Hutzfield).
CSIch: Hennes Mühlenbeck (Oeversee).
More information at: www.spr.dk

Official International Youth Dressage Tournament (CDIOP) June 2-5 in Ornago / ITA
CDIOP: Sophie Louisa Doyen (Bad Oeynhausen); Georgina Kraft (Krefeld); Mia Allegra Lohe (Düsseldorf); Franziska Roth (Stuttgart).
More information on the email: [email protected]

Dressage International Championships (CDI3*/U25/Y/J) June 2-5 at Exloo/NED
CDI3*: Lislot Marie Linsehoff (Kronberg); Charlotte Roll (Edstein).
CDIU25: Charlotte Roll (Idstein).
CDIY: Clara Marie Lamps (Bad Homburg); Lily Richter (Hanstedt).
CDIJ: Anastasia Rosa Baumgartner (Ostbevern); Victoria Tronier (Labo).
More information at: https://www.hippischcentrumexloo.nl/

International Events Tournament (CCIP2-S) June 3-5 in Oudkarspel / NED
Sina Brugger (Asheberg); Marilyn Heisen (Staufenberg); Diana Yakovlev (Hamburg); Silva Kelly (Engin); Ella Krueger (Hamburg); Annie Muller (Liebenburg); Friedrich Quast (Bruchhausen-Vilsen); Neil Romming (Barsinghausen); Hannah Schmid (Krenitsberg); Theresa Isabel Welch (ladder); Emily Joanna Wolfschmidt (Schilden).
More information on the email: [email protected]

International Driving Championship (CAI2*-H1) June 3-6 in St. Margareten / AUT
Anne Catherine Drum (Grosau).
More information at: https://reiterhof-stueckler.at

International Jumping Championships (CVI3 * / 3 * sets / J2 * / Ch2 * 2 * sets / 1 * / J1 * / Ch1 * / J1 * / Y U21) June 4-6 at Stadl Paura / AUT
CVI3 *Women: Jolina Ossenberg-Engels (Altena); Men: Julian Welving (Untermeitingen).
CVI3* sets: Make Room 1 with Alexandra Muller (Untermeitingen), Laura Semmüller (Bad Wörishofen), Julian Welfling (Untermeitingen), Sarah Berchthold (Bad Wörishofen), Lisa Reichsiegel (Gimaringen), Marina Mosser (Amberg), Sarah Hertung (Amberg) )), Sima Hornberg (Marktoberdorf), Jannes Degenhardt (Mauerstetten), Josephina Hindelang (Aufkirch); VV Ingelsberg I with Annalena de Pellegrini (Forstern), Leon Hüsgen (Neuss), Katharina Gschlößl (Marzling), Sarah Liersch (Planegg), Regina Burgmayr (Kirchseeon), Gregor Klehe (Grasbrunnham Anton), Thea Rethmann, Pflenho (Bfnalho) der Ilm).
CVIJ2*: Women: Laura Seemüller (Bad Wörishofen); Sarah Berchtold (Bad Werishofen); Alyssa Koopman (Altina).
CVICh2*: Ladies: Julia Hein (Böhmfeld).
CVI2* groups: Obberland I with Benedikt Auracher (Oberhaching), Sophie Maug (Otterfing), Paulina Coulon (Otterfing), Lilly Endres (Grünwald), Leonie Hamze (Taufkirchen), Carla Harzer (Holzkirchen).
CVI1*: Women: Verena Bongratz (Munich).
CVIY U21: Women: Ronja Kähler (Stahnsdorf): Men: Philipp Göppner (Wettstetten).
More information at: [email protected] And the [email protected]

Other tournaments (*/**) abroad with German participation

CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH Grote-Brogel / BEL June 2-6; www.breugelhoevemm.be

CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH Lier / BEL 2-5 Jun; www.azelhof.be

CSI 2 * / 1 * / YH Zduchovice / CZE June 1-5; www.zavody-zduchovice.cz

CEI1 * Samorin / SVK June 3-5, www.arabianhorsefestival.com

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