In search of gold – sports

Zeljko Karajica says he probably hit some kind of golden vein there. American football fits very well with today’s world: extreme sports and entertainment, a mixture that can be played very well on social media. “But it took ten years to uncover this golden vein,” notes the 51-year-old EFL Managing Director. It was he himself who convinced a television station to broadcast the NFL League regularly. Gold prospecting can be boring.

Demand is growing – in mid-May the number of ticket orders was 650,000

The NFL could feel well marketed in Germany by Karajica and ELF Commissioner Patrick Isom. Increased enthusiasm can be measured. On November 13, the NFL will play its first league game in Germany. The most successful player of all time, Tom Brady, next meets the Seattle Seahawks at the Munich Arena with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In mid-May, the number of ticket orders reached 650,000. According to a measurement by the Video Research Working Group, soccer has already become the second most popular television sport in the country after soccer.

ELF should now fill the football-free summer slump. Of course, it is still a relatively young and young branch. The second season begins on Saturday with a match between Centurion in Cologne and Rams Istanbul (5 pm) and is expected to reach 2,000 spectators. Twelve teams instead of eight are now playing the champions. In addition to the rams, two Austrian teams were added. “We have more teams, more games, and therefore more competition,” says Esume, 48, who now plays the dual role of TV expert and marketer, but doesn’t have to pretend: “I can do it for someone who likes the promise of football: It’s going to be really crunchy.” “. Esume is, so to speak, quarterback for ProSiebenSat1’s team of commentators, who together have brought together a familiar, but at the same time large and ad-relevant community with a sense of good storytelling that fills the game’s many breaks around teams and individual players.

Some of the ELF champions are already well known to the community because football careers are no longer one-way streets. Jacob Johnson, who has just joined the Las Vegas Raiders of the New England Patriots, has become a contributor to Stuttgart Surge. The same goes for Bjorn Werner, a former Indianapolis loyalist in the Berlin Thunder; Former NFL player Kassem Edebali at Hamburg’s Sea Devils square. All local heroes, each represents his hometown. Jim Tomsula could also be one of the small marketing vein with the new Düsseldorf Rhein Fire team: the 54-year-old was head coach for the San Francisco 49ers (known to be named after the gold rush). This means a lot of radiance, although Tomsola hasn’t been entirely successful.

This is also offered: a technically complex video guide

Beautiful stories need beautiful visuals, so the officials are working even harder in the second year to further align the league, with most players still working in small businesses, with great role models. Technically complex video evidence is now being introduced, and all teams must adhere to exact run times due to the live broadcast. “It’s a lot more professional than it is in the National League,” says Colon coach Frank Roser, who has also worked for American colleges. It’s time to think more about European football. The National Assembly may have slept through this development for a long time. Now some have players, others more money, friction is programmed. Frank Roser, for example, had to give up his job as a coaching assistant with the national team because of his job with the Centurion Leaders. The biggest problems lie in cities that have a Bundesliga and ELF team at the same time. There are often arguments over rare training venues, with classic eV teams usually being given preference over special franchises. So there are limits to professionalism.

Most importantly, ELF is expanding rapidly. The long-term goal is a 24-team league. “We signed a television contract with every country that has a team,” says Karajica proudly – it’s five. In addition, there is cooperation with a Chinese streaming service that is used by hundreds of millions of people.

Watch also in the United States. ELF is increasingly all about promoting the best Europeans in the NFL, which has already been a success. This is a different approach from the NFL Europe taken from 1991-2007. At that time, Frankfurt met the Galaxy Rheinfire, as it happened again next Sunday. Today, however, the teams are mainly made up of the aforementioned local champions. So it’s more European-American football.

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