Boston Celtics steal first game from Golden State Warriors despite record-breaking Stephen Curry

The Boston Celtics won Game 1 of the NBA Finals 120-108. The Golden State Warriors had a 12-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter, but then fell completely behind.

Boston dominated the final stage in a wild game, and the final quarter went to the Celtics 40:16. It was due to Jalen Brown (24 points, 10/23 FG), Al Horford (26, 6/8 3FG), Derek White (21, 5/8 3FG) and Marcus Smart (18, 4/7 3FG). Jason Tatum struggled with his shot throughout the game (12 points, 3/17 FG), but distributed 13 assists.

On the flip side, Stephen Curry started off great with 21 points in the first quarter, and finished the game with 34 points (12/25 FG). Andrew Wiggins scored 20 points, Clay Thompson 15 points, and Otto Porter Jr. scored 12 points.

Both teams can start with the usual starting games and a full draw. For the guests, Smart and Robert Williams reported their fitness in time and started both, for the champs Payton, Iguodala and Porter are back on the team.

Warriors started with merits. The movement of the ball worked from the start, Curry “lost” in the ocean several times She was caught six times from the city center in the morning. For the Celtics, the first four goals were all three before Brown looked a bit more toward the two-point ground. With White speeding up their attack, despite Curry’s real showing (21 in the first quarter), Boston stayed on the lookout; After And-1 from Tatum, the difference was only one point before Curry scored again from the outside. 32:28 GSW.

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