BVB: Offensive agreement with Eden Terzec – Borussia Dortmund

Eden Terzic, 39, began his second term at Borussia Dortmund with a marathon over the phone. The new coach personally contacted his players on vacation or with the national teams. He had to introduce himself to quite a few: He had already used 17 players from his future team in 32 competitive matches as a temporary coach the season before last. The first decisions are emerging: Marco Reus (33) as a leader who should not be shaken. With the national player at the top of the team hierarchy, Terzec wants to lead the club to winning new titles!

The staff in the media department immediately sensed the energy with which Terzic coped with the task. After signing his contract until 2025, BVB’s camera team had to interrupt a workshop at short notice to record Terzic’s first video message to fans. He chose and wrote the words that were transmitted shortly thereafter on all the club’s channels.

“Let’s be Hungry Than Ever! Let’s Work Harder Than Ever! But Let’s Be More Positive Than Ever! But Most Important: Let’s Be Louder Than Ever!” And: “So we have a big chance one day! What to celebrate like never before!”

Ten years after Jürgen Klopp’s double (54), which Dortmund celebrated at Borsigplatz in Dortmund with 200,000 fans, Terzic immediately served the great hopes of the fans. Under the leadership of his predecessor Marco Rose (45), who surprised Terzic with his dismissal, Dortmund lost 15 competitive matches last season and received loud applause time and time again, such as 2:5 at home against Leverkusen or 1:4 against Leipzig. This is also why a complete revolution is now taking place in Dortmund – this is how Terzic wants to attack.


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With Sebastian Gibert (38) and Peter Hermann (70), two new assistant coaches are getting closer. As Sebastian Keel (42) moves to the sporting director role following the departure of Michael Zorc (59) and Terzic himself relinquishes the position as technical director, someone must also be appointed to act as a liaison between the team, coach and chiefs.

It’s always been clear that the team is gaining a new face. The additions Niklas Sule (26 / free transfer from Bayern Munich) and Nico Schlutterbeek (22 / for 20 million from Freiburg) should form the center of the defense. So Mats Hummels (33) has to fight for a regular spot. Karim Adeyemi (20 / for 30 million from Salzburg) and Salih Ozkan (24) have 11 best starting chances. The Cologne sweeper was a bargain, costing just five million euros due to a fixed fee – plus potential bonus payments.

Good for Terzic: He has been actively involved in all transfer decisions through his role as Technical Director. He was jointly responsible for the arrivals survey, as well as examining the youth sector and taking care of loaned players, such as Ansgar Knauf (20), whom he visited, among other things, in the Europa League match in Frankfurt against Barcelona.


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Striker Yusuf Mukoko (17), who trained under Gibert for a long time and rejected his immediate ideas of an escape, could have new hopes from the current squad – especially as Erling Haaland (21) moves to Man City as a ranked striker. Emre Can (28), Thorgan Hazard (29) and Rafael Guerrero (28) can all go against that with the right performances.

It’s also clear that the cabin’s energy hierarchy will change. Vacancies on the team board must be filled for Axel Witsel (33) and Manuel Akanji (26), who must be sold.

Also clear: Terzic wants to play fireball. An advantage over Rose: He will have a rebuilt and possibly decent team at his disposal. He has already shown in his first term that he can divide into a team. He managed to make sure that the team was a real unit, for example establishing a friendly relationship between Haaland and Jadon Sancho (22), who were fighting for the star role.

Terzic and Kehl are asking everyone to tear themselves up for the team again. For that to work, Terzic has to be assertive in the dressing room – during his spells helping Besiktas Istanbul and West Ham United he learned early on how to deal with the mindsets of top players. The advantage: Terzic is fluent in English, switching between languages ​​in speeches in the locker room and on the field.

What drives him the most: By winning the cup in 2021 over Leipzig (4:1), he’s already won a title, but still feels incomplete due to non-partisan ghost games. Driving around Borsigplatz with a bowl or a bowl and celebrating with the crowd – ten years and seven stints as coach after Klopp’s departure in 2015 – Serzic himself will “work harder” for this than ever before.

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