Macron government under pressure ahead of France’s general elections

eThe interior minister falters at his apology in the Senate and the new sports minister tweets that she does not want to “collapse under pressure”: nothing is going well in the French government just ten days before the first round of general elections. The chaos at Stade de France in the Champions League final in Paris has dominated public debate for days. On Wednesday evening, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and new Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera were forced to answer questions before the Senate Legal Affairs Committee. Football fans, including families with children, have been victims of assault, robbery, sexual harassment and police violence at the Stade de France. A number of fans were denied entry even though they had valid tickets.

“The image we presented at this match violates our national pride,” Interior Minister Darmanin said in the Senate. The game was planned as a celebration of the totally spoiled sport. Saint Petersburg was originally planned as a venue. After the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, President Emmanuel Macron cut ties with UEFA to move the final to Paris. It was intended as a test run for the 2024 Summer Olympics, in which the Stade de France will be a major venue for competition. “The government has proven incompetent in ensuring order and security in the stadium,” said Patrick Karam, Olympic representative for the metropolitan Ile-de-France region. Under those circumstances, he sees Lions at the Summer Games.

The French police are notorious for their ruthless behaviour

“I would like to sincerely apologize for this spread,” Interior Minister Darmanin said in the Senate. He admitted that there had been “improper use of tear gas by the police”. Peaceful football fans with children were sprayed with tear gas by the flooded police force. In France, law enforcement officers are known for their ruthless actions. Unlike other countries, tear gas is one of the usual operating tools. Darmanin has now repented, but in the past has prevented changes in the way the police operate. Announce internal investigations.

Darmanin promised that visitors from Spain and Great Britain could file a complaint in their home country from Monday. Those affected must be able to provide video recordings as evidence. Sports Minister Oudéa-Castéra also lamented the operations at the stadium. It has asked UEFA to quickly compensate 2,700 British spectators who were not accepted into the stadium despite their valid tickets. However, she didn’t have a definitive explanation for the chaos, but she blamed the short-term preparation. She apologetically said that “the identity of the finalists” was only known on May 4th. She claimed that the difficulties were caused only by Liverpool fans. English-American football club president Tom Werner complained in a letter about the minister’s allegations. “Fans were treated like cattle,” Werner complained. They were attacked by gangs. The Minister’s hasty allegations are not conducive to finding out the truth and do not form the basis for serious investigations.

Macron’s government retreated from events shortly before the elections

Meanwhile, President Macron announced how angry he was at the fiasco. The presidential camp’s progress in the polls is shrinking. The government gives the impression that events are slipping through their hands. New Solidarity Minister Damianabad accused of rape. The shortage of teachers is so severe that Education Minister Bab Ndiaye fills teaching positions with candidates selected in a speed-dating contest without qualifications. The new Health Minister, Brigitte Bourguignon, has not yet found any solutions to the staff shortage in hospitals. At 120 hospitals, the shortage of qualified emergency staff is so severe that the Association for Emergency Medical Services fears that life-saving assistance may not be available in the future.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne hardly appears and appears to be awaiting instructions from the President. Diplomats are on strike because Macron wants to dismantle the diplomatic corps. Civil service reform, which has not been coordinated with those affected, is fueling discontent in other areas as well. According to recent opinion polls, the group’s presidential alliance may not achieve an absolute majority of seats in the National Assembly.

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