Werder Bremen transfers: Lee Buchanan’s change is shaky

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Transfer news: Will Lee Buchanan, a talented England left-back from Derby County, move to SV Werder Bremen? © Imago Images / Action Plus

Bremen – Indeed, it should have been a lasting commitment from SV Werder Bremen for a long time, but patience is still required in the case of Lee Buchanan. The Bundesliga promotion is now awaiting the decision of the English Football League (EFL). They need to clarify whether the 21-year-old left-back can leave Derby County for free or if a contract extension is in place. According to information from DeichStube, it may take a few more days before it becomes clear. It remains to be seen whether the last word will be uttered next. The parties can also appeal.

Werder Bremen And the player’s side insists that a necklace From Lee Buchanan Expires on June 30th. The Derby County There is no option to extend the contract for one year because the English second-tier side is in bankruptcy. However, those responsible for the two-time English champion see it differently and also rely on the entry of American investor Chris Kirchner. But his eagerly awaited takeover of the club was delayed by several days.

Lee Buchanan case: Werder Bremen awaits Premier League decision

whereabouts Lee Buchanan With a future third-tier team it is unlikely either way. The former England Under-21 international wants to take the next step after a good season – and it should be in Germany with the Bundesliga promoters. Werder Bremen to speak. Almost everything was clear with the green eggs, but then it turned out Derby County Next to. Of course it’s all about the money. It is very likely that Werder will surrender if Werder is willing to pay a transfer fee. But the Bremen team doesn’t really swim in the money, they’ve already brought Amos Pieper (Arminia Bielefeld) and Niklas Stark (Hertha BSC) to Weser for free. On the other hand: the simple fee of a 21-year-old Englishman can not only be money well invested in the sport, but these players are happy to return to the island later for large sums of money.

In the event that with Lee Buchanan Nothing will appear Werder Bremen At least be well prepared. According to “Sky,” Derrick Köhn should be on the left-back’s green and white wish list. He was born in Hamburg and made 31 appearances for Willem Tilburg in the Eredivisie last season. After relegation, the 23-year-old, who came from the Hamburg youth and then played for Bayern Munich’s Under-23 team, is now said to be looking for a new club. Since his contract runs until 2023, Werder will have to pay a transfer fee. (knee)

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Werder Bremen fight for Lee Buchanan: Derby County doesn’t want to let left-back go

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen Operates according to information from DeichStube Keep working hard to sign the left-back Lee Buchananbut it seems that he is having difficulties in doing so.

English journalist Alan Nixon mentioned that the current Buchanan Club Derby County You don’t want to let the 21-year-old go. And according to English media reports, he was relegated from the English second division championship, which was forced into bankruptcy last fall. Selection feature it Lee Buchanans Expires June 30th a necklace It is automatically extended for one year. According to Nixon, Derby has already exercised this option, and it is one of the options free transfer to me Werder Bremen It will definitely be banned. Evaluations of Buchanan’s transfer status appear to be different. There is talk of the English Premier League being involved in this matter.

Free transfer? Werder Bremen transfers Lee Buchanan from Derby County

At the request of DeichStube Clemens Fritz didn’t want to call himself the head of professional football at Werder on Tuesday afternoon Lee Buchanan To express. One thing is clear: the left-back is a great talent. I grew up in Derby County It has been used in England for under-19, under-20 and under-21, although not regularly. He participated in 24 games with the derby last season. (dco)

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Next conversion? Looks like Werder Bremen is hot on Derby County’s Lee Buchanan

Bremen – Is there really a next newcomer In the SV Werder Bremen to approach? According to the information, the Bundesliga promotion is DeichStube In the commitment of the left back Lee Buchanan benefit.

The 21-year-old English player is under contract with Derby County only until June 30, after which he can leave the English second-tier side for free. Lee Buchanan Considered a fantastic talent, she has played for the England Under-19, Under-20 and Under-21 national team, albeit not on a regular basis. in Derby County He was on the team 33 times out of 46 potential matches last season, 24 of which were in the starting lineup, and six times he was substituted. His coach is world famous: Wayne Rooney. But even the former star couldn’t stop the derby landing, which is almost impossible. The twice England champion was forced into bankruptcy last fall, which is why the club was deducted 21 points.

Werder Bremen transfers: Lee Buchanan before the change – Werder has a good chance for the newcomer

Lee Buchanan He comes from the Derby guys, and he got there for the pros. After getting off it was obvious that Transformation Become. There are many interested parties, including Premier League promotion club Nottingham Forest and Scottish traditional club Celtic Glasgow. Werder Bremen But she should have a good chance of signing Buchanan. He will be the first Englishman to play for Werder since Dave Watson. In 1979, the Defender remained at Weezer for only half a year. (kni/mwi)

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