RWE Comment: Dabrowski is the right guy

Now the cat is out of the bag: Christoph Dabrowski will be the new head coach of Rot Weiss-Essen and make RWE a good third-tier team as well. Suspension.

distance Christian Tetz And the Christian Neidhart He must now Christopher Dabrowski in RWE. The 43-year-old football coach, Rot Weiss Essen, made an official presentation on Thursday. A man passionate about the task, according to Dabrovsky’s comrades as coaches and players, from whom RS himself taught.

First of all: With this training commitment, there was a lot of difference in Essen than usual, the media, including us from RevierSportShe was often in the picture early on from RWE’s previous coaching commitments. It was different this time. For a long time, the press was groping in the dark.

RWE was able to work through personnel matters calmly and patiently, which was certainly not easy, because interest in personnel matters was very high shortly after the promotion. Only a small inner circle was involved in finding a coach, everyone kept tight. Of course, I had conversations with several candidates, which is a must, because it could not have worked out with Dabrowsky either.

It’s also understandable that not all fans in the RWE environment are now shouting “Hurrah” after Dabrowski’s commitment was announced. Because the 43-year-old, born in Poland, “only” took care of Hannover 96 in the second Bundesliga for half a year. We’re talking about a first team here. Because before that, Dabrowski was only active in the youth field in Lower Saxony for a long time.

BUT: Although he was only responsible for 96 professionals for six months, he solved the task brilliantly. Eight wins, two draws, seven defeats: a clear landing, mission accomplished. The fact that he didn’t get a contract in the end is of course also due to Martin Kind as a person. The chief of Hanover is unique, a bit eccentric and working under him is certainly no cakewalk.

Skeptics among RWE fans must consider that Rot-Weiss has not been represented in professional football for 14 years. And the new coach comes from the second Bundesliga – anything but a matter of course. Here, too, the RWE leadership is slated to be around Boss Marcus Oleg sports manager Jorn Nowak Compliment. Dabrowski should not be greeted with skepticism by supporters, but rather more neutrally and impartially.

Christopher Dabrowski He remembers over 750 competitive matches as a player and coach in his professional career. Most recently, the football teacher was in charge of the second division Hannover 96 from December 2021 to May 2022. He had previously worked at Maschsee since 2013 as a coach for the under-17, under-19 and under-23 teams and as an assistant for the first team. In his playing days, the 1.95-meter Dabrowski played for Werder Bremen, Armenia Bielefeld, Hannover and FV El Bochum, where he spent the longest time. Between 2006 and 2013 he was posted 224 times as team captain at Castroper Straße.

“Dabro”, as it is called from the time of Bochum, goes back to the Ruhr region. His family has been living in Dortmund the whole time anyway and he’s coming home now. His new workplace is now located in Essen-Bergeborbeck, about 40 kilometers from Dortmund. Here he meets his new bosses Markus Oleg and Jørn Nowak, who totally wanted to sign him – right from the start!

If you talk about a dream football coach, then Dabrowski was one of those in Essen from the very first moment. Officials at RWE didn’t know if the required solution could actually be implemented, which is why Uhlig/Nowak naturally had other candidates on the list. Because not so long ago, Dabrowski, who played 273 matches in the Bundesliga and 103 matches in the second Bundesliga, was still on the list of first and second division teams.

The fact that he’s now in charge of Ruhrpott’s giant RWE speaks volumes for him, too: He’s a very ambitious person and sees a peer at Rot-Weiss Essen – a club that has been floundering for a long time and now wants to climb – as does Dabrowski, who tastes blood after a long U-zone in his business. In the second half of the year. He’s the right guy for Rot-Weiss Essen.

A member of the Ruhrpottler team comes to Hafenstrasse who follows a clear line, has a clear opinion and has a clear plan for his team. He is not noisy, but a man of clear speech. Dabrowski prefers the 4-2-3-1 system, as RWE has felt more comfortable in the past two years.

Not everything should be overlooked in Essen with the change of coach. Of course, this also spoke of Dabrovsky. From a sporting standpoint, Titz, Neidhart and of course Nowak have laid the foundation for another successful RWE future in recent years. Now comes Dabrowski, who wants to continue on the positive path – in the third section.

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