The French Open Live in the Tape with Iga Swatik, Daria Kasatkina, Corey Gauff and Martina Trevisan in the semi-finals

It’s a semi-final surprise! Only world number one and number one favorite Ija Swatik was predicted in the semi-finals.

The other three players reached the semi-finals for the first time. Martina Trevisan managed it, even though it wasn’t a seed.

Who will qualify for the final on Saturday at Stade Philippe Chatrier? The answer is here.

French Open

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Here is the 12th day of the tournament at Roland-Garros in the live stream:

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Games and results:

  • He lives: I.Sviatek (POL / 1) – D.Kasatkina (- / 20) 6: 2, 6: 1
  • Then: M. Trevisan (ITA) – C. Gauff (US / 18)

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16:15 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 6: 2, 6: 1

After 64 minutes, Swiatek converted the first point of the match with a header, and that was an obvious story. With this, Swiatek is in the final and is fighting for her second title in Paris. Her opponent will be either Coco Gauff or Martina Trevisan who reached the surprising semi-finals. Then the two play for second place in the final – of course the match is also available here on the live tape.

16:12 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 6: 2, 5: 1

Now it can go very fast. Swiatek presses and catches the next break. She could serve to win the match soon.

16:08 – Swiatek – Kasatkina – 6:2, 4:

Swiatek is now getting really serious. After two pole winners and thanks to an inadvertent error from Kasatkina, Swiatek took a break to achieve 3:1. This gives number one the best chance of winning the second set and the match. Kasatkina is making more and more unnecessary mistakes at the moment. This plays to her opponent’s favour. With a powerful forehand, Swiatek finally managed to get through the game safely.

16:00 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 6: 2, 2: 1

But the Russians will not give up. She risks a little more with her own transmission and can then also bring the game up to 1:1. However, Swiatek is not affected by this: the Pole passes his game on his transmission. She switches shots and makes her opponent run. With a great winner, the game insures to 2:1.

15:53 ​​- Swiatek – Kasatkina – 6: 2, 1: 0

Swiatek also opened the second round in the French Open semi-finals. And in the second set, the 21-year-old Pole remained the dominant player. Once Swiatek increases the pressure, Kasatkina is forced to make mistakes. Since the backhand of the Russian was too long, the game finally took first place.

So strong – Swiatek shows her extra class in the semi-finals

15:46 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 6: 2

Swiatek earns a few percentage points. Pole wants to make the first sentence perfect. When you serve yourself, Swiatek shows no weaknesses. She extends her stride to 5:2. And in the service of Kasatkina, the world number one is clearly on the trigger. You get three set points, also because the Russian makes non-compulsive mistakes. With a backhand stroke, Swiatek takes the first set after just 35 minutes.

15:40 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 4: 2

In general, a really good level developed in the first semi-final. When the Russian sends, Swiatek suddenly receives two balls again. Polish women prepare Kasatkina. She chases the 25-year-old from side to side, finishing with a forehand until the next inning.

15:35 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 3: 2

After that, Kasatkina’s service game is all about debuting again. But this time, the Russian was better able to confront and defend her service against Swiatek. On the other hand, the pole has fewer problems. Using a long rope in front, he turned the main ball into 3:2. After the early break, everything is still on track.

15:25 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 2: 1

As a result, the 25-year-old Russian can attack Swiatek again immediately when she sends. She plays strong and long balls, and the Pole can’t keep up. Thus Kasatkina gains two break opportunities. With a long shot, the 20 gets a re-break instantly.

15:21 – Sweatak – Kasatkina – 2: 0

At Kasatkina, the service game is getting tighter. It even goes far beyond debuting multiple times. The first serve will be decisive for the Russian player because his second serve is not the fastest. But so far, Swiatek has made solid returns, forcing Kasatkina to make mistakes. The Russian strongly repels the first three break opportunities. However, with a double fault, the pole gets another breaking ball. Kasatkina hits the ball into the net. So there’s Swiatek’s first break.

15:13 – Swiatek – Kasatkina – 1-0

Swiatek opens her first semi-final and starts off big. The Poles are trying to persuade Kasatkina to run. After a few minutes, I brought in a game that served her safely. The Russians did not have the opportunity to participate in the rallies. A successful start to the favorite Swiatek.

15:08 – Svyatek – Kasatkina – 0:0

In a direct comparison, Pole is 3-1 ahead against Kasatkina. The two players are now on the field and getting ready. So it shouldn’t be long before things are all set in Paris.

15:00 – Svyatk – Kasatkina – 0: 0

In a few minutes, the first women’s semi-final match will begin at Roland Garros. World number one Iga Swiatek and Daria Kasatkina will play for first place in the final at Court Philippe Chatrier.

Welcome to the French Open live stream

It’s getting serious at the French Open – the finalists are on the hunt. also accompanies the decisive stage of the tournament here in the live tape. Have a lot of fun with her.

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