Edin Terzic’s amazing move

In December 2020, Borussia Dortmund separated from Lucien Favre and promoted Edin Terzic to interim coach. A commitment that catered to BVB’s desire for agitation and the smell of the stables, but was only intended for a limited time. Now the 39-year-old is getting a new chance – perhaps also because he played so well.

When Eden Terzic got Dortmund really in his tracks with his first appearance, Dortmund had deepened their pockets, and Marco Rose moved away from Gladbach, thus presumably directing the coach to Dortmund, who finally brought back black and yellow together that should form the contender for the champions of the series, Bayern Munich.

Less than twelve months later, that hope has burst like a soap bubble, and Rose is forced to evacuate. The fact that Eden Terzic’s shadow was already hovering over Rose like Damocles’ sword from the start may have played an important role.

From the South Wing to BVB . Bank

When it was clear that Rose would take the title role after the season, Terzec had just played his first 12 games as coach and it was a really unconvincing score of six wins, four losses and two draws. On February 17, Gladbach called a press conference to comment on Rose’s farewell, at the same time Dortmund VB under Terzic took a turn.

A few hours into the Gladbach round of talks, Terzic trained his student in the round of 16 of the Champions League to beat Sevilla, and the bankruptcy came only against overwhelming Bayern (2:4), in a convincing quarter-final. First division against Manchester City (1:2 and 1:2) and against Eintracht Frankfurt (1:2). Otherwise, under Terzic, who once cheered for BVB in the South Stand and later made a name for himself as the club’s youth coach, things suddenly went smoothly.

Among other things, arch-rivals FC Schalke 4 were knocked out 4-0 in Gelsenkirchen, Cladbach and Rose were defeated 1-0 in the DFB Quarter-Final, and Leipzig were shown 4-1 in the DFB Cup Final. The competition and season ended with eight consecutive victories.

Terzic had a ‘zero zero desire’ to leave BVB

Calls for Terzic to stay in the Ruhr area no longer echo behind closed doors. At times, the media discussed Terzic/Rose’s dual leadership at BVB, but the 39-year-old from Menden was still being traded everywhere, at least as an assistant, and other clubs in the Bundesliga, including VfL Wolfsburg and Hertha BSC, should also watch Terzic have delivered.

However, the Croatian German surprised everyone: instead of taking a place in the coaching staff at BVB or reaping the rewards of his cup success with Dortmund elsewhere, Terzec took a step back, taking on the position of new coach at Borussia and to a large extent. Public perception disappeared.

However, this was not done without first joking with the fans and emphasizing that he had had a lot of conversations, but “immediately he had no desire to leave Borussia Dortmund”. The fact that Terzic has a stone on the board with BVB chiefs has also been evident many times. Watzke even confirmed that Terzic was a “BVB legend” for him.

However, it was not expected that Marco Rose would have to resign after last season. Especially since Watsky told “Sport Bild” in March that “Rose is in no way within the reach of Borussia Dortmund”.

After an extensive joint analysis of the Wake Up season, the tide has turned: Rose is out, and Terzic’s return is the logical consequence.

An emotional appeal to BVB supporters

Just how much the new old man on the sidelines looked forward to this opportunity was emphasized once again immediately after the announcement.

“Today it’s the same, especially for me, so a small request: Let’s be hungry like never before. Let’s work harder than ever. But let’s also be positive like never before. But most importantly: ‘Let’s be as loud as ever.'” Never happened before. So I’m sure we’ll have a great opportunity one day to celebrate like never before. I’d be really keen on that. With this in mind: See you soon at the most beautiful stadium in the world. Terzic addressed the fans of the league.

Words reveal that the coach really wants more than just working in the background. Waiting for a second chance seems to have another nice side effect: After Rose’s exorbitant disappointment, the pressure is now on BVB leaders, too. “The bottom line is to qualify for the Champions League. But we have to give such a team time. If six or seven new players come in, it takes time,” Watzke told Sky that Terzic is definitely giving him some time.

Mark Aveldt

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