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Both Jolyn Beer and Svenja Huth have successfully played both Olympic shooters and national football players. For them, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. Both athletes are openly eccentric. Huth married her partner before EM. The fourth part of a sports series on for Diversity Day.

by Andreas Bellinger

Both are subtle – and if everything isn’t deceptive, what’s generally called deep relaxation. Julien Beer in the shooting goal and Svenga Hoth in front of the goal. Although the sports of the Olympic shooter and the national football player are different, with their different lives and careers, they still have the courage to publicly confess their love for women. “Even if we don’t tell everyone we’re gay,” Jolene Behr tells NDR on the topic of diversity in sports.

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Justice and equal opportunity are fundamental values ​​in sport. But did they also live? Diversity Day Assessment. more

Troubled Times for Mama’s Beer

“I think it’s very comfortable because I’m also very comfortable about it,” says Beer, who grew up in a village in the Harz Mountains near Goslar. In the Venice club and later in the national team, her sexual orientation did not play a major role. Because she did not hide it? “Everyone has to find their own way of dealing with it,” said the 28-year-old, whose wife Jessica gave birth to their daughter Alma a year ago. “A turbulent time,” recalls Beer, who traveled four weeks later to Tokyo for her first Olympics, finishing sixth in the three-place event.

Career path programmed

As the only woman on the German small-caliber team, although archery is one of the few sports where gender hardly makes a difference. “In the Bundesliga we also have mixed teams because we have the same level of performance,” said the multiple European champion with the team and the team’s world champion in 2018. As a child, she actually preferred to play football. But her mother was the secretary of the local Venetian club SV Lochtum – and she programmed Julien’s sports career with him.

The captain as a rainbow ambassador

Svenja Huth has played in the Bundesliga for 15 years and has just made her comeback with VFL Wolfsburg They did the doubling. Your third championship and your third cup win in a row. Her cheerful smile in an interview with NDR says a lot – things could hardly go any better for the VfL captain, with whom she has been playing since 2019. She wears the rainbow captain’s armband with pride and care, because she wants to live by the values ​​and be an example. As an ambassador he also addresses topics that are “not considered normal everywhere”.

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video: Svenja Huth: “Keep on developing women’s football” (10 min)

Before EM in England: Huth marries her friend

She will marry her friend before the European Championships in July, says Heath and smiles full of anticipation, which is not for once the European Football Fest, which is already causing goosebumps in England. Also with 31-year-old Huth, who counts the best chances with the German team.

She is certainly excited, and is looking forward to “great stadiums, great matches – and a great European Championship in general”. With her number one fan in the stands. Your newly married wife will come to the island for select games. “It makes me feel incredibly proud and happy to have such strong support.”

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Alexandra Pope kicks an overhead kick in a match for the German national team.  © IMAGO

Captain Alexandra Pope leads the team, and Almuth Schulte will likely have to be content with his role as reserve goalkeeper. more

Beer: Calm itself – heart rate 1,000

Julien Beer might have been there, too, if fate had not directed her mother to the shooting range. It still plays district football, but it does so, along with bike racing, to make up for more, so that the pulse on the shooting range stays as low as possible. The athletic soldier once said, “It sounds like a quiet one by itself, but with a beat of 1,000, that’s what fascinates me about exercise.”

Don’t be afraid to go out

But it all seems so far away when she’s pushing an Alma carriage, roving with her little family and her dog along the dirt roads of her home in Lower Saxony. Live the way you live – without fear of going out. Why is it so difficult for others, why did only two of the 416 athletes do it at the Tokyo Olympics and why do men seem to have a bigger problem than women? “A very difficult question. I can’t explain it either.”

Beer and Huth are among the many women in sports who have emerged as lesbian or bisexual. Most people don’t pay much attention to her, and acceptance and tolerance seem more pronounced among female athletes than male colleagues. No big deal from it. “This is still a much more sensitive issue for men,” Beer said. “Unfortunately.”

Gay soccer players: Daniels and Hitzlsberger as an exception

It may be due to a long-standing role model or to conventions that have established themselves in sports that, on the surface, are only strength, courage and strength. Especially with soccer players, where every move is tracked and evaluated off the field. 17-year-old Jake Daniels from English second tier club FC Blackpool recently came out as gay, and is the only professional footballer in Europe.

In German professional football, so far only Thomas Hitzlsberger has admitted his homosexuality. The former national player only dared to make the move after his career and thus garnered a lot of attention both nationally and internationally. Feedback was almost always positive.

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Bibiana Steinhaus Web © picture alliance / dpa |  ole sabbath

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Boxer Dilar Kisekyol © IMAGO / Torsten Helmke

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