Eintracht Frankfurt and the struggle for Kosti

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Every year the same match with Philipp Kostik: what will become of the best footballer in Frankfurt-Eintracht?

FRANKFURT – At the moment of the beautiful victory in Seville, Oliver Glasner stuck a mischievous smile to his lips. After the awards ceremony, the Eintracht coach spoke with his star on the field, that devil on the left, Philip Kostik, who was soon chosen as the best footballer of the entire competition, and after his secret chat. Coach Glasner feels relieved. The soccer coach didn’t want to reveal exactly what the two talked about on May 18 at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium, just that much: the journey together isn’t over yet. “I don’t think it was Philip Kostik’s last match with Eintracht Frankfurt.” Was Oliver Glasner putting it this way or something similar again today, about two and a half weeks later?

Because Philippe Kostik, officially the best player in the European League, will play for Eintracht in the new season cannot be taken for granted yet. An obvious case for: It could be, but it doesn’t have to be. Speculation is escalating again at the moment. Like every summer.

Philip Kostik from Eintracht Frankfurt: Juventus Turin prepares for a show

Currently, it is the prestigious club Juventus Torino who has an eye on the left wing. The Italians are said to be preparing an offer for the Serbs, which remains until 2023, which will be above 15 million euros. Of course, Eintracht will only consider a transfer from an amount of approximately 22 million euros, the price of which is, in fact, say 25 million. A fair amount of cash for someone entering their last year of the contract. On the one hand. On the other hand, Filip Kostic is Filip Kostic – one of the best suites in Europe.

Philip Kostik took a corner kick in the Europa League final. © Moritz Mueller / Imago Images

Despite the additional income from international competition, Eintracht relies on transfer income, but has no increased interest in giving away the desired player. As Kostik confirmed during a media tour in Belgrade, she was offered a contract extension. The Serbian international is still hesitant. “I am satisfied with Eintracht, and with them I have had the greatest successes of my career,” he said. We are negotiating with management. We want to make the best decision. “The prerequisites are clear: Kostic can earn a lot more money in Italy than you earn in Frankfurt. He doesn’t have much time left if he wants to change club again and get a big contract. In November, he will be 30 years old, and even The typical athlete and the professional in the supermodel will eventually weaken the ravages of time, especially when the game is primarily and secondarily dependent on dynamics, speed and power.

On the other hand, the left winger knows what he has in Frankfurt, his position is very high, he is recognized and appreciated. This is not unimportant, especially for a sensitive professional. He could also earn good money in Frankfurt, where Eintracht would offer him nearly five million euros. It is also possible to envisage and seriously option to agree to a compromise and initially extend the contract for one year. That would give Kostik the chance to play in the Champions League with Eintracht, which has become a small affair for him, and which means a lot to him. He will still have the opportunity to change clubs after a year.

In any case, there should not be an unworthy spectacle as it was a year ago, when Lazio Roma lured the player with a net income of more than four million euros and Kostikki wanted to go to Italy on strike. The sporting directors did it all back then, in the late summer of 2021, when they let the almost infamous bid from the Italians for more than ten million euros – made in three meager tournaments – come with nothing and made it clear to the player that he was sure to go. This way you can’t be forced to release him. Kostik immediately apologized for his inappropriate behavior.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Ndica gone in a year?

He did not comment anything, he is highly regarded in the club and in the team and admired by the fans. Officials, who were very important at the time, showed attitude and strength, setting an example – both internally and externally.

Now, in addition to Kostic, Daichi Kamada, Evan Ndicka and Djibril Sow are also candidates for sale. Kamada and Ndicka’s contracts also expire in a year, and sporting director Markus Krösche wants to avoid losing a player on a free transfer at all costs. Means: Either extend or sell – or, see Kostic, build one year.

Defender Nydeka is likely to leave the club, because Eintracht has developed his defense. The powerful Frenchman is said to be aiming for a free transfer within a year. On the other hand, with director Kamada, everything seems open. There is still Gabriel Soo. The Swiss marathon is still under contract until 2024, but an exit clause of 35 million euros. A lot of money, but the Europa League winners have a price. (Ingo Dorstoitz)

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