Legacy burdens hamper transfers: Schalke pays players long gone

Inheritance burdens hinder transfers
Schalke pays players long gone

Schalke 04 returns to the German Bundesliga. But with big financial problems. The club cannot afford to sign defensive coach Ko Itakura, and further transfers will be difficult. This is also due to the obligations of players who have long stopped playing for the club.

Schalke 04 are back in the Bundesliga, but financial concerns remain. So promotion champion Ko Itakura has to leave the club, and the defense minister is too expensive for the club. This is also due to polluted sites, due to contracts agreed by former Schalke 04 club director Christian Heidel.

“We don’t want to talk about it – at this time, when so many team decisions still have to be implemented, we couldn’t make the purchase option. The money was simply too big and it would have gone beyond our minute group,” said sporting director Rauven Schroeder on Chief Defense Itakura’s decision. The purchase option was 5.5 million euros, and Schalke had to negotiate the contract with the Japanese. a lot of money. “Actually, I still can’t believe it,” promotion coach Mike Buskins stated. “Maybe we can’t handle the economic package, an amount that, even a few years ago, wouldn’t even cause the decision makers at the time to be upset.”

But now there is not much money left. Also because the club is still in debt. Among other things, because of Sebastian Rudy. He played one full season with Schalke 04 after coming from Bayern Munich in August 2018. 30 games, some in the 2020/2021 season, were not enough for more before he finally moved to his former club TSG Hoffenheim. He has now played 304 games for Kraichgauer and is the record player. However, the Royal Blues are still paying for the former international, according to “WAZ”. They are parts of the fee that Bayern still receive, even though the transfer was almost four years ago.

According to the report, Heidel agreed to pay in installments at that time, so that a total of 16 million euros could be paid to Munich. It was great back then so you didn’t have to pay in one go, but today it’s still a burden for a player who hasn’t been with the club for a long time.

Nearly ten million to contaminated sites

The club also pays severance payments to players who have signed off on relegation to the Bundesliga. It is said that Omar Mascarell is one of them. The fact that he and his teammates didn’t want to get the amount in one go helps for the time being, but for now it’s still a burden to Schalke. In total, according to “WAZ”, the club is forced to pay almost ten million euros for transfers and severance payments.

Then Schalke 04 also faces the problem of having to look for a new sponsor for its shirt. According to the chairman of the Supervisory Board, Bärbel Bergerhoff-Wodopia, Gelsenkirchen-based housing group Vivawest is unable to maintain sponsorship: “I can’t imagine that Vivawest could actually be the main sponsor of the first-wide Bundesliga. The rise to that time was when it got involved. Vivawest has not yet appeared. However, a sponsorship contract from a team from the Bundesliga cannot be compared to a team in the second division in terms of effort.”

Vivawest spontaneously intervened in March when Schalke 04 split from long-time shirt sponsor Gazprom over the Russian attack on Ukraine. According to “WAZ”, Schalke is still aiming for further cooperation with Vivawest. “We are very pleased to have Vivawest on our side,” said Chalkis. “Both sides agree that we aim for a long-term partnership. We are in talks with Vivawest about the level at which this collaboration will take place in the coming years.” CEO Bernd Schroeder. “At the same time, we are talking to potential new partners – and yes, this also relates to a possible change in the position of the main sponsor. Nothing has been decided yet.”

Is there an alternative to Vivawest at all?

It is very likely that Vivawest will eventually have to remain as a sponsor, because according to “WAZ” the company cannot prematurely terminate the contract, which runs until 2023. Only Schalke should be able to pronounce this separation. And it seems questionable whether the club can find a new sponsor for the shirt so quickly.

The money will be less with Vivawest or with a successor on the box. According to reports, Schalke received twice the money from entering the housing group: the Russian gas company Gazprom did not demand a refund, and Vivawest paid more for it. In any case, things will get tougher financially for the new season.

This greatly complicates team planning. Without big money there are no big players. But it will already be necessary when you return to the Bundesliga. Instead, the club will have to focus on free loans and transfers. This transfer could be goalkeeper Stefan Ortega, who announced his departure from Armenia Bielefeld, and is now free on the market. Tom Krause could also strengthen the club, according to “WAZ”. The 20-year-old has been loaned from RB Leipzig to 1. FC Nürnberg, said a return to Leipzig was out of the question – and expressed his interest in Sky: “Schalke is a problem”. The club could probably afford the midfielder on loan.

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