Mainz 05: These are the 50 best Mainz players of all time – Bundesliga

they are the best! The best ever!

Fans discuss. Who are the greatest players in the 18 clubs in the Bundesliga? Greatest times?

BILD has made a decision now. For weeks, our reporters at the club have been evaluating data, making phone calls and searching, speaking to eyewitnesses and searching archives.

The score: the list of the top fifty for each club, plus eleven all-time teams.

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Today: FSV Mainz 05

50th place: Fabrizio Heyer (53)

From 1990 to 1994 and 53’97 to ’99 the magician in the midfield. Greater success precluded his life motto: “No Celebration Without Haier”.

49th place: Michael Schumacher (64)

After spells at Gladbach, Leverkusen and Lautern, he played in Mainz for nine years and made more than 300 matches in the first and second division.

48th place: Benjamin Orr (41)

128 games, 34 goals between 2000 and 2006. Legendary is his set of four in the 4-1 win over Braunschweig on the last day of the match in 2003, in which Mainz were not good enough to go up because rivals Frankfurt scored a goal at the last second.

47th place: Shinji Okazaki (36)

The Japanese only played for Mainz for two years – but then shone with 27 goals in 65 matches.

46th place: Karim Onisio (30)

With 153 appearances, the Austrian power has already occupied the seventh place in the Mainz classification in the German Bundesliga. It is easy to imagine that it will fill 200.

45th place: Adam Salai (34)

First boy Bruchweg, later cabin captain and reason for the blow: The Hungarian made a lasting impression in Mainz – not only because of his 28 goals in 146 matches.

44th place: Andrei Voronin (42)

Jürgen Klopp described him as the most talented professional he coached in Mainz. The Ukrainian scored 29 goals in 75 matches in the second division between 2000 and 2003.

43rd place: Danny Latza (32)

The midfielder made 162 appearances and scored eight goals for Mainz before returning to Schalke 04 last year.

Danny Latza moved from Bochum to Mainz in 2015Foto: picture alliance/dpa

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Danny Latza moved from Bochum to Mainz in 2015Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa

42nd place: Marco Rose (45)

The only player besides Wachs to be promoted to the Bundesliga twice at 05. He is popular with fans and teammates as a strong left-back.

41st place: Jürgen Kramny (50)

Klopp’s friend came from Stuttgart in 1997 as Germany’s champion, played 197 matches in the second division in Mainz and was allowed to play 20 times in the Bundesliga after promotion in 2004.

40th place: Christoph Babats (47)

The sweeper with a powerful shot was Mainz’s first goal scorer in the Bundesliga, scoring in 2005 in a 2-4 draw in Stuttgart. For six years it has been “boom-boom-babatz” in Bruchweg.

39th place: Bo Svensson (42)

All his coaching skills should not be forgotten: in seven years he also played 122 matches in the Bundesliga as a strong defender for Mainz.

38th place: Aristide Panse (37)

Mainz returned to the First Division in 2009 and scored 10 goals in 30 matches. But Ullenhower was always good for adventures. In 2010, the bird of paradise moved to the Emirates. At the age of 37, he now plays for the 23rd club.

37th place: Yoshinori Muto (29)

The Japanese came up with a suit (!) when he presented in 2015, not only convincing in 72 games up to 2018 with 23 goals and 11 assists, but also as a hard-working pressing machine.

36th place: Stefan Kunert (61)

Goalkeeper coach for almost 30 years – but before that he had been against Mainz 295 times and even scored the “Goal of the Month”.

35th place: Guido Schaeffer (57)

Today, the chief correspondent of the “Leipziger Volkszeitung” in the second division worked in 307 matches on the wing. One of the most colorful dogs in the 05s!

34th place: Jürgen Klopp (54)

The coaching icon was already a mainstay in Mainz as a player. 340 games, 56 goals. He started as a striker, later became right back and also wore the captain’s armband.

Jürgen Klopp (right) as a Mainzer worker who also cooked for Werder star Mario Basler (m.).Foto: picture alliance / dpa

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Jürgen Klopp (right) as a Mainzer worker who also cooked for Werder star Mario Basler (m.).Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa

33rd place: Christian Witteklow (42)

Inherited Heinz Müller as a regular goalkeeper, with 114 Bundesliga appearances he still holds the goalkeeper’s record of 05. Zentner (110 games) should replace him soon.

32nd place: Julian Baumgartlinger (34)

He led Mainz to the Champions League in 2016 as midfield coach and captain, then bid farewell to Leverkusen. 137 competitive games in 05 dress up.

31st place: Christian Hook (52)

The permanent candidate in the left midfield in the times of the second division. Along with Klopp & Co, Sporting Director Lewin later came in 250 matches (27 goals).

30th place: Robin Quayson (28)

The powerful Swede was not a good communicator, but he is very successful: with 31 goals, he is the record goalscorer in the German Bundesliga for Mainz. 123 missions between 2017 and 2021.

29th place: Pablo de Blasis (34)

The young Argentine hit 1.65m only 05 with Asters Tripoli 2014 of the European League qualifiers, then became a fan favorite in Mainz. It ran on the right (and sometimes left) side for four years.

28th place: Robin Zentner (27)

Through ambition and willpower, he has gone from being a settled (loaned to Kiel) to becoming the undisputed number one goalkeeper.

27th place: Jonathan Burchardt (21)

Next to Stach and Niakhaté, he is perhaps the most famous face of the last season. 75 games, 14 goals and the European Under-21 champion.

Jonathan Burkhardt is the current Mainz starFoto: picture alliance / Eibner-Pressefoto

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Jonathan Burkhardt is the current Mainz star Photo: Alliance / Ebner image Click on the image

26th place: Anton Stach (23)

Fifth German player for the first time in the first national team. He left his mark instantly in his first 5 years.

25th place: Lewis Holtby (31)

She played only one season in Mainz (2010/11 on loan from Schalke 04), but made a lasting impression: together with Szalai and Schürrle, part of the Bruchweg Boys, who contributed to the legendary start with seven wins. Made him into the first national team.

24th place: Nikolai Muller (34)

From 2011 to 2014 in Mainz. In 2013 he made his debut as the fourth player 05 for Germany.

23rd place: Antonio da Silva (43)

Midfield magician for the legendary promotion team in 2004. 14 goals in 102 games. He later became a champ with BVB.

22nd place: Andreas Evanschitz (38)

He played in the center of the field in the Tuchel years from 2009 to 2013. The technically talented Osei scored 22 goals in 104 matches.

21st place: Lars Schmidt (56)

From 1995 to 1999 in 97 matches in the second division as the undisputed captain of the team in the midfield. He also led the team in the first “final” of the German Bundesliga in 1997 (4:5 in Wolfsburg).

20th place: Daniel Brusinski (33)

Standard Penalty Taker – Convert all eight penalty kicks. 204 Bundesliga appearances between 2014 and 2022. He is called “Minister of Integration” because he took care of the new ones.

Right-back Daniil Brusinski (right) came to Mainz from Fürth in 2014Foto: Bongarts/Getty Images

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Right-back Daniil Brusinski (right) came to Mainz from Fürth in 2014Photo: Bongarts/Getty Images

19th place: Ansgar Brinkmann (52)

Between 1993 and 1995, the “Brazilian White” gave a charming performance in the midfield in the five-year period. 55 Second Division matches. Always creating “magic” off the pitch…

18th place: Miroslav Karhan (45)

The ‘Big Silent Man’ came from Wolfsburg in 2007 and was instrumental in his re-emergence in 2009. He returned to his native Slovakia in 2011.

17th place: Stephen Bell (30)

248 competitive matches, 225 of which are in the Bundesliga. Twelve years ago he was in the team for the first time – and today he is still a regular player.

16th place: Gerhard Pope (73)

Nicknamed “Bimbo”. He cut 177 times in 329 games between 1967 and 1985, making him the all-time leading scorer in the five-year period.

15th place: Loris Karius (28)

Before he became a tragic figure in Liverpool’s Champions League final (they pulled out against Real in 2018), he fought for a regular spot in Mainz in first place: 91 games between 2012 and 2016.

14th place: Abdo Diallo (26)

He played only one season (2017/18) with Mainz, but had the biggest transfer win. He came from Monaco for 5 million euros, and went to Borussia Dortmund for 28 euros.

13th place: Sven Demandt (57)

It is nicknamed “The Refrigerator” because it was always very cold in front of the gate. 57 goals in 187 competitive matches between 1994 and 2002.

12th place: Jean-Philippe Gbamin (26)

Between 2016 and 2019, he participated in 86 matches as a midfield coach. His sale to Everton amounted to 25 million euros.

Eleventh place: Mohamed Zidan (40)

The extravagant Egyptian came on loan from Bremen in 2005 and instantly won the hearts of fans. He came back twice and scored 29 goals in just 53 matches. 0.55 hits per use – a phenomenal rate!

10th place: Zdeněk Pospěch (43)

Between 2011 and 14 the first guns of a new type in Mainz. Tireless plowing up and down the right side. Accompanying God and the crowd favorite!

9th place: Nico Bangert (35)

Eleven years 05 professional. 218 games, 14 goals. He promoted with Mainz in 2009, became captain in 2016 and ended his career three years later. Now the club’s ambassador.

Eighth place: Yunus Mali (30)

Five and a half years in Mainz, he reached the European League in 2016 as a playmaker with superb passes.

Seventh place: Moussa Niakat (26)

The strong-willed French player has evolved from an insecure newcomer (red two minutes after his first appearance in Aue) into captain and chief of defense.

6th place: Elkin Soto (41)

Biggest fan favorite in the history of Mainz Bundesliga! For nine years (2007 to 16), the Colombian was on the bench in the left midfield. He scored 11 goals and 14 assists in 160 Bundesliga matches.

Fifth place: Manuel Friedrich (42)

Smart defender, strong in one-on-one battles and dangerous on targets. 196 missions, 16 visits. He was the first Mainz player to jump into the German national team.

Fourth place: Michael Thorke (46)

Mainz scored his first promotion to the Bundesliga in 2004, scoring 64 goals in 202 matches.

Third place: Dimo ​​Guard (48)

For 15 years (1995 to 2010) he was never without controversy, but their support in Goal 05. Always there, from the relegation battle in League 2 to the European League. Record player with 406 appearances.

Second place: Nikolchi Novisky (43)

The silent defensive champion made 348 appearances and scored 13 goals between 2004 and 2015. Loved by fans. Honorary Captain.

1st place: Andre Schurrle (31)

He came to Mainz at the age of 16, became a youth champion, then a Bruchweg boy (66 matches, 20 goals) and a national player. He made Germany world champion in 2014 with the help of Gotze.

11th place: Wache – Pospech, Noveski, Friedrich, Bungert, Niakhaté – Malli, Soto – Schürrle, Thurk, Zidan

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