Kroos rules out discussion with Cabin after the interview was cut short

Updated on 01/06/2022 at 15:46

  • Toni Kroos once again commented on ending the interview after the Champions League final.
  • The Real Madrid star rules out an explanatory conversation with ZDF reporter Nils Kabin and gives the reason for this.

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Toni Kroos has ruled out having a discussion with ZDF reporter Nils Kabin after the interview was cut short after his Champions League win with Real Madrid. Consider discussing what was going on with him on his podcast. The 2014 world champion said in the joint podcast “Simple mal Luppen” with his brother Felix. “That’s why it’s settled. If you want to get rid of that, you talk to each other.”

You could have done it right away: “I would have been open about it. But you don’t choose the path yourself, to give an interview and you want to defend yourself.”

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Toni Kroos takes a peek at Nils Cabin for ‘skinny questions’.

Kroos ended the interview abruptly after beating Liverpool 1-0, his fifth win in the First Division. “You had 90 minutes to think of common sense questions and then ask me two hateful questions,” Kroos said shortly after the match. He was asked if it was surprising that Real Madrid were under so much pressure in the final.

Toni Kroos defends ending his interview on ZDF after winning the Champions League final with Real Madrid against Liverpool. (Registration date: 05/28/2022)

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Kroos responded as follows: “Of course we had to go through two or three stages of pressure, but I said it’s normal. What do you expect? That we dominate Liverpool for 90 minutes? This is a world-class team, you just have to win for them, that’s what we did.” “.

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Cabin would have also asked in the interview, “How did you see the match itself? I wouldn’t have said we played it against the wall. I’m the first to say it’s balanced, maybe even a few more chances for Liverpool. But we just won it, like in the last knockout rounds.” He would have had his answer there,” Cross said.

“I found the approach to be a little too empathetic in such a special moment. It didn’t go well with me in this emotional moment.”

After the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Toni Kroos angrily canceled an interview with ZDF’s Nils Cabin. Now the reporter is talking about the already legendary Zoff TV. Image credit: IMAGO / Moritz Mueller / IMAGO / Moritz Mueller

Nils Kabin admits: ‘The question could have been better formulated’

Cabin admitted in an interview with “Spiegel” on Monday that he could have phrased the question “very clearly” better. After consulting with colleagues, “they came to a very clear conclusion that as a player you should not act like this.”

“Anyway, you can of course rate it less with emotion, sure,” Kroes emphasized. “But I must say my opinion hasn’t changed, even without emotion.” “The colleague from ZDF” had the opportunity to be interviewed, “Maybe it doesn’t happen to me a lot or it didn’t. Where you can say that, you can now let it work like that.”

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Toni Kroos no longer says “silly question”.

“I couldn’t fathom destroying him with such a second and third question,” said the 32-year-old. However, he is always trying to think and consider, “What did I do wrong? Perhaps the word ‘dirty question’ could have been left with the ‘dirty question’.”

And Cross explained his emotional reaction to feelings of happiness immediately after the victory. Just a few minutes before the interview, he was on the field with teammate Luka Modric, “and we almost thought to ourselves,” Kroos said.

Deserved or unworthy? Toni Kroos is not interested in this question in a final

Kroos explained that he was “only upset right now, and I was more upset with him myself. But right in the face of this ‘Yes, I want to hear you won unworthily.'” The 2014 world champion added on the podcast ‘Einfach mal Luppen’ I don’t mind in the final. You have to win this, the final.”

In general, he has nothing against critical questions, as the five-time Champions League winner confirmed. “I don’t expect the journalist to celebrate me for three minutes either, because if I wanted to celebrate, I would have passed my colleague, the Real Madrid fan’s curve was 50 meters away,” he said. To him, this is just “a tiny little slice of an incredibly big story.” (dpa/sid/hau/ari)

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Immediately after the match, under high tension, the footballers must analyze what they have just experienced on the pitch as press-ready and volatile as possible. This doesn’t always work, and when it doesn’t, it may or may not be the reporter’s fault. One thing is for sure: the recordings will become a cult. Selection.

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