Toni Kroos: The ZDF fear just got worse! DAS shows no camera

Toni Kroos: The ZDF fear just got more dramatic! DAS shows no camera

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spin around Toni Kroos! After Real Madrid beat Liverpool (1-0) in the final of the Champions League In the ZDF The star completely freaked out during an interview with reporter Nils Cabin. And now it’s clear: the real star did it again when the cameras were no longer aimed at him.

Actually it will be Toni Kroos But he had every reason to be happy. Thanks to the 1-0 win over Liverpool, the 32-year-old secured the Bundesliga title on Saturday night. Champions League For the fifth time in his career. His interview with Nils Cabin from ZDF.

ZDF: Toni Kroos by himself

The reporter congratulated the midfield ace by winning the title. Kroos happily replied that this title was special to him because for the first time all of his children were on the field in the final. It all seemed to amount to a harmless player encounter. But then a ZDF reporter spoke to the Madrid star about the fact that Liverpool were clearly the superior team throughout the match (23:3 shots on goal).

“In terms of the course of the game, winning wasn’t obvious, was it?” asked Nils Kabin. Suddenly changing mood.

Cross looked around annoyed and took a deep breath. The Real Madrid professional replied: “What is taken for granted?” I think we had a big fight. We knew Liverpool were a great team.”

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He looked into the distance again, annoyed, and shook his head. “What do you mean of course? We won. It’s finished.”

Toni Kroos loses his cool on ZDF

However, Kabin did not give up and asked again, “Was it surprising to you that Real got into so much trouble?”

That was the point that broke the camel’s back for Toni Kroos. The Real Madrid star laughed heartily and answered defiantly: “You had 90 minutes to think of decent questions. And then you ask me two hateful questions. Insane!”

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Cabin wanted to explain why he was asking these questions. “I don’t think the questions are that bad, because…” ZDF man Toni Kroos interrupted: “It’s not surprising that you have a problem against Liverpool. What is that to ask? This is not a team game somewhere. This is the Champions League final.”


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ZDF: No camera caught these words by Toni Kroos

Cabin started again and wanted to explain himself. But Cross did not give the ZDF reporter a chance. The real star shook his head in disbelief and ended the interview. Shortly thereafter, Cross again bypassed the ZDF cameras and shouted, “It’s really bad, really.”

Then the ZDF trend was discontinued. But if you listen closely, you might hear more squawks in Kroos’ raucous talk: “You ask three negative questions first — you already know you come from Germany.”

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